this is a story about a horse called angel and a person called Isadora.


1. Seeing Him.

Isadora was a 20 year old girl who had just moved house.She loved horses so when she was looking for a house she made sure that they either had some fields or some stables.She finally found a two story house with eight stables.She was only using four though.the other four were transformed into a tack room,feed room,lunch room and a spare stable.The four she was using where for her horses Boudicca,Ivy,Savanna and Wish.She was moving her last box of clothes when her Mum shouted from downstairs:"you ready to pick up the horses Issie?" "Sure Mum!"She shouted back.She had the horse truck parked outside so she could pick up the horses which where about 5 minutes down the road.She would ride one lead another one and the other two were going in the horse truck which her Mom would be driving.

As she was riding Wish back and leading Boudicca,she noticed how beautiful it was out here.There where oak trees and pine trees and bushes with berries on them. She was riding Wish and Boudicca through the forest while her Mum had Ivy and Savanna at the back of the truck that she was driving on the main road.just then, for only  a second she saw a flash of white and heard nothing but a load whinny and thundering hooves.

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