Hard Love

Tayla Green lives the perfect life, or so it seems, being the girlfriend of world famous popstar Zayn Malik renders her the envy of girls throughout the world...

There's just one problem; Harry Styles.

For two years the sexual tension and the sheer desire for more than friendship has built up between the two...

Will Tayla follow her heart into a land of uncertainity?


Will she stay where it's comfortable?

Better the devil you know, right?


15. A Shrine For A Love.


I stood at the sink in our kitchen washing the soapy suds off of the plates we used for dinner. It was our anniversary so I had cooked us a romantic meal especially. As I quietly sang along to the song stuck in my head, Harry slid up behind me. His large hands rested gently on my hips as his nose brushed against the sensitive skin on my neck, I shivered in his grip. 
"I could listen to you sing forever." He whispered, his hot breath tickled my ear.
"Don't be silly, Harry." 
"I'm not." Harry spun me round so I was facing him, the heat between us was radiating. “Your voice does things to me you will never understand.”

“Oh really? And what exactly are those things?” I questioned, my eyebrow raised.

Harry didn’t answer with words but more with actions, his lips collided with mine forcing me backwards. I climbed up on to the side and wrapped my bare legs around him, pulling him in tight towards my already excited body. Harry quickly moved from kissing my lips and massaging my tongue with his to leaving a hot trail of kisses down my neck, I gasped as his hand quickly moved between my thighs and brushed over my panties.

“Wet already?” Harry whispered breathlessly, I could only giggle as a response.

Harry pushed my panties to the side, the cool breeze causing my special area to tingle before Harry began to rub my slit. I bucked my hips forward as he slid two long fingers inside of me, pleasure washed over me. Harry thrust his fingers rapidly in and out as he alternated between kissing and sucking on my neck.

“Oh god, just do it.” I moaned loudly.

“Do what baby?” Harry teased, his deep voice emphasizing the pleasure he was giving.

“Me. Do me now Harry, please.”

Our eyes met as he placed the tip of his cock at my entrance. I bit down on my lip still holding eye contact as he pushed the head inside before completely withdrawing again.

“Now.” I whispered and with such force Harry thrust completely inside of me.

*beep* *beep* *beep*

I sat up in bed with my heart pounding and my face dripping with sweat. I looked around the room; Harry was nowhere to be seen, of course.  I checked the time on my phone: 5:30am and I noticed I also had a Blackberry Messenger notification.

‘The Tommo: Tayla, he’s been asking about you. Message me when

You’re up.’

Harry had been asking about me? Why? He barely knew my name anymore.

‘Tayla: Lou, what was he asking?’

I didn’t expect an immediate response being so early in the morning but it looked like I wasn’t the only one who had trouble sleeping.

‘The Tommo: Asking how he knows you, where you met, he even

Asked why he feels such a strong connection with you.

Tayla: He said that?

The Tommo: Yes.

Tayla: I don’t even know what to do…

The Tommo: Go and see him. He needs to remember you; you’re the only one who will be able to bring our Harry back.

Tayla: I’ve been trying to stay away, there’s not much I can do.

The Tommo: You have to go and see him, please.

Tayla: I will later, I’m tired Lou.

The Tommo: Why are you up anyway?

Tayla: I had a weird dream.

The Tommo: Harry?

Tayla: Yes.

The Tommo: Just go and see him.

Tayla: Ok, Lou.

I knew Louis was right, I couldn’t avoid Harry forever. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see him, I wanted to help bring him back more than anything but the sight of him with ‘her’ and their child killed me a little more each time. Seeing how happy they made him, more than I ever had, was heart-breaking. I didn’t want to try and take him away from his new found happiness, I couldn’t be that selfish.


I stood at the open room door; Harry was asleep propped up in his hospital bed. His chocolate curls lay perfectly around his peaceful face. Now the bruising and swelling from his facial injuries had gone he looked like my Harry again, if it was possible he was even more good looking then before the accident.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare all day?” He mumbled, his eyes opened and he met me with a warm smile.

“What the hell? How did you even know?” I sat down on the chair next to his bed, feeling embarrassed I had been caught.

“When I had the accident, well, it gave me this special power which means I can see even when my eyes are closed.” His face was totally serious, was he telling the truth? I had read about these kinds of things happening in magazines before.

“Oh god, you actually believed me didn’t you?” Harry burst out laughing. “You’re terribly cute, Tayla.”

All at once I felt a mixture of emotions; I was embarrassed about my clearly gullible self, nervous that he referred to me as cute and excited as he had actually remembered my name. Maybe what Louis had said on BBM earlier wasn’t fragmented.

“I didn’t really believe you.” I protested, refusing to meet his eyes as I tried to hide my probably crimson cheeks and flustered face. Harry always said I had a face that read like a book of emotions, which was one thing I didn’t want him to remember.

“Yeah, right. What have you been up to? I imagine you’ve been rather busy, too busy to come and visit a friend in hospital…” Harry proclaimed.

“Oh, just the usual, you know…”

“No, I don’t know. I can’t remember anything past last week…”

“Oh crap. Sorry. I didn’t mean it in that way. Sorry.”

Harry whispered a laugh.

“It’s fine, I’m just teasing you.”

“Typical Harry.” I mumbled, he carried on smiling at me.

“So no Abigail and Matthew today?” I questioned, slightly nervous that she would intrude at any moment.

“Nope. They’re having a day at home, my orders. Miss my little man though; he’s the best, isn’t he?” The way Harry’s eyes beamed as he spoke about Matthew was adorable, I almost didn’t want to say what I was about to say but I had too.

“Harry, can I ask something?” He nodded. “How do you know he is yours?”

“What?” Immediately Harry’s face fell.

“I don’t mean to upset you or anything it’s just, I’ve been talking to Louis and we both agree there is something suspicious about Abigail’s story. In four years neither I nor your band mates and best friends were ever told either of them existed. That isn’t like you Harry.”

There was a moment of utter silence as Harry’s mind worked at a hundred miles per hour, his face contorted with concern as he tried to process what I had just said.

“What?” His only response.

“Forget I said anything. What’s the food like in here? Are you hungry? I could go and get us some food…” I stood up rapidly, I could feel the conversation we were about to have wouldn’t be one I wanted to stick around for.

“Sit down.” I did as I was told. “How do I know he’s mine? Have you seen him? He’s like a mini me. As for Abigail, she looks like the type I’d go for, she has a ring and she also has my son so what else can I believe? I try and do the right thing and you and my best friend talk shit about my life behind my back. Nice.”

I recognised Harry’s angry face immediately and knew I should leave it there but something inside of me just wouldn’t give up, regrettably.

“But none of that is concrete proof. Why don’t you get a DNA test? I could organise it all for you and-“

“Get out.”


“I said get out. Go home. Go conspire with Louis for all I care but just get the fuck away from me. I thought you were my friend, Tayla and you can’t even be happy for me?” Harry sounded sad rather than angry which got to me even more.

“It’s not that I just want-“

“Just go, please. I need to sleep.”

I gave up and left his room, I looked back as I stepped outside of the door to see him staring out of the side window, I had never seen him sadder.


I buzzed up to Louis’ apartment praying that he was inside.

“Hello?” He answered.

“Lou it’s me, let me in.”

I practically ran up to his apartment and as soon as he answered I burst into tears.

“So let me get this straight, all you did is pose a reasonable question and he went off on one?”

“Yes and now he probably hates me. He’ll never want to see me again and we will never get to the bottom of this. Abigail’s won, she’s actually won him.” I sobbed into the tissue as I sat on the adjoining sofa to Louis.

“Far from it. I know Harry more than anyone else and I know his defence mechanism is anger. Your question didn’t anger him it just confirmed to him that the thoughts he was already having were legitimate.” Louis exclaimed.

“You mean Harry has already thought about it?”

“Wouldn’t you? If you woke up from a coma not remembering a thing and suddenly someone approached you claiming to be your fiancée and child’s mother, wouldn’t you question it?”

“I guess but Matthew looks so much like Harry it’s scary.”

“Matthew could well be Harry’s for all we know but there’s one thing I’m certain of, Abigail wasn’t Harry’s fiancée at the moment of the accident, I doubt if she ever really was.”

“So what do we do, Louis?”

“I guess we sit tight and hope to God that Harry makes the right decision off his own back.”

I pretended to agree with Louis’ suggestion but I wasn’t prepared to wait around in the background forever hoping Harry comes to his senses. I missed my Harry, I needed him back and I was prepared to go to any lengths to achieve this.


I sought shelter under the barricaded shop doorway as the rain battered down on the pavements, the sound was heavenly but I wasn’t dressed for rain at all and being soaking wet was the last thing I needed right now. I looked around the area I was stood in, it was deep in London’s East End one of the poorest areas in the whole of the United Kingdom. I looked again at the map on my phone; the house I was looking for was literally around the corner. I couldn’t wait any longer so I took a deep breath and stepped out into the rain, I ran around the corner and sat at the bus stop conveniently placed almost directly across from the house I was going to be staking out. The house was a greying white colour, tiles were missing off of the roof and a window was boarded up. The house blended in completely against the other shabby, run down houses in the road. I checked out each window individually, I didn’t want to miss anything out. The only window with a light on was the front window; I imagined that to be the living room, the rest of the house was in darkness. I had only been watching the house for around half an hour when the front door opened. I bowed my head and peaked as much as I could. Abigail stepped outside followed closely by Matthew. I shielded my face to ensure I wouldn’t be spotted as I watched them both get into her car and drive off. This was my opportunity. I crossed the road quickly, looking out for any passers-by or nosey neighbours as I scaled the garden gate as fast as I could. Once I was hidden from view in Abigail’s garden I took out the metal pole I had brought with me and tried the door locks, on the second try I broke inside.

The house was impeccable inside much to my surprise; it was the polar opposite to the outside. I wasn’t sure how long they were going to be so I had to be as quick as I could. I began rummaging around the draws in the Kitchen first. I didn’t have a specific thing I was looking for but I needed to find evidence of some sort. The rooms downstairs held no real evidence, there was a picture of Harry in a photo frame on her mantel piece but that could have been printed off from the internet, there was no way to be sure. I made my way upstairs and entered the first door, it happened to be Abigail’s room. There was nothing immediately spectacular about it, the room was painted a deep red, the bed covers were red and black leopard print satin, all very tacky.

Nothing Harry would like.

I rummaged through her draws as fast I could, there was no evidence of Harry anywhere in the house bar the one photo, which was odd in itself.

Surely there would be some left over clothing, a toothbrush, anything?

I opened the door to what I assumed would be a closest to be faced with Harry. Harry was plastered all over the walls, there were about 5 pictures of Harry in various states sat on table, and the table was covered in red candles with a CD in the middle. I stepped inside the closest to take a closer look. The CD had been signed by Harry but that wasn’t the most disturbing thing in the room. A jar containing what I could only imagine was a piece of Harry’s chewed gum sat next to it. I was standing infront of a Harry Styles shrine.

I quickly took out my phone and began snapping pictures of the room and immediately sent them to Louis.

‘The Tommo: WTF?!

Tayla: I know. I’m getting out of here. Go and tell Harry and I’ll meet you there.

The Tommo: Ok.

Tayla: Than    ‘

I began writing ‘Thanks’ to Louis as I walked into the hallway but was interrupted as I heard the key turn in the front door. They were home. I ran into the nearest room, Matthew’s, making as little noise as I could.

“Go and change your top now!” Abigail shouted at Matthew.

I heard his little feet stomp up the stairs; I had to hide somewhere so I stupidly jumped into the wardrobe.

‘The Tommo: Everything ok?


The Tommo: Send me the address, I’ll pick you up.


Normally that would have been a jokey exaggeration but getting a glimpse into Abigail’s twisted mind via the ultra-scary shrine meant I couldn’t be sure just how fucked up she really was. I was prepared to go to many lengths to ‘win’ Harry, so I imagine she would push the boundaries even further.  

I listened as Matthew opened his draws and changed his top, he was humming ‘isn’t she lovely’, Harry’s favourite song. If the situation wasn’t so messed up it would be sweet. Just when I thought the coast was clear the wardrobe doors swung open, a shocked looking Matthew stood infront of me.


“No! Matty please, daddy sent me. We have to be quiet.” It made me feel sick referring to Harry as daddy but right now I had no other choice.

“He sent you, why?”

“To…erm…you know when daddy had that accident and lost his memory? Well he forgot what dress size mummy was so he needed to find out in secret to surprise her with a new dress.”

I watched as his little brain absorbed the information before he shrugged his shoulders.

“Ok, whatever. Better make sure it’s red though, it’s mummy’s favourite colour.” His innocent voice sounded around the room.

“I know it is. Keep this a secret, please?” I begged with everything I had.

“MATTHEW WHO ARE YOU TALKING TOO?” Abigail shouted up the stairs.

“ER, NO ONE!” He replied.

I smiled at him and mouthed the words ‘thank you’ before he closed the doors again and headed back down to his mum.

‘Tayla: I got away with it!

The Tommo: I don’t know how but great! I’ll be outside in 5minutes.’

I waited for them to leave the house again, as soon as I heard her car drive out of the driveway I sprinted out of the house and over to Louis’ car.

“Get me to Harry, now!” I demanded.


As we passed the turn off for the hospital I looked at Louis confused, he was smiling cheekily as if he was hiding something.

“Where are we going?” I questioned.

“Ok, I was supposed to keep this a secret but I guess it’s fine for you to know now. Harry discharged himself earlier; he is at mine as we speak.”

“He what?! Why did he do that?” It had yet to hit me that I was about to see Harry outside of the hospital for the first time in a long time.

“He just wanted to be back around everyone, it’s the only way he’s ever going to piece together his memories.”

“Oh god, he’s going to go mad when he sees me!” I cringed with my hand over my eyes.

“Relax, he isn’t mad at you. Besides, he really needs to see the pictures.”

 We pulled up outside of Louis’ apartment block, night time was upon us but I could easily make out the tall slouched figure sat on the bench outside; Harry.

“Welcome home.” I greeted him.

Harry smiled before turning to look solely at Louis.

“Where have you been man? I’ve ordered us some pizza.”

“Sorry Harry I got held up and met Tayla somewhere. Let’s go inside, it’s cold out here.” Louis led us into the lobby and pressed the elevator button. As it reached our floor and we stepped inside Louis quickly jumped out again.

“You two need to sort this out, now. I’ll see you in a few hours.”

The elevator doors closed before either of us had time to protest. I looked over to Harry and noticed he was clearly resisting the urge to look at me.

“Listen, I’m sorry about everything…”

Harry spun around and leapt towards me. His lips collided on mine causing me to fall back against the elevator wall. Harry’s hands roamed my body as mine rested around his neck. We kissed passionately for a moment before breaking apart. Harry turned back around and pretended as if nothing had happened, I wasn’t very good at hiding the fact I was now extremely turned on. This was going to be a long night.  

Louis’ apartment was unsurprisingly empty; it looked like we were really going to have to talk this through with no distractions.

“Do you want a drink?” Harry shouted from the kitchen.

“Yes please, anything alcoholic.”

He returned handing me a bottle of Stella.

“That’s not wise you know, when requesting a drink never say ‘anything’.

I smiled at him; he still had his ability to change any atmosphere in a room into a good one.

“So, that was interesting…” He began.

“What was?”

“I expected you to resist me kissing you. That leads me to two conclusions either we have done it before or you have always had feelings for me or both.” His expression was incredibly cocky.

“That’s three and you are right, we have done it before and I guess I’ve always had feelings for you.”

Harry smiled at me and reached his hand out.

“Come with me.” He demanded in a soft tone of voice.

“But I –“

“Relax. Just trust me.”

I took Harry’s hand and he led me into the spare bedroom. There wasn’t much in there just a bed and a wardrobe.

“Lay down.”


“I said trust me, Tayla.”

I obeyed and lay on the bed waiting for further instructions. Harry climbed onto the bed next to me, his eyes wandering everywhere as he took my face in one of his large hands. Harry began kissing my lips, so softly I barely felt a thing but the huge electric pulse that was now travelling down my body. He moved down my neck and I closed my eyes, fighting the overwhelming horniness Harry had brought out of me so fast. His hand slid down my body I gasped as he played with the hem of my jeans before expertly sliding his hand inside my pants. I should have resisted but I missed his touch too much. Harry began rubbing up and down my slit, I noticed him smile as I let out a small but audible moan. Just as the pleasure became too much I grabbed his arm, moving his hand from inside my pants.

“Something wrong?”

“Lay down, Harry.” I demanded.

He immediately did as he was told. I positioned myself kneeling in between his legs and pulled his jeans and boxers down exposing his huge length. Harry could only watch as I clutched his cock in my hand, it barely fit around it, it was so huge. I wasn’t in the mood for teasing tonight; I had waited long enough to get my hands on him so I began sucking the tip, moving my hand up and down his shaft before finding the perfect rhythm. Harry gripped the back of my hair in his hand as my mouth got lower and lower, I eventually took him all in my mouth and he hit the back of my throat causing me to gag. This sent Harry into new realms of pleasure and I loved it.

“I’m so close, baby.” He hissed.

I got faster and faster until I felt him shudder, his muscles tensed and his gripped tightened painfully. I held him in my mouth as he released himself inside. I looked up at him and swallowed everything. Harry mouthed the word ‘wow’ before collapsing back onto the bed. I moved back up the bed and lay in the crook of his arm. The only sound for five minutes was Harry’s panting, I had missed this much more than I realised.

“The elevator.” Harry whispered.


“The elevator. That’s where we used to tease each other with sly glances and winks.”

“Oh my god, you remember?” I sat up immediately.

“I think so. I remember you used to be with Zayn sometimes and I used to slyly touch your bum or rub your thigh.”

I didn’t want to hear anymore I just kissed him, I had never been so happy before in my life.

“I can’t believe I actually remember.”

“I can’t believe I’m that good at head.” I teased. 

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