-A Jacob Black Fan Fiction, actually written for something called Hater's Writing Competition-

Alice Bluebird and Jacob Black have always been one of the obvious people to date. You know, the ones where you say "Oh of course, that's because they're perfect for each other." And they're also one of these couples that are almost annoyingly sweet and seem to be able to read each other's minds, making you want to cry, or hit them.
That is why what happens shocks everyone, including them.
When Allie's boyfriend Jake breaks up with her, she is crushed. And ready and willing to kick that goddamn Isabella Swan's arse. But what she doesn't know is that she is to become a part of something big...

Note: Do not read this if you particularly like Nessie; or Bella Swan, she gets hit in the face. However do read this if you like original characters, Jacob, sarcasm, best friend scenes with Leah Clearwater, a good laugh, and soppy love stories.



6. Chapter Five - Third Beach.


A/N: Whoever gets what I - unconsciously, BTW - did there with Alice's Mom's name, send me what you think it is (Tip: it's a character in a book) and gets an OS about whatever you want. Whoever can guess who sent the letter in the next chapter gets a mention in the SC (Special Chapter) that'll be up next. Whooo! Get typing!


I mean, I had kind of known what would happen, to be honest.

I just hadn’t wanted to admit it.

Then again, when Monday started out as usual, I didn’t think anything of it. My Dad always drove me to school on Mondays because it was the day when he started earlier than usual. I know. Sucks to be him, huh?

School in La Push started earlier than other schools, which was probably because a lot of us had to work after school to help our parents out. So the first lesson was always at half past seven, leaving us with a ridiculous time to get up—half past six. I didn’t mind it, I physically couldn’t sleep longer than eight anyways. I had to have gotten that from my Mom’s side of the family, because in La Push, almost everyone slept in. Always. Especially the men—if you didn’t wake them, a lot could actually sleep until three or four in the afternoon. Jared Cameron, who was now one of Sam’s guys, had been known for once sleeping through an entire weekend. He went to bed on Friday and when he got up on Sunday evening, his dad was watching the news so he realized he had missed a whole day. It had to be something in their genes, just like being freakishly tall. I had noticed that the tallest slept the most, at least usually.

But setting La Push’s sleeping habits aside, I first noticed that something was up when I realized Jake was missing. I had wondered why he hadn’t answered his phone, but just assumed he’d lost it again, so I’d thought I would take the piss out of that at school. But he wasn’t there. Embry was missing again as well, and so was Jared. Quil awkwardly patted my arm when I met him, telling me Billy had told him that Jake was sick, looking cautious. And then the Hall Monitors were missing. Only Paul was there, and he kept shooting me those looks during lunch, while I was munching on my salad all depressed, as if he didn’t know whether to feel sorry for me or just ignore me as he had. It was scary, and it really worried me. Once, when I caught him looking again, I returned his gaze, and his eyes held so much pity I thought I might drown. I knew what was going to happen. He knew what was going to happen. Jake was theirs now. I felt the walls come closer, and suddenly, the air was getting thinner and thinner. Everything was getting smaller, tiny even, crushing me. My chest grew heavy, my view fuzzy. I realized I must have been hyperventilating when I slipped into unconsciousness, the last thing I saw being Paul Lahote sprinting across the room way faster than I thought would ever be possible.


I woke up to bright neon lights and mint green walls—the nurse’s room at La Push High.

“Giggles, go lay down again, you were out cold. Good thing Paul caught you or you’d be in the hospital right now and we wouldn’t want that, your dad would have a heart attack.” Yeah, Paul. My absolute favourite person in the world and saviour for the day. Insert eye roll.

Sue Clearwater was something like my mother figure considering mine had left me when I was in kindergarten, and Leah and I had been best friends since forever. I had never been so happy that she was the school nurse.

“Hey, luvvie, don’t scare me like that.” That was Leah, and now I even saw her face popping up over me. “Since when do you have claustrophobia?” She asked. And since when did Paul Lahote care if I hit my head? She didn’t say it out loud, but the question was hanging in the air, I could practically cut it with a knife.

“I don’t know,” I said, answering both questions.

“Hm. Well, screw Jake for not being there, he’s a-“ Sue cleared her throat. “An idiot.” Leah rolled her eyes. “He’s an idiot, okay?”

I sniffed. “Lee, can you drive me home?”

She frowned. “Are you sure? I mean, we could go to my place…”

“I’d write an excuse for Leah, as well, if you don’t want to be alone,” Sue said helpfully.

I shook my head. “I just want to go home,” I whispered.

Leah sighed. “Okay. But I’ll stay with you, okay?”

“I just want to be on my own and cry about Jake leaving me, okay?” I said.

“No. We’ll watch chick flicks and talk about why we hate guys.” Those were the exact words I had said to her when she’d been upset about Sam. And that made me realize that she understood exactly what I meant. We were the same now. Or at least, we would be.

I hugged her fiercely, surprising her. After a short while, she hugged me back, and we both thought about the men we loved and how she had lost hers and I would lose mine if there wouldn’t be a miracle.

“Come on,” she said after a while, “We’ll drive by his house. He’s probably just sick and lost his phone because he’s a tool.”

I wiped my eyes. “Sure. Thanks, Sue.”

She smiled, the wrinkles around her eyes getting a bit deeper. “Sure thing, dá·kwid. You go, I’ll bail you out of school. You can take my car, Leah, it’s full. Just in case you’ll want to go somewhere.” She winked. Sue knew exactly where we went when one of us was upset, but she pretended not to for our sake. Every time Leah or I was upset, she’d drive us to the cliffs and we’d walk to Third Beach, which was the prettiest to us, but nobody else seemed to think so. It was very rough, and there were no people there as it had been forgotten, and we always sat on the cliffs with heaps of chocolate, cried, laughed, and screamed our anger out, and left all our troubles there, going home with the feeling that everything would come together again, and until now, it always had.

When we reached the Blacks’ house, Sue’s Pick Up already filled with chocolate, Leah turned the ignition off and opened her door, frowning. This had to be horrible, I realized, her going through everything that had happened again because she was seeing me in the same position.

“You stay in the car, I’ll talk to him. He’s probably okay.”

She stomped towards the house and knocked so loudly that I was surprised she didn’t crash the door. Billy came out and I saw them talking, then Leah turned abruptly and went back to the car. She slammed the door shut and huffed.

“Billy says he’s sick. But I could see he’s lying, that old man. He sends his sorry for what happened at school and reckons Jake’ll be sick for about two more weeks. Bullshit.”

“That is it, right?” I whispered. “He’s left me, right? He got me to sleep with him and then he left me! He promised!” I screeched, sobbing. “He promised.” My voice sounded hollow.

Leah hugged me as fiercely as she could in the car. “You’ll always still have me. We can do everything when we’re together, okay? I’ll always watch out for you, and you can always come to me. And when he’s back at school, I’ll take you to his to slap him.”

I nodded, sniffing, and she gave me a tissue, turning on the ignition. “Okay, off to the beach then, okay?”


Third Beach was the best place in the world. Most people would class it as awfully rough and horrible, and that was why nobody ever came here (along with the awful path up to the cliffs), but to me it was simply wonderful. Leah and I sat on an old blanket up on the rocks, the wind messing up out hair. We had already had way too much chocolate, and we weren’t even thinking about stopping now.

“You know,” Leah said with her mouth full, “I think guys are generally overrated. I think we should just become lesbian for each other. I like your boobs.”

I bit off some nougat Hershey’s. “True, but no offense, it’d be so awkward kissing you, so maybe not.”

She shrugged, and then tensed up.

“Uhm, speaking about awkward … I feel really weird asking you this, but you did use protection, right?”

I stared at her.

“Because … I really don’t want you ending up pregnant, you know.”

I shook my head no, and she breathed out in relief. “My dad has me on the pill ever since I got together with Jake. Man, was that doctor’s appointment awkward. But … you know, I kind of wish I would end up pregnant, though. I mean … it’s fairly obvious he’ll leave me, right? And … if I did, at least I’d always have a piece of him left.”

Leah stared at me. “That was deep. And really fucked up, Giggles. You love the guy too much.”

I sighed. “The fact that he slept with me and then dropped me like a hot potato kind of proves that, dunnit?”

She nodded. “This calls for more chocolate. Are you okay here on your own?”


When she left, I just sat there, my legs dangling in the thin air. Somewhere in the forest, a wolf howled, and one answered, sounding pained. Wow, I really was a vet’s daughter, interpreting stuff into animals. Another wolf howled really close to where I was, and I gripped the woollen blanket a bit tighter, shuddering. That last call had really sounded as if the wolf was close, as in a few yards away. I rubbed my face with my hands. I was going mad.

When I removed my hands from my face, I caught the gaze of dark eyes. On the edge of the woods, there was a wolf. Well, at least it sort of looked like a wolf. A horse-sized, gray, alien wolf.

“…Fuck.” I whispered.

Okay, I was going to be eaten today. This day sucked. Majorly.

The wolf just kept on staring at me. It looked endlessly sad. It came a step closer.

“Please don’t eat me?” I tried. “Because my day is already awful, and I just can’t be arsed to run away from you now, just FYI.”

It leaned its head to one side and pressed its stomach to the ground in a way that, at least with dogs, meant that it was showing its sympathy towards me.

“Great,” I muttered. “The alien mutt likes me. I am so pathetic.”

It shook its head fiercely and came even closer until it was only about two yards away.

“Well, alien wolf. How do you do? I’m Allie,” I said. “Or at least, I was Allie. You know,” I just kept on rambling when I should actually run away from the seven-foot-beast, but I couldn’t bring myself to care. “You know, I really love this guy, and he called me Allie. But he’s being an asshat, excuse the language. I mean, I, like, had a panic attack today and this guy I thought was the devil’s spawn actually did a nice thing, and my world just got a really bad reality check. Jake’s an awful person. Even worse than the guy who screwed up my best friend.” I pointed in about the direction of Leah’s car. “I love her, but with what he’s done to her, she’ll probably end up as an old cat lady, and so will I. Probably before I’m thirty.” The wolf shuddered, and I laughed. “So you don’t like cats? I don’t s’pose I could become a wolf lady, though, because I think our house wouldn’t hold more than one.” He—yes, I’d decided it was a male wolf—made a throaty sound, as if he was laughing.

I sighed and bit off some more chocolate. “Yes, you go on laugh. I hate my life.” Surprisingly, tears sprung to my eyes. I thought I’d already cried myself out. “It’s just…” I sobbed. “I just don’t think I’ll ever love someone as much again. And I know every High School Girl says that, but it’s true.” I wiped my eyes. “I really do love him,” I whispered. “More than anything. And he just … he’ll leave me. I know he will. You know, I’ve always had these dreams that came true, and these feelings. My dad says so did my Mom.” The wolf looked at me curiously. “I know when things happen,” I explained. “Sometimes, at least. Apparently, so did my great-great-add-numerous-amounts-of-great-aunt Mary Alice. They put her in a Psychic ward. Jake and his friends used to mock me for it, sometimes knowing what was going to happen. But the thing is, I always know.” I wiped my nose with my sleeve. “And I just know that Jake belongs to Sam now. Nothing will ever go back to the way it was again. Everything has changed.” I sobbed. “I think I may just have lost him forever.”

The wolf just continued looking at me, and I thought I saw pity in its eyes. Suddenly I felt really angry.

“You know, it’s not even fair,” I said. “It’s not fair!” I stood up, shakily. “I’m going crazy and talking to a wolf, for God’s sake. A fucking, horse-sized, mutant wolf!” I was screeching now, and I didn’t even care about my language.

“What wolf?” Leah asked behind me.

I looked around frantically, but it was gone.

“There … there was a wolf … a …” I trailed off. I was going crazy. I was seriously going crazy.

Leah hugged me. “It’s okay, Giggles. I’ll drive you home now, okay? You need sleep.”

I nodded, my body numb.


Fact: Alice has always wanted a dog, but she was never at home, so there was no way. She wants an Australian Shepherd, but her dad says then she'd need to have at least five sheep as well (to keep the dog entertained and well-behaving) and he doesn't want that.


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