-A Jacob Black Fan Fiction, actually written for something called Hater's Writing Competition-

Alice Bluebird and Jacob Black have always been one of the obvious people to date. You know, the ones where you say "Oh of course, that's because they're perfect for each other." And they're also one of these couples that are almost annoyingly sweet and seem to be able to read each other's minds, making you want to cry, or hit them.
That is why what happens shocks everyone, including them.
When Allie's boyfriend Jake breaks up with her, she is crushed. And ready and willing to kick that goddamn Isabella Swan's arse. But what she doesn't know is that she is to become a part of something big...

Note: Do not read this if you particularly like Nessie; or Bella Swan, she gets hit in the face. However do read this if you like original characters, Jacob, sarcasm, best friend scenes with Leah Clearwater, a good laugh, and soppy love stories.



4. Chapter Three - Never Leave Me.


A/N: Just a warning for the twelve-year-olds here (haha): This includes some slightly graphic moments - by far nothing too sexual, just some heavy making out. So yeah. I wanted to mention it so you knew what was going to come. And no, this is not some smutty fanfic. I focus on the lurve here. No mindless shagging. It's about their emotions, and love, and everything. Okay? Okay. Then go on have a read, cheers!


Remember how I said everything was going to be okay?

It wasn’t.


From then on, everything only got worse.

“I just can’t believe it any more!” Jake growled.

I leaned against the doorframe to his room, my fingers trailing the old carvings in it.

“It’s –” I stopped because even I knew that nothing was going to be okay.

Embry hadn’t stopped hanging out with the Hall Monitors. He hadn’t even talked to us since he’d come back to school.

“You know, the worst thing about it is my dad.” Jake sighed and buried his head in his hands. I went over to him and sat next to him, putting my hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

“He says I should leave Embry some time. Then again, he also says that Sam Uley is the best thing that’s ever happened to the rez, and we all know that’s bullshit.” He scoffed.

“Jake –”

“We wanted to do the English essay, right?” He asked, interrupting me.

He obviously didn’t want to talk about it.

Okay then.

While he got his book out of the shelf, I looked around in his room. They had only recently remodelled the house and made the attic Jacob’s kingdom, as Billy called it, with his room and an en-suite. The thing I loved about his room was that it always smelled nice, like his aftershave and freshly washed clothes, like he’d just put his laundry away. It was also quite tidy; I mean, his bed (just like everything else in this house it seemed to be made for a giant, I guessed it was about seven feet long) wasn’t made, but there were no clothes lying around on the floor and his desk was tidy.


“Oh, sorry.” I reached for my bag to get my copy. We were studying Shakespeare’s The Twelfth Night, and were supposed to analyse one of the main characters, Viola. She was the girl that disguised herself as a man, Caesario, in case you didn’t know. Watch She’s The Man, it’s basically the chick flick version.

“You know, I never got why she didn’t just tell that Orsino guy—or Olivia, actually—that she was a woman? I’ve no idea why she pretended to be a guy in the first place, I mean, she wasn’t a criminal or anything.”

Jake liked English, but he hated Shakespeare. I loved him. That was why we were such a good team. I sucked at poems, he was brilliant at them. He hated Shakespeare, and my essays on his works always got A*s. We were both good at normal Literature, so we could manage the finals on our own.

“I know you hate Shakespeare, but you need to not think of that and be a bit more logical and historical.” I smiled. “It’s probably easier to see if you’re a girl. In that time, women couldn’t work. They were supposed to marry and, until then, help in their family’s household. Viola lost everyone in that ship, right? So she didn’t have any money, and she couldn’t work. Of course she became a man, Ceasario, because that was the best option, though not the nicest. I mean, the only other thing would’ve been a workhouse, really.”

“That’s why we had the emancipation, so that you don’t have to marry and can go to school and tell me these things to get my grade up.” He laughed. “So what should we write about?”

“About how she loved Orsino, and felt bad for Olivia, but how she couldn’t tell.”

“Well, why couldn’t she? I don’t get that girl. She could’ve just told him she loved him, and they’d married. Boom. Why did she have to torture herself and Olivia and Orsino by getting their hopes up and trying to persuade Olivia to marry the guy she actually loved? God, you girls are so complicated.”

I stared at him. “Because she loved him.”


I wrinkled my nose. “You idiot. She loved Orsino so much that she was willing to give him away and let him marry Olivia because she thought he actually loved her. She wanted him to be happy, even if that meant that she had to persuade another woman to marry him, if Olivia was what he needed to be happy.”

Jacob shook his head. “That’s fucked up.”

“It’s romantic.”

“It’s stupid, Allie.”

I put my hands on his cheeks. “I would do exactly the same thing for you. I’d let you go to be with another girl if that meant that you’d be happy.”

He gawked at me.

“You’re right…” He said slowly. “It is the most romantically fucked up thing ever, but coming from you, it’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard.” He put his hands on mine and leaned in so that our foreheads rested against each other. “But I can only be happy with you. You know that, right?”

I saw in his eyes that he really loved me. And I saw that he tried his best not to let the thing with Sam affect him, but it did.

“I know.” I said.

We sat like that for a few minutes, or hours, or days, in silence, the essay completely forgotten.

“You know, you can tell me why you’re scared. I’m not made of sugar.” I said, quietly.

“Sam’s looking at me.”

I shot up. “What?”

“He’s looking at me like I’ll be the next.”

I didn’t realize I was crying until he wiped away my tears.

“Don’t cry, Allie.”

“Promise you’ll never leave me.” I whispered. “You need to promise you won’t leave me alone.”

“Never.” He answered, without any hesitation.

And in that moment, I knew what to do. I knew I was ready, and I knew I loved Jake more than anything in the world.

He started to pull away. “You know, we really should—”

Before he could finish, I closed the space between us. Swiftly, I moved my lips against his. As always, I felt mentally totally empty, emotionally overwhelmed, but this time, something was different. My body was more alert than ever. Jacob’s surprise didn’t last long, and his hands were on my hips, his fingers digging into my skin. It hurt a bit, and I loved it.

Our kisses had always been mind-blowing, but this time, it held a certain need, and all our feelings. It was passionate, and desperate.

My finger tangled into his soft hair, caressing his neck, and I sighed. Jake took advantage of that, his tongue battled mine for dominance. I lost, but was okay with that.

My body took complete control of everything. Nothing existed on the corners of my mind, all I could think was Jake, Jake, Jake and it seemed like he was experiencing the same thing because he started to murmur my name, almost inaudible, like a prayer.  The way the pronounced it was like it was something he had always seen as out of reach and had somehow managed to get anyways, like I was the biggest treasure in the world.

With every inch of skin his hands found and touched, my sense of touch heightened, until I blocked out even the sounds of his stereo, which had been playing some piano rock I didn’t know but liked.

All I could sense was Jacob’s hand as it slid up my torso under my shirt and moved to cup my bra. It took me a lot of force, but I eventually managed to push him away from me. His eyes were wide and dark as he leaned back.

“Please tell me to stop right now. – No, please don’t.”

“Shut up.”

I could have told him to stop there. I could have just stopped there. I could have stood up and left the room, or told him to get his butt up to do our essay. I could have let that kiss be the end of it, and wondered why he had me with just one single word, one promise he had actually already given me.

But I didn’t. The sensation from having him—all of him—was so euphoric, even more so than when I usually kissed him, that I couldn’t give it up. I loved the sensation of closeness, of connection; it felt so comforting to me. When Jake touched me like that, I knew he loved me. I knew sex was a beautiful, passionate thing, and it was right to be with him.

I had always sworn to myself that I would wait for the right one to give that part of my innocence up. I hadn’t ever thought that would be in High School, but … somehow, I just knew that we were right for each other. I knew we were perfect. And I wanted it.

Jacob Black had been what I had needed all along. I didn't just want him…I needed him. I needed him like I needed air. I needed him like my body needed a heartbeat to live. Jake made everything okay. He made everything I was just fade away.

Without saying a word, without hesitating, I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it onto Jacob’s bedroom floor. He didn’t have a chance to say anything before I put my hands on his shoulders and shoved him onto his back. A second later, I was straddling him and we were kissing each other again. His fingers undid the clasp of my bra, and it joined my shirt on the floor.

I’d always thought I’d feel self-conscious and shy in that moment, but I didn’t, not in the least. I saw his eyes widen and I felt admired, loved, and the most beautiful girl in the world.

I unbuttoned his shirt as he pulled my crochet scrunchie out of my hair and dug his hands into my hair so that it fell out of its braid and the wild curls fell around us, framing my face.

It seemed as if he had gained muscle over the last few weeks, from when I had last seen him without his shirt on. The skin pulled tight over his sculpted chest, and my hands ghosted over his broad shoulders in amazement.

When I met his eyes again, they had gotten even darker.

Jake’s lips moved to my neck, giving me a moment to catch my breath, only to make me gasp again when he bit down on the junction of my neck and my shoulder, probably leaving a mark.

I could only smell his aftershave this close to him, and his typical Jacob smell, like wood with a faint hint of the sea.

His mouth travelled down my shoulder, and a thought crossed my mind.

He was way too good at this.

Then again, I knew I was his first as well; his friends teased him about that enough. And then his mouth pressed into mine again, and that tiny little bit of insecurity died. Acting completely on my instinct, I lightly bit down on Jake’s lip, pulling it with my teeth, and he moaned into my mouth. His hands moved over my ribs, sending chills down my spine.

Oh God.

Jacob flipped me on my back and pulled my skirt and panties down, throwing them over his shoulder. Now I was only in the necklace he had given me for my birthday. It had a silver plate on it that spelled Jake’s, and a heart.

“Yes.” He said, kissing the place on my neck where it lay. “You’re mine. Forever, dá·kwid (darling).”

And then everything went really fast, and his jeans were on the floor, and we were having sex.


Nayeli - I Love You


I think maybe I should explain how Jacob and I got together in the first place.

I mean, now that you know how serious we were.

You might not believe it, but we had only really met about nine months ago, and we’d been a couple for about just as long.

Jake and I had always been cool together, but we’d never really talked until I came back from my boarding school. Yes, I had been on a boarding school.

It was pretty cool, actually. My dad sent me there because, well, he had to work a lot and I would’ve been pretty lonely alone in our house. My school had been in Tacoma, so I’d visited every weekend and of course in my holidays, in which I had crashed at the Clearwater’s more times than I could count. Harry and my dad were in this group that had apparently formed when they’d still been in High School; Jacob’s dad Billy and Charlie Swan, the chief, were part of it as well.

My school had been a blast, but I had really missed my dad, and Leah, and everyone. Mostly, I had just missed the rez. And it wasn’t the easiest thing to be the only Native girl at a school where almost everyone was white. But I had had really good friends, even though nobody could compete with Leah. Even though she was two years older than me, we had always been really close. She was like a sister, only did I love her more than I probably would a sister.

So when I was fifteen, starting my sophomore year, my dad finally got me out of Annie Wright (which had been the name of my school) and signed me up for La Push High. I was one year below Leah.

By the time I actually met Jake—by which I mean, more than the usual seeing him in English and on the hallways—he’d already started hanging out with Bella Swan, and I kind of thought I didn’t have a single chance.

I had actually met him when we had been shopping, my dad, Leah, and I. Leah was with me because I needed to buy new bras and knickers as well, and I was already embarrassed when my dad was in the café down the street, not to mention him being in the shop. So yeah, I dragged Leah with me.

I hated fitting rooms. They smelled like sweat and people, and worn clothes.

But I had seen this really cute green dress that would make the green of my eyes stand out. Hopefully. On the rez, almost everyone had brown eyes, so I could really play the green eyes.

I winked at myself in the mirror. Personally, I adored the dress.

When I stepped out of the cabin to let Leah have a look at it, I twirled and made a kissy face.

“Love or hate, Clearwater?”

But she wasn’t even looking at me; she was checking out a strangely familiar boy who seemed to have been dragged into the shop by his girlfriend.

“I need you to meet someone.” She said, grinning and waving at the girl.

“Hey, Rach!” she called.

Oh no. The last time she wanted me to meet one of her girl friends, it had been some weirdo who glared at me and insulted me because I had worn a skirt. Leah didn’t really have the best taste in friends when it came to girls. Apart from me, of course.

Plus, this one had an insanely cute boyfriend, even though I suspected he might actually look better if he got a haircut.

“Leah, no offense, but I hate your friends. They freak me the hell out.” I groaned, but she just dragged me over. That girl had some abnormal strength, I’m telling you.

After a short while, I just gave up. I knew about cars, so I wasn’t that girly, but I really wasn’t the strongest person on earth. So if I didn’t want to be dragged across the floor, I had to almost run next to her. I was extremely short, a midget. Leah was amazon-ly tall. Freak.

But being so different was what made us the bestest of friends.

When we reached the two, I blushed and looked down as soon as I recognized him. That was Jacob Black. The handsome son of the chief, whom I saw sometimes on my way home, hanging out with a pretty paleface girl. Man, he really had a choice in girls. Both of them were probably a year older than him, at least. He looked pretty grown up for his age, and I had never seen this girl on the rez school before.

Please tell me that wasn’t his girlfriend. I didn’t stand a chance against her.

“Gosh, Leah, long time no see. I wanted to call you this evening, I just arrived. What are you doing in a shop?” The girl laughed.

Damn. Her voice was a bit husky, and pretty low for a girl, but it fit her and just made her more attractive.

I noticed that Jacob cringed a bit when Leah looked at him. It seemed like they weren’t on the best of terms. Then again, not a lot of people were with Leah Clearwater. I grinned when I thought of that, and felt him looking at me. If I hadn’t been beet red before, I certainly was now.

“What are you doing in La Push, Rachel? Visiting that dumbass, I suppose?” Leah said.

Oh great. Definitely his girlfriend. Damn. Oh well. Not that I cared. And she had miniature boobs anyways. And broad shoulders. Tch.

I couldn’t believe how mean I was.

“Ah, yeah. Catching up. But I’m only here for the weekend.” Rachel, I suppose, said. “Going shopping with my precious here and all.” She laughed and mussed Jacobs hair.

I snorted, but quickly covered it with a pretty unconvincing cough. Oh, no shit, Sherlock. I thought you were hunting elephants. And besides, I don’t think you’ll find anything here that fits over your man shoulders and doesn’t hide what tiny boobs you’ve actually got, girl.

Leah noticed me standing there awkwardly. “Oh, sorry. Giggles, this is Rachel, Jacob’s sister, I think he’s in your year, so you should know each other. Rach, Jacob, this is Alice Weddingbell.”

Okay, so I was an idiot. And, to be honest, her shoulders were perfectly normal. I giggled—sounding kind of hysterical—and shook her hand, feeling particularly blonde right now.

“Her bestie.” I added, proudly.

Nervously, I met Jacob’s eyes and I think he noticed what a bundle of nerves I was, because he let out a hoarse chuckle and grabbed my hand, causing me to almost swoon because of his sexiness. Oh God, hand, please don’t desert me now. Please don’t sweat. Don’t. Sweat.

Hey, I had lived in an all girls’ school for years, okay? Don’t judge me.

“I know you,” He grinned, though his smile was kind of shaky. “You sit two desks in front of me in English.”

He knew who I was!

“Uhm, yeah.” I replied, trying to sound cool and probably failing miserably. “Your friend Embry is sitting next to me in homeroom, he talks about you a lot.” More like, the only times we actually talked, I was bombarding him—hopefully subtly, though—with questions about “his friends”, meaning Jake, because Quil Atreara sure as hell didn’t interest me.

God, I probably sounded like a stalker.

Shoot me now.

I had never been as happy as now that my father called me.

“If you say Daddy’s home, Daddy’s home…”

“Hiya, Dad.” I chirped.

“Are you ready, honey? The waitress is starting to look at me weird because I’m having my fifth cup of coffee right now.” I could practically hear his smirk.

“Yah, sure. We got the … stuff already; I’m just trying on a dress right now. You can pick us up if you want to. We’re in Jack Wills.” I said stuff because A) you just don’t say the word lingerie to your dad, and B) you just don’t say that you’ve been buying underwear when a hot guy’s standing next to you.

“Do I want to know how much I just spent on some ridiculous English brand?” Dad asked.

“Don’t think so.” I grinned, knowing fully well that he didn’t mind.

“Okay, shrimp. See you later.”

“See ya, Daddy!” I hung up and saw Rachel grinning.

So I still called my dad Daddy sometimes. So what?

I turned to Leah.

“Dad says he’s at his fifth cup right now and it’s starting to get awkward, so we’re going home.” I informed Leah.

“Finally!” she exclaimed. “Bye, Rachel, Jacob. My salvation is coming. Giggles, move your sexy ass.”

I gasped as she attempted to pull me to the exit. “Lee, I kinda have to change. These aren’t my clothes.”

She grinned. “Oh. Yeah. Hurry.”

As I scurried away to the changing rooms, the last thing I heard was Jacob calling after me.

“Nice shoes, by the way.”

I looked down at my grey converses, smiled, and turned to give him a small wave.

So yeah.

When we saw each other at La Push Beach the next day—I was drawing and he was … well, actually I don’t know, I never asked him; I was too busy staring at him, I guess—, he asked me out.

So that was how we got together, basically.

We had just hit it off instantly.

At first, my dad as well as Billy hadn’t approved of our relationship at all. But then there was that time when I was staying at Jake’s, making my famous Mac and Cheese, by the way, he had spent some time around us and, I guess, that convinced him. (Or maybe it was my food, but well.) Anyways, when I went home that evening, he said goodbye much nicer and from then on, even my dad had approved.

Jacob was perfect for me.

It was almost too good to be true.





Fact: Alice is really short, as you probably know, but she doesn't like wearing High Heels, so she generally goes with Ballet Flats. She does, however have a ten centimeters rule: her boyfriend has to be at least 10 cm taller than her so that she could, if she wanted, wear High Heels and still wouldn't be taller than him.


A/N: Okay, I love The Twelfth Night.

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