-A Jacob Black Fan Fiction, actually written for something called Hater's Writing Competition-

Alice Bluebird and Jacob Black have always been one of the obvious people to date. You know, the ones where you say "Oh of course, that's because they're perfect for each other." And they're also one of these couples that are almost annoyingly sweet and seem to be able to read each other's minds, making you want to cry, or hit them.
That is why what happens shocks everyone, including them.
When Allie's boyfriend Jake breaks up with her, she is crushed. And ready and willing to kick that goddamn Isabella Swan's arse. But what she doesn't know is that she is to become a part of something big...

Note: Do not read this if you particularly like Nessie; or Bella Swan, she gets hit in the face. However do read this if you like original characters, Jacob, sarcasm, best friend scenes with Leah Clearwater, a good laugh, and soppy love stories.



5. Chapter Four - Girls' Night In.


That night, Jacob had already made plans with Bella Swan. He apologized profusely, as if it was a giant betrayal, even though I’d known before. He even said he’d tell her he couldn’t come, but they’d decided to go to the cinema, alone—probably only meaning without me, but Jake was too kind to notice—, so I told him he should go. I didn’t like her, but from what he let slip sometimes, I was positive she needed all the help she could get.

I would’ve been slightly happier if she got that help from the seventh floor of the Seattle Hospital (which was the mental ward), but well.

You can’t always get what you want, hm?

The sad thing is, I would’ve probably liked her if I wasn’t so pathetically jealous.

The good thing was that I had the best time of my life with Leah, having a Girls’ Night In, as we called it.

It was unusually girly for someone like Leah, but she loved it.

We did our hair, watched movies we cried over, and told each other the biggest secrets we had. Everything.

When I came into her room, Leah once again proved that she was the bestest friend in the world, because she immediately knew what was going on.

“You slept with Jake, right?” she asked in the exact moment that I closed the door.

I frowned, but still couldn’t keep the beaming smile from my face.

“Are you mad at me?”

She laughed and put the magazine she’d been reading away.

“Are you crazy? My little girl’s all grown up now.” She fake-sniffed, but still pulled me into a bone, crushing hug.

“He’s the right one for you, everyone can see that.” She smiled and pulled me down on the bed next to her.

“Yeah,” I whispered dreamily, “he is.”

I remembered vaguely that that has been just what Leah had said when she met Sam, but I pushed that thought out of my mind.

Jacob wasn’t like Sam.

He’d promised.

“Now, spill.” She grinned. “How the hell did that happen, huh?”

I smiled shyly. “I don’t even know, really. We were saying something about The Twelfth Night…” I laughed when I met her confused eyes. “It’s a Shakespeare play.” Leah shrugged, as if saying ‘I never did English, how would I know?’ which was a fair point, because she hated English.

“Well, it was about this woman who loved a guy and … actually, that’s not really important, but … then he promised he’d never leave me, and …” We both sighed simultaneously. “I don’t know, it just happened, as cliché as that sounds. It was just … it was as if, in that moment, something told me he was the right one. That we belonged together somehow.  It was as if my body took control of me, and … yeah. I’ve got bruises now. ” I lamely finished my girly rant.

Leah hugged me and screeched, but something was up.

“What’s it?” I asked.

She didn’t answer, but her grin became more forced.

“Come on, Lee.”

She looked down at her hands as if they were the most interesting thing in the whole wide world.

“It’s just … Sam promised he’d never leave me.” And then he left and everything changed. She didn’t say it, but it was there.

“Now, but you and Jake … I mean, if you don’t work out, nobody ever will.” She laughed, though it was still a bit shaky. “It’s just so … now you of all people, who’s the little girl, the child, who always swore she would only give in to a guy who she was positive was her true love—and I don’t doubt for a second that Jacob’s that guy—you’ve found him, and I’m sure you two will marry and have thousands of kids and all. And … I’m still alone, and I still don’t know what to do with my damn life and I effing graduate this summer, and I … I’m kind of … lost.” She confessed.

I hugged her, because we both knew there was nothing to say. Leah had lost the guy she thought she would marry someday. And now I was here, telling her how much I loved Jake, and I knew she wasn’t jealous, but she did envy me. And she was worried for me.

I hoped she had no reason to be.

“Anyways,” Leah changed the topic, “Why aren’t you with loverboy right now but told me we really had to do a Girls’ Night In? Not that I’m complaining, but I didn’t think Jacob would let you set a foot outside his bedroom today.”

That was what I loved about Leah – she was so easy to be around. She didn’t care for herself, and even though Sam had been horrible to her, she still listened to all my relationship stories and was happy for me. She was the best. And she always knew some way to make me happy, or change the topic when she knew I was uncomfortable, or sad. I knew many people made her out as a cold-hearted bitch, and I do admit she sometimes made that impression—I actually believed that she did it on purpose sometimes—but she was the sweetest girl ever, well, for me at least.

“I had to spill.” I smiled.

She pointed at me with her index finger. “Oh, you will. Don’t think you’re off the hook with that lame description. I don’t want to hear about bloody Shakespeare, but about the fact that you shagged.”

I gasped and then laughed, closing my hand around her finger.

“Pointing kills fairies.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want you to die.” She said dead seriously, and we both cracked up.

“No, tell me what’s the real reason.” Leah said when we had calmed down enough. “I mean, I understand that you need to spill, but you’re a touchy-feely type of girl. I’d never thought either of you would let go of the other before twenty-four hours later, and even then you’d be attached at the hip, what with Jacob being all over you anyways. Can’t imagine what he has to be like now. Probably glued to you.” She sighed dramatically. “I can see a lot of PDA in both our futures.” She said in a screechy voice that should probably be her impersonation of a gypsy.

I suddenly found my toes very interesting. Oh gosh, red nail polish! Look at that!


And I spilled, as always with Leah.

“He had made some plans with Bella Swan.”

“What the actual-“

“Leah!” I interrupted.

“-fudge! I meant fudge!”

“Sure you did.”

She frowned. “So why’s he going out with her when he could have a pillow session with you?”

I blushed a bright red.

“Don’t call it that!” I exclaimed, completely flustered.

Leah laughed. “Okay. So what is he doing with the Forks girl when he could have spent his time with you. Better?”


She raised her eyebrow at me.

“Okay, okay. So he’d already told me, like, ages ago that she had asked him to go to the cinema, since she’s his best friend or whatever.”

“I thought the twin idiots were his best friends.” Leah interrupted.

“Ditto, but apparently not. It was actually quite cute because he asked me if it was okay to say yes, or if I’d rather not have him go.”

“Cute, and of course you said it was okay.”

“Sure I did.” I murmured.

“Didn’t really want him to actually do it, though?” She grinned knowingly.

I threw my hands in the air. “What could I have said? ‘No, Jake, sorry, please don’t go, I think she’s awful’?”

Leah laughed and then patted my arm in a sisterly comforting way.

“Of course you couldn’t. You could’ve only said yes, and you and I know that, and Isabella Swan sure as hell does, too. If she even knows he asked you. But Jacob doesn’t understand that.”

“Boys,” I huffed, and crossed my arms and pouted like a kid.

“Yup. Now go on.”

I wrinkled my nose. “Anyway, he apologized like a thousand times and told me he could tell her he couldn’t make it, and it even seemed like he wanted to-”

“Wouldn’t have thought that, would you?” Leah murmured to an invisible audience.

“Ahem, it seemed like he wanted to, but I knew she’d already booked tickets, and since he’d want to watch that movie anyways and I hate all that fake zombie blood stuff, I told him I was going to spend the night at yours.”

“Bet he didn’t like the thought of having to share you with me, huh?” Leah wiggled her eyebrows.

“Ew, Lee, that’s disgusting!”

She laughed. “But you love me.”

“I do.”

“You know I’d really like to kick Swan to Palermo,” Leah grinned, “But since her father’s the chief, I’m not sure whether that’s such a brilliant idea.”

I fell for it. “Aw, but him and your dad are buddies.”

“True, that is. Plus, if I did it in La Push, someone else would investigate and my dad kinda holds the strings here, together with Billy…”

“But Billy would probably want to find out, he’s closer with Charlie and it’s his son’s best friend…” I spun it further.

“Ya, but he loves you way more than her.”


Leah and I looked at each other, and laughed out loud.

“You know who she always reminds me of?” I grinned. “Lizzie Prenton.”

“Ew, the sister of Saliva Boy?”

Leah called my first kiss Saliva Boy. Nicholas Prenton had been a guy I’d had to kiss on one of the awful parties my roommate Erin dragged me to. We weren’t exactly close, she was way too … I didn’t want to say slaggy, but yeah, that’s what I meant. Anyways, on one of her parties I met Nick Prenton, who was one of my classmate’s brother, and actually pretty cute. Poor Lizzie, though, looked exactly like him, and what was attractive on a boy surely could look damn awful on a girl.

Well, you get it. Lizzie Prenton wasn’t exactly a looker.

“You’ve got it.”

“Gawsh, you’re so Boarding-School-ish.” Leah complained, laughing.

“I know, but you love me.”

“That’s actually why. So loverboy’s calling?”

I grabbed some chocolate from her nightstand and nibbled on it.

“Yah. He said he would.”

"Good." I saw it in her eyes before she said anything and already grabbed my pillow tighter.
"PILLOW FIGHT!" And bam, I had a pillow in my face.
"Oh, you're so on, Clearwater!" I screamed, laughing hysterically.


That night, Jacob never called me like he’d promised he would.



Fact: Alice used to do ballet when she was younger, but unlike Bella, she really enjoyed it and was good at it, too. When she went to Boarding School, she couldn't continue, but she loved it and still wears Ballet Flats all the time because they remind her of that time.

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