this is a story about a horse called angel and a person called Isadora.


2. Going after him.

The next day i was hacking out on my ex-racehorse Savanna when i saw him......He was grazing in the clearing right next to me.Well i was guessing it was a he.Now i saw him more closely I could see he was a crystal white but horsey people know there is no such thing as a white horse.They are always called grey.But this one was different.He really was crystal white.But just then Savanna spooked at a bird taking flight right next to her (typical!) and I had to calm her so when i looked back up he was staring at me.He stared for another 5 seconds before he shot off like a rocket in the other direction.I quickly kicked savanna into a fast gallop and quickly caught up with him and in about 2 minutes we had caught up with him and were nearly neck and neck and so i got out my rope which i picked up from the house just in case I did run into him ad i tried to throw it round his neck.I failed and it hit his back.I tried again and it actually went round his neck.i pulled him to a halt without hurting him and carefully walked back through the forest and about an hour later we were back at my hose and i locked the wild one in while i untacked Savvy and then i tended to the wild i walked towards him in the stable i noticed he was as white as a angel.That's what i should call him!Angel!"angel............angel................hey want it ?Well you are going to have to come get it"I said softly as i held a carrot in my hand i moved backwards until my back touched the stable door.He waited for a bout 20 seconds and then gingerly took a step forward.Then another. Then another. Then another.Then one more and by then he was right next to me.He Gingerly took the carrot and then took one step back.I took one step forward and while he was eating i maneged to stroke his muzzle and i worked my way up untill i was stroking his poll.

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