The Outcasts

Meet Abbey, Addy, Nina. High School was never smooth sailing for the group of friends. Labelled 'Outcasts' since day one they had everyone picking on them. Weeks away from graduating from hell the girls start facing problems. As if their high school life wasn't torchuring enough coming events will push the girls to breaking point. But will one horrific night at a party change everything? Can the Abbey forgive the past and find love? Life has a funny way of working out.. Slow updates...


5. 5

A week has passed since I went on that intriguing date with Evan. Since then I haven't spoken too him, haven't looked at him, I haven't even spoke about him. I'm use to being treated like dirt, use to being bullied but I'm not use to being played with. He actually made me think he was a semi-decant guy who could do with a major personality change. To be fair, he still can. For the first days he tried talking to me but I just turned around and walked the other way. I'm certain he's given up because I haven't heard from him for a while now.

Things have gone back to normal, I sit with Nina and Addy on the outskirts of the oval watching as Evan and his mates play footy or make out with the other popular girls.

With the final exams coming up I've been busy preparing cheat sheets, cramming in last minute facts and figures, I haven't even been looking for a formal dress. The formal is the night after the last exam.

Tonight I'm going over to Ben's house to help him with his English preparation. I still haven't got my license yet so I'm still stuck with dad in the passengers seat while I clock up the final couple of hours.

"I'll be here at 10" he said as I got out the car.

"Ok, see ya" I waved shutting the door and walking up to Bens front door. I looked three times and waited for someone to let me in. Dad drove away and a cold gust of wind blew my hair over my eyes making me blind. I tugged at the bottom of my hoodie sleeves trying to save some body heat. For spring it certainly is cold.

"Abbey! What a surprise seeing you here, It feels like years since you've been here" gushed Bens Mum.

"It hasn't been that long, only a couple of weeks" I said correcting her.

"Oh well, I'm guessing your here for Ben?"

"Sure am"

"He's in his room, do you remember where that is?" She said chuckled at her own joke.

"Yeah I think so" I said smiling. She moved out the way opening the door further and let me in. I went straight to the stairs and climbed up them, I took a right and walked straight into bens room.

He was busy playing some distracting video game. I cleared my throat but he either didn't hear or was ignoring me.

"I wouldn't try and get him away from there, I've been trying for hours" sighed his mum. "Ben Abbeys here" she said slapping him over the head and turning the television off, causing Ben to jump up and start yelling at his Mum. She pointed to me and he spun around and relaxed.

"Hey Abb's"


"Please actually do some revision Benjamin" she begged while I giggled at his full name.

"I will" he promised.

His mum walked out and I took a seat in his bed and waited for him to get out his books.

"Did you even bring your books home?" I asked once a couple of minutes of silence passed.

"No, I didn't actually think you'd come"

"Why wouldn't I come?"

"I don't know" he shrugged.

"Well I guess we're not studying tonight"

A wide smile stretched across his face as he slowly got up and shut his door and turned the Telly back on.


About two hours after playing countless Mario cart races there was a knock at his door.

"COME IN" he hollered.

The door creaked open but we didn't take our eyes off the screen.

"GO GO GO!" I screamed pressing harder onto the buttons to try and go faster. Ben and I were neck and neck and I wasn't going to loose, again.

I ran into one of the floating boxes and waited very impatiently for it to reveal my weapon.

"Come on come on come on" I chanted trying to get it to hurry up. Finally! I shot my red shell at Ben who was a meter or so in front of me and hit him. I flew past him and crossed the line first. "YEAH! I WIN!" I shouted jumping up and throwing my arms in the air.

"Rematch" was all Ben said.

"What's the time?" I asked.


I froze. I knew that voice. I turned around and saw Evan standing there looking amused. I stood staring at him not impressed about his surprise visit at all.

"Oh hey Evan" was all Ben said.


"What's he doing here" I spat already collecting my jumper and phone.

"Where are you going?" Questioned Ben.

"Home, I'd rather not be near him"

"But your dad isn't going to be here for another 30 minutes"

"I'll walk"

"Not at this time of night" said Ben.

"Your not my dad"

"I don't care I'm not letting you leave. Just wait until your dad gets here"

"No thanks" I said declining his offer. I opened the door and went to exit the room when someone slammed it shut.

"Move" I spat at Evan.




"MOVE EVAN" I screamed.

"NO" he yelled back at me.

"GUYS" Ben said standing between us.

"What!" We said at the same time.

"Quit shouting"

"Let me go home"

"No Abbey your staying here until your dad gets here"

"Then kick him out" I said nodding my head towards Evan.

"No! Both of you will just need to act civilized for a couple more minutes"

"This is outrageous" I mumbled sitting on bens desk chair which was as far away from Evan as the room would allow.

The next 30 minutes of my life were the most horrible minutes ever. Why did I have to come here tonight? Why am I such a pushover? I need to learn to stick up for myself. I watched in silence as Ben whooped Evans ass in Mario cart. Karma, I thought. It might not be the best or most efficient or strongest form of karma but it made me feel a little less angry knowing he wasn't getting his way for once.

When 10:00 rolled around I was more then ready to leave. I said good bye to Ben and his mum and completely ignored Evan when he tried saying good bye to me.

"What was he doing there?" Asked dad.

"He decided to visit Ben at the same time as me"

"Did anything happen?"

"Nothing I couldn't handle"

We drove home in silence from there and when I got home I showered and changed into my pajamas. I snuggled into my covers and counted the days left of my high school life.

5. 5 days left and I leave that hell hole. 5 days until I never have to see Evan again. 5 days until I'm free.


I woke up the next morning pretty late, I dragged my feet into the kitchen and saw note left next to a stack of pancakes.

'I have to attend a meeting until tomorrow afternoon. Make sure you study and if you want Nina and Addy can come over. Love you'

Great. Dads away all weekend and I'm home alone. Well if this isn't a recipe for disaster I don't know what is.

I attempted to eat all the pancakes but I ended up leaving at least 4. I got changed into a pair of light washed mini shorts which were frayed at the bottom and a grey and navy blue baseball shirt. I pulled my long red hair into a messy pony tail and fished my black converses out of my messy wardrobe. I added the usual eye liner and mascara and then called Nina.

"Good Morning!" She chirped

"Morning,are you busy today?"




"My dads gone out of town for a meeting and I'm home alone"

"I'll be over in an hour" she said hanging up.

Well that was easy.
I called Addy next but she couldn't come over. Her parents had her on house arrest until after her last exam. I was tempted to call Ben and see if he wanted to come over but he's probably with his best mate Evan.

I grabbed my phone and put it in my pocket and grabbed my keys before locking the front door and heading towards the milk bar. If we're going to have a girls night we're going to need lots of ice cream and movies.


40 minutes later I arrived back home with a stack of movies and a bag full of ice cream. I let myself in and started unpacking the bags and setting up for tonight. I pulled out two single mattresses and covered them in fresh sheets and blankets.

The doorbell rang so I went to open the door for Nina but she just let herself in. After helping herself to some lunch and helping me finish off making the beds the phone rang

"Hello Abbey speaking" I said and Nina laughed.

"Hey it's just me"

"Hi, how's the meeting?"



"No, they're so boring. I'd much rather be at home relaxing instead of stressing over work"


"Are you alone or did you invite the girls over?"

"It's just Nina and I"

"What about Addy?"

"She's on house arrest until exams are over"

"That reminds me have you studied?"

"I'll get round to it"

"Abbey" he warned.

"I will!"



"Alright well I have to go, I'll call later"
"Okay, see ya dad"

"Bye Bud"

Then he hung up. I put the phone away and joined Nina who had already started watching the first Pirates Of The Caribbean.

"Johnny Depp is so hot" she said not taking her eyes off the screen.

"So is Orlando Bloom"

"Yeah but the name Orlando Bloom is so gay"

"Johnny Depp isn't the best name either"

"It's better then Orlando Bloom"

After we watched all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies we skyped Addy who was bored out of her brains and sick of seeing so many numbers.

"Sneak out" suggested Nina.

"No! Do you know how much trouble I'd get in"

"Don't listen to her she's just jealous that we'll pass year 12 and she'll be left behind" I joked earning myself a slap from Nina.

"For your information ill pass with flying colors"

"Time will tell" I said.

"Wanna bet?"


"If I get better grades then you, you have to ask Evan out on another date and apologize for being such a bitch to him"

"And If I get better grades?"

"I'll do the same"

"Your on" I said holding out my hand,

"Nope. We have to spit shake. To make it officially official"

"Ew. That's gross Nina" said Addy.

I spat into my hand and held it out again and Nina did the same.

"May the smartest outcast win" she smiled.


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