-A Jacob Black Fan Fiction, actually written for something called Hater's Writing Competition-

Alice Bluebird and Jacob Black have always been one of the obvious people to date. You know, the ones where you say "Oh of course, that's because they're perfect for each other." And they're also one of these couples that are almost annoyingly sweet and seem to be able to read each other's minds, making you want to cry, or hit them.
That is why what happens shocks everyone, including them.
When Allie's boyfriend Jake breaks up with her, she is crushed. And ready and willing to kick that goddamn Isabella Swan's arse. But what she doesn't know is that she is to become a part of something big...

Note: Do not read this if you particularly like Nessie; or Bella Swan, she gets hit in the face. However do read this if you like original characters, Jacob, sarcasm, best friend scenes with Leah Clearwater, a good laugh, and soppy love stories.



11. Chapter Nine - The Third Wife.

A/N: It. Has. Been. AGES.

Music: (those bastards deleted the playlist site)
Five For Fighting -  Something About You
Ed Sheeran -  This

While the dough was rising, the Beef Wellington was slowly baking in the oven, and I was forming the edge of the Tarte au Citron base, I suddenly felt a pair of arms wrapping themselves around my waist.
“I’m assuming you don’t forgive me, so I just wanted to take advantage of you concentrating,” Jake whispered into my ear.
And even though I was jell-o and wanted nothing more than to turn around and kiss him and make out slash have sex on this very kitchen counter, I wrestled myself out of his grip—though he probably just let me, judging after the massive biceps he had now—and looked him in the eye, trying to look angry.
He looked really sorry.
I squinted at him.
He looked like he knew what was coming, but he didn’t do anything.
I hit him square in the face, breaking his nose.
“Ow,” Kim whispered.
Emily didn’t even look up. “Please don’t bleed into any food, Jake.”
He was holding his bleeding nose and, like a miracle, I could watch it healing: First the blood stopped flowing, and then the bruises went away before they could really form. He took his hand away and his nose looked just like it had before.
“Wow,” I whispered. My hand hurt.
“Embry, could it be that you just conveniently forgot to mention something?” I called.
“Yeah, I thought you might not hit him if you knew and I wanted to see if you would.” He mysteriously appeared in the doorway, standing next to Jake.
We both glared at him.
He just shrugged innocently. “Hey, on a lighter note, you just won me twenty bucks.”
I smiled. “Great, now give me the money.”
“No way!”
I hissed. “Bad Embry, drop the money.—You have to be consequent or they’ll never obey you,” I stage-whispered at Kim.
She grinned. “Nice dog-reference, girlfriend.”
Embry pouted.
Drop it,” I said in my best vet-voice.
He actually gave me the money and us girls broke out in giggles.
That’s when someone knocked at the door.
“I’ll get it,” Jake mumbled and left.
“Who’s that?” I asked. “I mean, who the hell knocks?”
Kim shrugged. “Just BTW, I think the pasta’s good.”
I smiled. “Great! Now Emmy, where did you put the pasta riddle?”
She gestured to a cupboard and I got the device out.
“That looks vile,” Kim grinned.
I hit her playfully. “Now, you put the dough into this square and just move it along the riddle and voilà!”
Kim tried—and failed epically.
I laughed and went over.
“I really don’t know how you managed to screw that up, but here, I’ll show you.” I put some dough in the top box with a spoon and then slowly moved it along the riddle. When the batter was gone, I took a wooden spoon and stirred a bit until all the little noodles were swimming on the surface.
“Done!” I flashed Kim a toothy smile and fished the pasta out of the pan with a big spoon-ish thing, putting it into a pasta riddle to let the excess water drop off.
“Note that it always has to be boiling,” I told her. “And now go on, I have a cake filling to make.”
She smiled gratefully.
“D’you reckon you could give me cooking lessons? It all seems so easy when you make it…”
I shrugged, stirring what was going to be the lemon tart filling with a spoon. “I suppose I could, yeah.”
“It’s really awkward that you couldn’t cook if your life depended on it and Giggles, who not only is more than a year younger but acts like a five-year-old could totally smash you any day.”
Kim glared at Emily, who had made the comment, and turned to me.
“Watch and learn,” she whispered. “Jaaared, Emily’s mean to meee!”
Emily huffed.
“Saaaaaam, Kim’s threatening meee!” she said, equally whiny.
“Guuuuuuuuys,” I imitated them, “Go back to cookiiiiing!”
We all broke out into laughter.
“Can I help?” someone asked from the doorway.
Oh no, not her.
“Oh no, not her,” Kim whispered, rolling her eyes.
I turned slowly, my spoon in front of me.
“What is that doing here?” I hissed.
Isabella Swan was cowering in the doorway, Jake behind her. I glared at him, and he held up his hands in defence, as if to say ‘I may have opened the door, but I didn’t invite her’. I huffed.
“Sorry, kitchen’s full,” Emily said, trying very hard to be friendly.
“Obviously,” Kim added, earning a stern look from Emily.
Oh please, girl. We all know you don’t like her either, don’t pretend.
It was obvious, though. The house wasn’t very big, and therefore neither was the kitchen. It was bigger than most, but with three girls hustling around and making enough food for fifty normal people, it was clearly stuffed. Kim and I were working elbow-to-elbow and I certainly didn’t want to cuddle with the Swan girl.
“Go be annoying in Forks or something,” Paul called from the living room.
I giggled, but shut up as soon as Emily threw me a glare.
“Uhm, Allie?” Jake asked.
I motioned at him to speak, but turned back to the filling.
“Can we talk?”
“Like, outside where stupid mutts can’t hear us?” I slowly let the filling fall onto the base and shoved the Tarte into the oven.
“Sure,” I said, wiping my hands on a towel. “Kimmy-bear, you can do the pasta. I believe in you.”
She just winked at me and nodded.
I rolled my eyes. “Come on, Jake.”

We walked in silence for a bit, him digging his hands into the pockets of his cut-offs and me chipping away my blood red nail polish.
“Sorry for breaking your nose, by the way,” I said after a while.
He let out a noise that sounded a bit like a scoff. “You can break it again any time. I deserve much, much worse, believe me.”
I nodded. “Yeah, might be true.”
He stopped, taking my hands into his.
“I’m really, really sorry, Allie,” he said pleadingly, his chocolate eyes big.
It was weird, as if I felt what he was feeling—regret, fear I would reject him, love. It was so intense.
I looked away uncomfortably.
“So you know,” he said after a while.
I nodded, and then shook my head. “Actually, I don’t really.”
“Right.” There was a pause. “You probably think this is weird.”
I held up my hands. “Weird doesn’t even begin to cover this.”
“I know how insane this is.”
“Pretty insane, yeah.” I swiped my hair to one side of my neck out of a reflex to him watching me. “So I’m guessing I’m well off having paid attention in history.”
He smiled. “Very well.”
I nodded. “Cool,” I said.
There was another pause before I cracked.
“So can you please still explain?” I asked, my eyebrows furrowed.
He nodded and started telling me about Taha Aki and the Spirit Warriors, and somehow the story was all new to me even though I’d heard it so many times, just because it was true now. He told me that every time cold ones like Isabella’s—the vamp girl, as Paul had called her—boyfriend and his family came near the rez, the boys of the Quileute people transformed into wolves. He told me that he had, too, and that he had no choice, but that even if he did, he wouldn’t give it up again. Because they were brothers. And I just nodded and listened and tried to understand and I think I did. Understand, I mean.
“My dad said it should have happened way before. But I had you. I was never really angry, because I was too busy being happy.” He smiled sadly. “And I’m really sorry for all you went through. Sorry doesn’t even begin to cover it. It hurts me to see you the least bit sad; I want to throw myself off a cliff to make it better.”
Those words weren’t something Jake would normally say at all, but I knew he meant them and I knew he was hurting just thinking about it.
“I know,” I said. “I know that.”
He nodded. “Yes, now you do.”
“Is that the imprint thing? Is that like when ducklings see their mother?”
He laughed, throwing his head back and baring his teeth. I liked to see him laugh again. I’d missed that.
“I guess it is actually, in a way. You see, everyone has that one person, the person they’re meant to be with. The person they understand and that they’ll love eternally. For us wolves, it’s important to find that person, because they’ll make you stronger. That girl, the one who is the other half of your soul, she’ll also be the one strong enough to raise freak kids, or at least Old Quil says so. She will understand us like no other and keep us safe. And that’s why we need to know perfectly well when we find that person, so we can be sure. That’s the imprint, when you see that one person for the first time and you know that’s it.”
I shivered. “Like the Third Wife.”
He nodded. “Like the Third Wife. It’s basically this huge bitch-slap from the gods saying, she’s the one, kid, don’t fuck it up this time.”
I laughed, but I had to blush at the words bitch-slap.
“So we’re back to normal?”
“If you’ll have me.”
I scoffed. “You basically just told me I was your soulmate, there isn’t really any way I can say no now.” I smiled. “Plus, I’ve missed you.”
He sighed and finally pulled me close to his warm body. “I’ve missed you, too. So much.”
“But you’re on probation, so listen to the Gods and don’t fuck it up this time,” I murmured into his neck and I felt the smile radiate off him. The happiness.
I pulled back. “Is this normal?”
“That I can feel what you feel. Sort of.”
He shrugged. “Imprint.”
“Imprint,” I mocked him.
We both looked at each other.
And we laughed.
“You’re not as hot anymore,” I remarked.
“Gee, thanks.”
I blushed, shaking my head vigorously and causing Jake to laugh.
“I mean, body temperature-wise.”
He nodded. “The imprint raises your body temperature slightly, just like phasing raises mine to cuddly 108. I’m guessing it’s so we’re more comfortable around each other, but your dad will probably think you have a fever.”
“Okay.” I stretched the word and he shoved me a bit (well, I guess it was a bit for him), causing me to trip and fall flat on my face.
He was right next to me just a second after that.
“Oh holy sh… Allie, are you okay? Sorry, I really need to learn how to control this crazy wolf strength. So sorry,” he scrambled, patting my shoulder awkwardly.
My shoulders started shaking as I tried to contain my laughter, my face still on the forest ground.
“Oh no, I made you cry. I made her cry!” Jacob’s worked up tone was all it took for me to burst our laughing, sitting up and leaning my head back in hysterics.
It took him a while to get that I was actually completely fine and not crying, but then he let himself fall onto the ground as well, sitting next to me and chuckling.
“I’m an idiot, aren’t I?”
I nodded. “A well idiot, but that was cute.”
He buried his face in his hands, but I could still see his smile. “I am such a failure at this whole imprint thing.”
I smiled at him. “It’s cool.”
When our laughter ebbed off, I found myself staring into his eyes. I felt as if something inexplicable was pulling me towards him, always closer, making me want to be a part of him and have myself disappear altogether.
Jake traced my lips with his calloused thumb, staring at me as if I was something too precious to understand, like a million-dollar-dessert, or an Aston Martin, or a hand-sized diamond; like something he had always wanted but never dared to ask to have.
“Please tell me this is okay,” he whispered, his voice coarse and his eyes going from my eyes to my lips and back, so fast I couldn’t track it.
“Please tell me you’ll shut the hell up now and kiss me already,” I whispered back, smiling a bit.
His lips formed a small grin before crashing onto mine forcefully.
And it was more than okay.
I was okay again.

Fact: Alice has a mean right hook.

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