The Outcasts

Meet Abbey, Addy, Nina. High School was never smooth sailing for the group of friends. Labelled 'Outcasts' since day one they had everyone picking on them. Weeks away from graduating from hell the girls start facing problems. As if their high school life wasn't torchuring enough coming events will push the girls to breaking point. But will one horrific night at a party change everything? Can the Abbey forgive the past and find love? Life has a funny way of working out.. Slow updates...


7. 7

Chapter 7.

I'm over all this studying. I've been locked in my room for the last 6 hours from the second I walked inside the door until now. Dad left my dinner in my room being careful not to interrupt.

It was up until now I was trying to cram some very last minute things into my brain, I've stopped because Ben has called.

"Abbey what colour is your dress?" He asked as soon as I answered my phone.


"Why couldn't you have gotten like a blue dress or red? Why pink! I don't own a pink tie!"

"We don't have to match you know"

"But we should. What type of pink is it"

"A pale pink, just wear a black tie Ben, I couldn't care less"

"No I care, I want us to match"

"But why this isn't an America Prom"

"No it's not but still. What does it matter if we match anyway?"

"Because if we match then everyone's going to know we came together"


"So, everyone's going to know who you came with"

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Don't act like you don't know, you've heard the things people say about us. Someone like you shouldn't be going to formal with someone like me"

"Abb's I don't care what other people think. It's not like we're a couple or anything. We're just two best friends going to a dance together"

"People are gonna talk and ask questions"

"Let them"

"You know Amy and her clan will probably disown you"

"Like I care" he snorted.

"Your not going to come in a black tie are you?"

"Nope. I gotta go mums making me study some more, I'll see you tomorrow"
"Sure will"

"Night Abbey"

"Night Ben"

The call ended and I fell back onto my bed. I'm so over studying its not funny. I still don't think I should go with Ben to the formal. People are going to tease him and insult me the night would be so much easier if I just went with Zack or Kyle. Nina's going with James. I sighed and put my phone on charge before changing into my pjs and braiding my hair. As I was tying a hair tie around the bottom of the braid my phone started ringing again.

I answered the call without even looking at the caller I.D.


"Just a friendly reminder that it was me who asked you to the formal and it wasn't out of guilt because I asked you years ago and we promised each other"

"Good night Ben" I said hanging up.

The screen lit up again this time I checked the caller, it was Evan. I clicked ignore and climbed in to bed.


The next morning my alarm went off, I rolled out of bed and into the shower. After I shut the water off I changed into my school uniform and applied the usual make up. I decided on walking today because it was such a lovely day and my skin could use the extra vitamin D or whatever it is.

After saying good bye to dad, I turned left and headed for school with my headphones in and music on.

Because we weren't picking Nina and Addy up it only took 10 minutes and I saw the school getting bigger. One more day, then exams then I'm out of here. Never too see any of these jerks again.

I crossed the courtyard but was stopped by a bulky body standing in my way.

"Sorry" I mumbled side-stepping whoever it was and moving on but soon I ran straight back into the same body. I looked up figuring out this person didn't just accidentally stand in my way he as purposely doing it.

"Abbey we need to talk"

"No I don't think we do now move"

"Not until we've talked"

"Move it Evan!"

"If you create a scene I'll have no choose but to..." He stopped looking guilty.

"Have no choice to do what? Tease me? Shout some pathetic insult in my face hoping I'll run off crying? News flash Evan your insults no longer effect me so just let me past" I whispered harshly.

"10 minutes"


"Give me 10 minutes to explain things and I promise to leave you alone"

I paused the song I was listening to and yanked my earphone out and shoved them in my pocket. "Fine" I said. He smiled and pulled me off towards the oval.

"If I'm late for homeroom your sitting my detention"

"Deal" he agreed. We came to a halt behind some tall leafy trees. "No one should find us here" he said proudly.

"Why don't you want the whole school knowing where you are or who your with?"

"Please don't make this difficult"

"I'm not doing anything your doing it all yourself with all the hiding spots and suicide shows"

"I'm sorry about that"

"Tick Tock Tick Tock"

"Do you like me Abbey?"

"Excuse me?"

"I said-"

"I know what you said."


"No, not really"

"Is it because I was such a dick to you?"

"Yes" I said frowning unsure of where this was going.

"Do you hate me?"

"I don't particularly like your existence"

"Yes or no answer"
"Yes, I do hate you"

I saw him cringe but he kept his face focused.

"Evan where's this going? I have places to be"

"I don't want you hating me" he mumbled.

"You should of thought about that before you decided to make my school life miserable"

"How many times do I have to say I'm sorry!"

"As many as you want but one word isn't going to make a difference. Actions speak louder than words." When he stared at me blankly I sighed "hint hint" I added raising an eyebrow.

"I'm going to have to show you I'm sorry?"


"How do I do that?"

"I'm not telling" I said stepping closer.

He swallowed before saying "remember when I saw you in the dressing rooms the other day?"

"Um yes" I said blushing, looking down and taking a step back.

"I wasn't lying"


He ran a hand through his hair and spun around looking annoyed. "When I called you beautiful. I wasn't lying"

I blushed more and almost made a run for it but I promised I'd hear him out. I quickly checked the time and saw we only had a few minutes left. "You have a girlfriend" I pointed out.

"Amy?" He scoffed "She's not my girlfriend"

"Then why did you say she was?"

"To see how'd you react" he smirked stepping closer.

"Your such a jerk!" I screamed shoving him away, I grabbed my bag and stormed off.

"Abbey, Abbey wait!" He yelled jogging to catch up.

"Piss off" I said shrugging him off.

"Abbey stop"
"No! I'm over giving you more and more chances. I'm done Evan. For the very last time leave me alone!" I screamed as I walked off faster towards homeroom. I barged past all the students and even some teachers before reaching the homeroom room. I sat down in my usual chair just as everyone else piled in.

"What's wrong?" Addy asked.

"Lemme guess... Evan?"

I just nodded and pulled out my buzzing phone. It was a text from Evan. 'Im sorry'. I deleted the message and blocked his number.

"Where was Evan this morning, He wasn't with his posey?" Nina asked.

"With me" I answered flatly.

"Why were you with Evan?" Addy asked sitting down.

"He asked to talk to me. I gave him 10 minutes to explain himself but he just made it worse"

"How so?" They both asked.

I spent the whole of homeroom explaining what happened.

By the time the bell rang at the end of the day both girls had come to the conclusion that he was actually trying to fix things and I was just overreacting. Which then made me ask the question if they actually liked Evan. They said they still hated his guts but said I should give him another chance. Fancy that.

So now I'm here waiting for my dad to pick us up.

"Abbey!" Someone yelled.

"I swear to god if its Evan I'm going to run home"

"Might wanna put some runners on and start stretching" Nina said nodding her head behind me.

I turned around and saw Evan pushing past his friends and getting closer to us. Panic settled in so I turned back around and faced Nina and Addy who looked pretty amused. I grabbed both their hands and started walking off out of school grounds.

"What are you doing?" Addy asked turning around to see if Evan was still following us.

"Walking home"

"What about your dad?"

"He'll probably see us. Hurry up!"

"Ah shit. I hope your both happy"

"Very" they said proudly. Moving behind me as Evan finally caught up.

"Abbey please-"

"She'd be happy to give you another chance" said Nina cutting him off. I sent her a deadly look and turned back to face Evan.

"I wasn't asking that but cool" he said smiling. It seemed as though he relaxed a little.

"What did you come here for?"

"To ask you something, but I'd rather not do it in front of them"

"They're staying"

"Fine, I came to ask you out on another date. You told me I had to show you I was sorry. So come on this date"





"I'll call you"

"Right. Ok"

"Bye Abbey"

I just rolled my eyes at him and continued walking.

"Wait" he said running up to me and spinning me round.

"What now!"

He leant down and pressed his lips into mine. He pulled me in closer and I melted into his body, all sense of hating him just vanished, that was until someone rudely cleared there throat and I pulled away blushing, while Evan looked mighty proud.

"Wow" was all he said.

"Abbey as much as I love seeing you finally make out with a guy I'd rather be home. Lets go"

"Bye Evan" I mumbled scurrying away.


No offense to anyone who likes soccer or who plays it but in the game I'm currently watching its obvious that they're a bunch of wuss's.

I've been somewhat creative about the song for this chapter. Instead of picking the first song that comes to mind I've actually decided on Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me'. Because I feel that to me it describes Evan's feelings. SPOILER!!!!

Well this is a romance so you know... It was gonna happen.

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