-A Jacob Black Fan Fiction, actually written for something called Hater's Writing Competition-

Alice Bluebird and Jacob Black have always been one of the obvious people to date. You know, the ones where you say "Oh of course, that's because they're perfect for each other." And they're also one of these couples that are almost annoyingly sweet and seem to be able to read each other's minds, making you want to cry, or hit them.
That is why what happens shocks everyone, including them.
When Allie's boyfriend Jake breaks up with her, she is crushed. And ready and willing to kick that goddamn Isabella Swan's arse. But what she doesn't know is that she is to become a part of something big...

Note: Do not read this if you particularly like Nessie; or Bella Swan, she gets hit in the face. However do read this if you like original characters, Jacob, sarcasm, best friend scenes with Leah Clearwater, a good laugh, and soppy love stories.



3. Chapter Two - Embry.



“Allie, are you okay?” Jake asked as soon as he saw me the next day. I hadn’t slept all night, I had tossed and turned, and at some point, I had just gotten up and written everything that had happened down. Just in case Sam killed me. Or Emily, and then me before I could say anything.

And as I had looked at it, I had been quite positive that I had imagined it all.

And now I felt like I’d had a few tequilas and got run over by a bus.

“What he means is, you look like shit.” Quil translated.

“Where’s Embry?” I asked, ignoring him.

“His mom says he’s sick.” Jake shrugged. “Probably playing hooky—we’ve got a physics test today.”

“I’ve still no idea why he even took that subject.” I mused, biting into the apple I had taken from home.

“The teachers made him because he was so good.” Quil explained.

I almost let my apple fall. “He’s rubbish at physics.”

He grinned. “Yeah, he is. But Jake’s good and he copied everything.”

I smiled. “Sucks to be him.”

“No, seriously, what happened?” Jake asked.

“Didn’t sleep well.”

Quil scoffed. “I can see that.” I growled at him. “Sorry. But you are wearing your shirt inside out.”

“What?” Yeah, he was right. “Turn.” I commanded and pulled my shirt over my head. Jake was still looking at me, grinning. “You’re really doing this on the side of the road?”

“Nobody ever drives here.” I said, pulling the shirt over my head again. “And why are you now both looking?” I demanded, not really caring. It wasn’t like they’d seen anything different from me wearing a bikini.

“Jake didn’t turn, so I figured I didn’t have to either.” Quil explained.

I squinted my eyes at Jake.

“Hey, it’s not like I haven’t seen that already!” He complained. “It’s just like you in a bikini.”

I grinned. “You’re forgiven.” Quil laughed. I pointed at him. “Not you.”


Nayeli - I Love You


I didn’t have a lot classes with the guys, only English with Jake, Homeroom with Embry, and Drama with Quil. And, of course, Lunch with everyone.

That was mostly because they had taken subject totally different from mine. I had taken Art & Design, Drama, English, Music, Spanish and French, and of course History; I had to, but I enjoyed it anyways because it was partly Quileute history, which I loved.

The guys had taken more science-y subjects. Jake had chosen Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, English, DT, and Maths, and History, of course, but he was in a different class. Embry had Physics, DT, Maths, and English, but was in a different class than Jake and I, Economics, and RS, and History. Quil had obviously chosen the subjects he had thought were going to be easy, he had taken RS and DT, Drama (which he was failing), PE, History, and Maths, probably because his Mom had made him take at least one “proper” subject. The guys were all in a History Class together, I was in the only other one. Which sucked.

I regretted talking Quil out of taking Art. He’d wanted to, but I had showed him what was on the curriculum and he had practically run away.

But of course, just like Quil had in the beginning, a lot of people thought Art was a complete waste of time. If anything artsy, I should have at least taken DT, Design and Technology, if you asked my dad. But really, that was actually just like mechanics. And let me tell you one thing, Drama was a royal pain in the ass. It was not easy, despite everything people said. And don’t get me started on music.

Music was my first subject that day as well. I mean, after homeroom, which was so dreadful that I actually spent the entire lesson doodling on my folder.

The first period flew by—my music teacher may have been about the strictest person I’d ever met, but he taught us great stuff. And he really encouraged us when we did something well, even though that wasn’t really easy, because he was a true tune Nazi.

Second period, English, dragged on literally forever. I loved English and all, and I sat next to Jake. But today, this wasn’t the best thing ever. He kept bugging me about what had happened to make me look like I had the worst hangover ever, and I refused to tell him. It was cute that he worried that much, but I just couldn’t tell him. First I had to find out if what had happened had been real at all.

Of course, not talking to Jake made me all fidgety at break and during fourth and fifth period. My Drama teacher almost threw me out of the class.

Then finally, lunch came around. When I got to our table, Jake was the only one around.

Pouting a bit, I sucked it up and went over to him.

“Look, Jake, I’m really sorry and everything, and I was bitchy, but I really don’t want to talk about it.” I apologized. Phew, hard enough.

He smiled again, his sunshine smile that I loved so much. It made him look like a really cute kid, and he had had it since, like forever. If the rules of nicknames applied to him as well (meaning if his parents were as dumb as mine for marking me for life), he’d be called Smile by everyone. Ugh. I had to admit, even Giggles was better than that.

“How was Physics?” I asked, changing the topic. Smooth, Allie, real smooth.

“Okay, I guess.” I raised my eyebrows. “I mean, I kinda know I passed, because I studied and all.” That might have sounded quite arrogant if someone else had said it,  but Jake was just one of those people that actually like physics and, therefore, are the total geniuses in that class. I was hopeless in physics, or any science, for that matter. Which was why I didn’t take them.

“What are you doing this afternoon?” he asked me, munching on his pizza.

“Ew, Jake, nobody wants to see what you’re eating and how many times you’ve already chewed it!” someone exclaimed behind my back. I grinned.

Quil ignored Jacob’s glare and literally fell down on his chair. “Sheesh, guys, I’m so tired. RS is a son of a bitch, I’m not even joking.”

I laughed at him and turned to my boyfriend. “You know, I was under the impression that I had a date this afternoon.” He looked shocked, but I ignored that. “Really cute guy, that one. Fixes stuff, so he’s real good with his hands…” I trailed off. Jake was staring at me, his mouth hanging open, the chewed pizza almost falling out. Quil was just laughing—so hard he almost fell from his chair.

Deciding I wouldn’t torture him anymore, I winked at Jake. “I thought I was going to spend my afternoon at yours.” I explained.

Quil high-fived me, cracking up even more. “So … hilarious.” He gasped between laughs and I giggled, too.

“That was not funny.” Jake stated.

“It was very funny, and you know that.” I grinned.

“Okay, so maybe it was.” Jake gave in.

“Whipped!” Quil coughed, causing Jake to glare at him.

I grinned and kissed him on the cheek. “Don’t mind him, he’s just jealous that I snatched you away from him.”


Nayeli - I Love You


It had been two weeks since Embry had started being “sick” and we still hadn’t seen him. Every time we came by his house his mom told us he wasn’t allowed to have visitors.

As long as we hadn’t seen Embry, I hadn’t visited Emily. She had called various times, and had had my dad tell me to call her back or come by, but I never did. I hadn’t told anyone about what I experienced, though. By now, I was pretty sure it had been a dream, but I still jumped whenever I saw Sam or Emily on the streets. Or any of the Hall Monitors. They scared the crap out of me, even more so than before. Jake, and probably Leah and my dad as well, knew something was up, but I kept telling them I just found them creepy. Leah probably thought I had confronted Sam about her as I had threatened to do many times and was embarrassed. My dad apparently couldn’t understand; he just shook his head and was as friendly to Sam as ever. Jake scrowled at them even more, but didn’t do anything. There was no way he could take even one of them, and I had forbidden him from doing anything to provoke them. I had seen how strong Sam was.

And then there was the day when Embry came back to school.

“Hey, Em!” I chirped when I saw him in homeroom. “Why didn’t you walk with us?”

No answer.


Still no answer.

“Fine, be that way.” I huffed. I had gotten used to being on my own in homeroom. Still, the silent treatment was a bit ridiculous.

At Lunch, I met up with Quil and Jake at our usual table. “Has one of you seen Embry today?” I asked. “He didn’t talk to me during homeroom.”

Jacob nodded and pulled me down on the chair next to him. “Yeah, physics. Ignored me the whole damn lesson, that idiot. In maths as well.”

“Oh, I am looking forward to this afternoon then.” Quil joked. “Three lessons with darling Embry.”

I grinned, and saw Quil’s face light up.

“Hey, there he is. Oi, Embry!” he called out.

I turned and waved at our friend expectantly. He grinned and walked in our direction.

“See?” Quil murmured, “He doesn’t hate us or anything.”

As if that was his cue, Embry passed our table, leaving us staring like idiots, and sat with Paul and Jared; and Kim, who had taken to sitting with them a few days ago.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Jake growled.

“What the fuck was that, Embry?” Quil shouted over the whole length of the cafeteria.

Jake sat there, staring holes into the table.

I put my hand on his arm. “You okay?”

“No!” He shrugged my hand away. “Just before he got ‘sick’ the first time,” he made air quotes around the word ‘sick’, “we were talking about how Sam was looking at us, and how we would never join his f-ing gang, and now… He’s become one of them.” He spat. He was shaking ever so slightly.

“Jake.” I said. “Look at me. He’s going to come back. It’s just a phase. In ten years, we’ll diss him with it.”

“Sure.” He said, bitterly.

“Hiya, peoples.”

I had never welcomed my best friend’s voice as much as right now.

“Hey, Leah. You ‘kay?” I asked.

“No.” she said bluntly.


“Well, why?” Jake grumbled.

I smiled. He was talking again.

With a dramatic sigh, Leah pulled away the chair of an unsuspecting freshman to our table, causing him to fall to the ground, and sat down.

“My mom wants to take me shopping.”

“And?” Quil asked. “I thought all girls loved shopping.”

I laughed, and Leah scrowled. “Well, Lee doesn’t.”

“She reckons I should own more than three pairs of jeans. Totally unnecessary.” She huffed.

I pointed at her with my fork full of pasta. “Well, you should. What do you have, two for winter and one pair of shorts?” I teased. “The guys have more clothes than you.”

She raised an eyebrow at me. “Ah? Roaming through Jakie’s wardrobe? And Quil doesn’t count, he’s just still in the closet.”

Quil almost spit his drink across the table. “Awe, Leah. You, too?”

“And besides,” she continued without paying attention to him, “You can’t say anything, Giggles. You’ve probably got more clothes in your wardrobe right now than I will ever own.” The guys snickered; probably because it was most likely true.

“That’s only because you will wear these three pairs of jeans for another ten years.” I shot back.

“That’s why you’re my best friend.” She grinned.

With Leah’s teasing and the discussions about Quil’s sexual orientation that followed, I still didn’t forget that Embry had obviously chosen to be with friends that were cooler than us, and obviously taken on their lifestyle as well, judging from his heaps of muscle that I was pretty sure hadn’t been there two weeks ago. At all.

I also didn’t fail to notice that Jake was quieter than usual, and didn’t laugh as much. It was as if seeing Embry with the Hall Monitors had wiped his sunshine smile away.

I couldn’t let it stay that way.

When we went home, I came to his house, as I often did. My dad was always working, it seemed. My dad was a vet, and the best on the peninsula as well. People from Seattle came to his practice, that’s how good he was. We could probably have long lived in Seattle right now, or in any bigger city, but he loved the rez. No matter what people said about it, he always defended it. I was really proud of him. Unfortunately, being that good meant that he had to work a lot.

Every town has that one house. You know, the house that is so adorable that it just doesn’t fit in. The house that’s so freaking nice that you feel like slapping the people living in it because it feels like they are rubbing the awesomeness of their lives into your face, when really, they aren’t. Every town in the whole world has that house, even La Push, and here, that house belonged to the Black family. Which wasn’t really a shocker since Jacob’s father Billy was the chief and all, but still.

It probably couldn’t really be called a mansion, but it was gigantic, and for La Push, it was one. It was three stories tall (if you counted the apartment just under the roof that belonged to Jake now) and had a balcony and a porch that ran all around the house. Before I’d known Jacob I’d gawked at his house every time we’d driven past, but I had never thought I’d be going inside. When he first brought me home with him, I had almost fainted.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, our place wasn’t a mess at all. But for most of the La Push people, Dad treated their pets for free or at least less, because many of them weren’t as well off, and he also treated wild animals that had been found wounded or sick without taking any money, so we weren’t as rich as everyone seemed to think. Our house still had two stories and was really nice, but the Blacks’ home had just a wonderful feeling at it that told you that there had been many generations living here before Billy and Jake. It was also clearly made for a huge family, and all the ceilings were at least three feet too high for normal people.

Jacob’s room was the best because he had a glass door to a lowered part of the roof that was something like an extra balcony.

He always came up there to think, and that was what he did today, pulling me with him on my wrist.

“You’re upset.” I stated, putting my hand on his lips when he dipped down to kiss me.

He sighed and pulled away. “Yeah, I am. Embry’s been my friend for, like, ever. I just can’t imagine why he’d suddenly hang out with them.”

“He’s going to have a good explanation for that, you’ll see. And tomorrow he’ll sit with us again. Everything is going to be okay, yeah?”


Fact: Alice's Mom's name was Marianne Brandon. It'll be important later on.


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