A Life With You

Hannah and Caden were no typical teenage couple. Caden was the most desired boy in the music industry, and Hannah was the lucky girl along for the ride. Together, they formed America's most sought after celebrities. Follow along as they overcome the obstacles of being famous and the struggles of staying in love in this collection of mini chapters.


1. Background

Hannah and Caden were no typical teenage couple. Caden was the most desired boy in the music industry, and Hannah was the lucky girl along for the ride. Together, they formed America's most sought after celebrities. Follow along as they overcome the obstacles of being famous and the struggles of staying in love in this collection of mini chapters.

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~Episode One~ Hannah and Caden First Meet

The blue of his eyes disappeared as he scrunched up his face, laughing uncontrollably. He clutched his stomach with an attempt to stop, but the howling continued uninterrupted.

The girl frowned at him, not seeming to think her situation to be all too funny. She sat on the ground with her legs straight out in front of her, her hands supporting her weight. Her naturally highlighted hair was soaked with the remains of her hot chocolate; the abandoned cup lay discarded a few feet to her right. "You think this is hilarious, don't you?" she said while raising her eyebrows.

The teenage boy bit his lip, suppressing his emotion. He held out a hand to her apologetically. She observed it for a second, surprised by his gesture, but quickly accepted. After he pulled her up, instead of letting go, he enthusiastically shook her hand.

She let out a genuine laugh. "I didn't think people still greeted like this."

"I didn't think people drank hot chocolate in the summertime," he finally spoke, his voice laced with sarcasm.

"You're lucky my drink had cooled down. I got distracted in the shop, and if I hadn't, my skin would have burned off."

The boy let go of her hand to run his own through his blonde hair. "Well," he contemplated, "if you weren't distracted, you might have walked this street at a different time, hence I would have never knocked you over. So really, it's your fault."

The soaking girl scoffed in disbelief. "You can't possibly blame me for this."

"Not blaming...thanking."

She stared at him confused and dripping wet.

He grinned before elaborating. "I have whatever you were distracted by to thank for letting out paths cross."

She shoved her hair behind her shoulder. "I should have known," she groaned.

"What?" His face fell slightly.

"You're a hopeless flirt," she challenged.

His hand stuck out again. "Caden Owens," he said as if confirming her accusation.

She wiped her soiled hand on her jean shorts and took his hand. An amused expression played its way across her face. "Hannah."

"Well Hannah, what are you doing on this fine California morning?"

The sixteen year old girl rolled her eyes. "Just enjoying the morning drenched in hot cocoa, how about you?"

He smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, sorry about that."

"You should be! You owe me a new cup."

Caden's eyes lit up. "Okay! Let's go."

"Now?" Hannah asked hesitantly.

"Of course now! We couldn't have stubborn little Hannah not have her chocolate fix for the day."

She pulled on a loose strand of her brown hair for him to see. He chuckled while saying, "I don't see anything wrong with it."

"You're kidding me right?" Hannah whined. She started to panic when Caden didn't seem to care if she was sodden with the remains of her drink. On any normal day, she would have been ecstatic meeting a cute California boy, but that day wasn't normal; she was in one of her rare bad moods and she felt sticky and gross. She wanted more than anything to rush home and take a long deserved shower. When no excuses came to mind, she attempted to distract him. "Don't you have somewhere to be?"

As if on cue, a "Call Me Maybe" ringtone blared from his pocket. Caden's eyebrows stitched together while muttering, "That's weird." He fished out his phone before chuckling. "Darn you, Oliver Markaees." He glanced up at the skeptical girl. "I swear I didn't put that as my ringtone. It was my friend."

"Just answer it, Carly Rae," Hannah teased.

He rolled his eyes before holding his phone up to his ear. "Yesh?"

Hannah threw her tangled hair into a ponytail while she waited, feeling slightly awkward. She searched for possible escape routes, but Caden's eyes were locked on her.

"Yes, I realize it was a small chance." His voice faltered. "And no, I didn't expect anything to come of it."

Hannah sensed his disappointment as his shoulders slouched forward.

"For Christ's sake, Mr. Calinsar, Xavier, just tell me what they said! Did they like my demo?"

Caden's eyes flashed from hurt to disbelief. His mouth dropped and a hand flew up to his forehead. "You're kidding! No way! You're not playing me, are you, Mr. Cali- Xavier, sorry. That-that's absolutely amazing! I can't believe his! Have you contacted my parents yet?"

The girl, now feeling as if she was interfering with some personal business, turned to pick up the empty cup and be on her way.

Caden frowned at her departing figure. "You're brilliant, absolutely fantastic! I owe you so much, but I'll have to call you later. At the moment, I have some celebrating to do."

He slid his phone back into his jeans and jogged after her. It only took a second for him to reach out and pull her hand. "Where do you think you're going?"

"Home to wash my hair?" she asked innocently.

He shook his head slowly. "Oh no you don't. We're going to find you a hot chocolate whether you like it or not. I'm a man to my word."

"Caden," she complained.

He smiled at the sound of her saying his name. "Come on." He began pulling her after him along the now bustling streets. He rushed into a corner café, Hannah reluctantly being dragged in tow.

A blonde girl behind the counter smiled warmly at them. "What can I get for you?"

Caden glanced to his side, taking in Hannah's hesitation. "Hot chocolate?" he asked.

She hated the idea of a stranger spending unnecessary money on her, but she merely shrugged.

Caden turned back to the cashier. "We'll take everything on the menu, thank you," he casually stated.

Both girls froze with disbelief.

"You mean...,"the blonde started.

Caden nodded, playing it off as a normal order of food. "Everything," he confirmed.

Hannah stepped forward with her eyes trained on his, but she spoke to the girl. "I'll have only a hot chocolate."

"No," Caden said sternly, clamping a hand over her unexpected mouth. "We'll take it all." He slid the worker a few large bills before pulling Hannah over to a small table outside the café. He gently set her in a chair before taking a seat opposite of him.

Hannah stared at him, bewildered. "Are you going to tell me what's going on? Or am I just going to sit her confused?"

The boy folded his arms on the table. "Well," he pondered, "maybe I just like to treat my girls right."

Her eyes narrowed slightly.

Caden raised his arms in mock surrender before folding them once again. "I just have a reason to celebrate."

"Care to explain?"

A shy smile appeared on his lips.

The blonde girl from the counter burst outside with trays piled high with food in both hands. She knit her eyebrows together as she concentrated on maintaining balance while she maneuvered through empty tables. Hannah and Caden sprung up in unison to aid the distressed worker. When she was relieved of her burden, she turned to them with a blush. "I'm so sorry! I'm new at this and obviously not very experienced."

Caden waved her off while placing a plate of muffins onto the now crowded tabletop. "It's my fault actually. I bet you don't get many crazy people ordering off the entire menu."

She smiled half-heartedly. "You would be the first." She glanced down at the sea of food. "Are you sure you want all the drinks?"

The boy huffed. "I suppose you can bring her a hot chocolate and for me... a mix of every soda you have."

Hannah chuckled as the worker, looking rather flustered, scurried inside to fulfill his outrageous order. "You know that's going to taste horrible."

I think it will be delicious," he said with a teasing smile.

They both observed their meal lay out before them.

"I've never met a boy quite like you before," she stated thoughtfully.

He ran a hand through his hair. "I suppose I'll take that as a compliment."

Hannah tapped her chin for a minute before smiling sheepishly. "You should, I meant it that way."

*Author's Note* Thank you so much if you took the time to read this! It truly means the world to me. This is just an introduction to how they met. I'll try to post whenever I can. Love you All! Vote! Comment! I appreciate either of them! And sorry for any mistakes, just let me know!
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