Hard Love

Tayla Green lives the perfect life, or so it seems, being the girlfriend of world famous popstar Zayn Malik renders her the envy of girls throughout the world...

There's just one problem; Harry Styles.

For two years the sexual tension and the sheer desire for more than friendship has built up between the two...

Will Tayla follow her heart into a land of uncertainity?


Will she stay where it's comfortable?

Better the devil you know, right?


4. Caught.


“Good Morning.” The familiar voice chirped.

I opened my eyes a little to find Harry sitting on the edge of the bed, watching me. My head felt like there was a little man inside, swinging a hammer from side to side.

“Oh, I feel like crap! Harry? What are you doing here?” I paused for a moment, squinting as the bright light shone through the half opened curtains making my headache worse. “We didn’t, you know, did we?”

“Believe me Tayla, if we had, you wouldn’t need to ask.” Harry laughed.  “I just popped round to see Zayn but he had to go out for a little while, probably to do some last minute shopping. I thought I would take this opportunity to come and admire you.”

I smiled at him, pulling the covers back to reveal an empty spot in the bed right next to me. Harry took no time before he climbed in beside me. He wrapped his arm around my chest as I snuggled into his body, spooning, my almost bare bum pressed up against his crotch through his grey tracksuit bottoms.

“I was so wasted last night. I don’t even remember getting home.” I said, closing my eyes in contentment, being in Harry’s arms felt perfect.

Harry nuzzled into my hair, stroking the tender skin of my ear with his nose, his hot breath causing me to shiver. I reached behind me, my fingers entwining themselves in his curls as I urged him closer. Harry began planting soft kisses around my neck; his hand slid up my torso and began massaging my breast.  I let out a whispered moan as Harry began sucking hard on my skin, neither of us caring if it left a mark, not giving a thought to the drama said mark would cause. I could feel Harry slowly rock his hips towards me, his hard cock rubbed against my almost bare bum. I brought my lips round to meet his; Harry forced his tongue inside my mouth with such urgency. His grip tightened on my hip as he thrust forward, desperate to be inside of me. I took his hand off of my hip and led it down under the top of my shorts, his cold fingers landing on my bare pussy. As our lips locked together in hunger, Harry slowly began rubbing circles on my clit. I quivered with pleasure.

“I want you inside of me.” I moaned, our lips never fully breaking contact.

We sat up in unison, Harry moved in between my ankles. He stared deep into my eyes, his green orbs darkened with lust. Just as Harry lowered himself down onto me, pulling my shorts down at the same time a loud bang rocked the house.

What the hell?” Harry shot up out of bed and ran to the hall.

“The front door!” I shouted after him. “Oh god, Zayn. He’s seen everything!”

I jumped out of the bed, pacing the room with sheer panic.

“Tayla, get a grip! It’s ok, it can’t have been Zayn. We both know Zayn has the worst temper and there’s no way, if he saw what we were doing, he would walk out without throwing at least one punch my way.”

Harry held onto my wrists, trying to calm me down. I felt like I was about to faint.

“But it was someone. Someone saw us and now that someone will tell everyone and Zayn will dump me. My life is over. What the fuck have I done?”

I threw myself down onto the bed, covering my face with the duvet. Harry climbed in next to me, staring at me through the darkness the duvet over our heads had caused.

“Calm down, Tayla. It was probably just the wind. Who else has keys?” His voice was soft and reassuring.

“I don’t know. No one as far as I know.”

“Well there you go then, it was the wind. Come here.”

Harry lifted his arm up, inviting me to lie on his chest. I obliged, we lay in silence, still under the duvet as we both cherished the moment.

“It wouldn’t be so bad, you know.” Harry said, breaking the silence.

“What wouldn’t?”

“If Zayn found out, I mean I don’t want to hurt him but it would mean we could be together. That’s all I want, if I’m honest.”

I raised my head to look him in the eyes.

“You don’t mean that, Harry. This is exciting because it’s wrong, you would get bored if it wasn’t.”

“You honestly think that?”


“Then you don’t know me at all, Tayla.”

Harry brushed me off of him gently and got up; fixing his clothes and making himself look presentable.


When Zayn walked through the door two hours later, Harry and I were sat in silence on the sofa watching Saw IV. We had barely spoken since he had gotten in a mood with me earlier.

“You two look cosy.” Zayn noted as he flung himself down next to me, throwing a loose arm across my shoulders.

I smiled unconvincingly at him, Harry never moved his eyes from the TV, we clearly oozed guilt but Zayn never showed any realisation.

“What’s up with you both?” Zayn asked, puzzled.

“Nothing. I thought you went shopping?” I asked, noting the lack of any shopping bags. Zayn has never been shopping without coming back with a pile of bags.

“What’s with the questions?” Zayn snapped.

Harry spun round to face us, stunned at the sudden change of tone in Zayn’s voice.

“What? I just –“

“You know what Tayla, I can’t deal with your shit right now.” Zayn stood up and walked out of the room.

“How dare he treat you like that!” Harry fumed; I stood up in his path to stop him from going after Zayn.

“It’s fine, it’s nothing, I know he hates me questioning him.”

“But you only asked one question, that’s not right.” Harry pushed against my hands as my nails dug into his chest.

“Leave it, Harry. It’s fine.”

“Does he always treat you like that?” Harry asked as he retreated, signalling he wasn’t going to try and get to Zayn anymore.

“No, not always. He just gets angry sometimes, it’s my fault really.”

“No it isn’t. No way. You deserve better than that, Tayla.”

I shrugged, I had heard that a million times before but if it was actually true, if I really deserved better, I would have it, surely?

“Forget about it. At least we can rest assured that if someone actually caught us today, they haven’t told him.” I whispered.

Harry shook his head.

“Look, I’m going to go. I’ll see you tomorrow morning at airport.”

I walked Harry to the door; he stopped as he stood in the hall. His hand reached out and pulled my top, dragging me towards him, shutting the door slightly in the process. Harry pushed me up against the pale cold wall and began kissing my neck, his hands roaming under my shirt, I felt him get hard instantly.

“I want you so bad.” I whispered as he left a trail of wet kisses down my neck.

“Have me.” He replied; bringing his lips up till they were almost touching mine.


“Everywhere. If I was yours you could have me everywhere.”

I smiled at him; I knew what he was saying but I also knew it would never work.

“I should probably go back in, incase Mr Grumpy notices I’m gone…”

Harry took my hand and pressed it up against the hardness bulging through his tracksuit bottoms.

“This is what you do to me, Tayla. You’re a naughty girl and I really am going to punish you one of these days…”

I bit my lip as I softly stroked him.

“Are you scared, baby?” Harry asked, his voice had a menacing but exciting tone to it.

I nodded, still biting hard on my lip as if I was fighting the urge to take him in my mouth.

“You should be.”

Harry kissed me full on, both hands placed on either side of my face, before breaking away. As I watched him walk away, I stood against the wall panting, my heart racing with excitement.


I strolled behind Zayn into the departure lounge, I was dressed in a white floaty summer dress and sandal heels, Zayn in a white t shirt and beige chinos, we matched perfectly which was just as well as since arriving at the airport we had had our photo taken about a hundred times, there was even a photographer following behind us.

“Alright guys?” Zayn said as we approached Louis, Niall and Liam sat together in a quiet corner. The boys all stood up and patted each other on the back; Niall hugged me as he normally did.

“Harry not here yet?” Zayn asked the question I was desperate to ask.

“Nah, said he’s running late, should be here in a minute though.” Louis chirped.

I decided to wander around the shops for a while as we still had a wait till our flight. I went into Burberry and immediately spotted a gorgeous black bikini, I held it up against myself in the mirror, it was incredibly tiny but I figured once I had a tan it would look amazing, Harry would love it. I paid for the bikini, probably too much than a bikini is worth, and headed back over to the boys. I noticed the tall slim figure, dressed in a dark blue t shirt and jeans stood with them. Harry. I slid up beside Zayn without making a fuss, my eyes rose to meet Harry’s as he slyly winked at me.

“What did you get, babe?” Zayn asked, already inspecting my bag.

“Just a bikini.”

Zayn took it out of the bag and held it up, infront of the whole group.

“You’re not wearing that in public!” He moaned. “There’s barely any material.”

My cheeks flushed with embarrassment, I looked at Harry who had an angry look on his face.

“I don’t think it’s up to you to decide what Tayla wears.” Harry commented, pushing his chest out in a masculine manor.

“What’s it got to do with you?” Zayn replied, stepping a little closer towards him.

For a moment the room went quiet as we all anticipated Harry’s reply, me more than others of course.

“Babe, look what I got!” The voice of a squealing girl interrupted the moment.

The voice came from the bleached blonde haired girl, skinny but with massive boobs. I looked at her for a moment, I knew her I just couldn’t remember where from.

“That’s lovely, babe.” Harry kissed her, on the lips.

I felt a tug in my chest, seeing him kiss another girl hurt more than I ever thought possible. I suppressed the urge to cry but I knew I was close to failing.

“Oh my god! Tayla right?” The girl squealed again, this time in my direction.

I nodded, my arms folded tight against my chest as if I was holding in my emotions.

“It’s me, Aimee, from the other night!” She excitedly exclaimed.

That’s when it hit me, Layla’s cousin; the girl I had a bad feeling about was the girlfriend of the guy I was falling for.

Could this situation get any worse?

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