The Outcasts

Meet Abbey, Addy, Nina. High School was never smooth sailing for the group of friends. Labelled 'Outcasts' since day one they had everyone picking on them. Weeks away from graduating from hell the girls start facing problems. As if their high school life wasn't torchuring enough coming events will push the girls to breaking point. But will one horrific night at a party change everything? Can the Abbey forgive the past and find love? Life has a funny way of working out.. Slow updates...


4. 4

Chapter 4.

Monday. Came and went

Tuesday came and went.

Wednesday came and went.

Now it's Thursday. Evan had stayed away and I'm guessing it's due to what happened on Saturday night at the party. I myself am still shocked and confused. It just didn't make any sense.

I'm sitting in Art unsure of what to paint.

A rainbow? But I'm not feeling happy... I'm feeling conflicted.

I glanced over at Evan, he had his head down and it was bobbing to the unknown beat from his earphones. All week it's been bugging me, I haven't said anything to Nina or Addy. I think they're suspicious because I keep getting lost in thought like now...

I for some stupid reason kept my eyes on Evan. His scruffy brown hair fell in front of his bright hypnotizing eyes. He was drawing. His hand was scribbling different shapes and lines all over the paper. He paused what he was doing and looked up, I quickly looked down feeling my cheeks flush red with embarrassment. I tried to make it look like I was busy but in all honesty I was just drawing random things. A sun in the corner of the page, a tree to the left, a house.... Once I felt like he wasn't look anymore I looked up and noticed he wasn't in his spot anymore.

"Looking for someone?"

I spun around in my seat and saw Evan standing behind me sharpening his pencil and collecting some coloured ones.

"Um no, who would I be looking for?" I said quickly turning back around to try and think of something else to paint. I already had a few sketches, paintings and photographs but I needed one last piece for my folio.

"I dunno. What you working on?"

"Nothing actually"

He didn't say anything so I assumed he left but when I looked up he wasn't at his seat.

"Don't forget our date"

I quickly spun around to see him smiling at me. Ah yes this date.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course"



"Why are you doing this? Is it a dare? To bring me down further? To make people hate me more? Oh I know your going to get me to go then your not gonna show up and start spreading rumors about me. Is that it Evan?"

"No, not at all. I want to take you out"

"I don't believe you"

"Then don't. But i'll be at the cinema at 7:20 tomorrow night whether you are or not."

"I don't trust you"

"Well we'll see how you feel in 28 hours ok?" he picked up all his pencils and walked back to his desk.

He was grinding on my last nerve. I didn't know what to think of him now. All these years of him being a complete dick to me and the last few days he's acting like a friend.

And I say acting because it all could be an illusion.

The bell rang and I hadn't Done anything all lesson, in an hour and a half I didn't do anything excluding those pointless scribbles from when I was trying to look busy.

I packed up my things and walked casually out the door.

I got to my locker and grabbed my already packed bag I was going shopping for something to wear tomorrow night. If Evan stood me up I was gonna do something with my Friday night for once.

I caught the bus straight to the closest shopping center and decided on making this a quick visit. I rushed into Cotton On and started browsing the racks.

* *

"Dad I'm going out tonight" I yelled from my room concentrating on perfecting my eyeliner.

"Ok" was all he said. I guess he's busy too.

I pulled away from the mirror and took quick look at my reflection. Good enough. I added some mascara and walked away from the bathroom mirror. I skipped back to my room and replaced my black leggings with black skinny jeans and my grey shirt with a pale pink sweater which had the words 'Ooh La La' written on it in a curly font.

I slipped on a pair of plain black ballet flats on my feeds and grabbed some money and my phone before slipping out the front door avoiding Dad. I didn't want any questions asked because I wasn't prepared to answer them.

* *

I arrived at the movie theater and scanned everyone. I felt my heart sink only slightly when I didn't notice Evan where we said we'd meet at the candy bar. But in all honesty I didn't expect him to show.

I brought a medium popcorn and coke and took off to cinema 3. I gave the worker my ticket and turned left and arrived at the theater.

After ten minutes of pointless previews I finally sunk into my seat and got comfy. The movie started but I saw someone sit down next to me.

"Sorry I'm late" he panted.

My eyes widened and I turned in my seat. "You came?" I whispered.

"I said I was coming didn't I?"

"I never thought you'd actually come"

"Well I did. Now let's enjoy the movie"

* *

"Did you like it?" I asked casually as the credits started rolling and everyone started walking out.

"Yeah it was good"

"Well I'm going. See ya" i got up but I was pulled back down straight away.

"We're not done yet"

"The movies done I think we are"

"Dinner? I'll pay?"

I raised an eyebrow at him. This isn't the Evan Crawford I know. "No thanks" I try and get up again but again I'm yanked down. "What now?"

"You agreed to a date"

"I agreed to a movie"

"No I remember you agreeing to a date. This isn't over until I drop you home"

"Evan" I draw out in frustration. "This isn't fair"

"You can whine all you want but it isn't gonna change anything, now come on the bookings for 9"

"I hate you" I mumble as he drags me off. He just chuckles and pulls me along.

We arrive at a normal Italian Restaurant and Evan and I are lead to a table away from everyone near a window. Evan ordered garlic bread to start and I tried to get him to let me pay for myself but he wouldn't allow it.

"So tell me about yourself"

"Excuse me"

"Well I'm going to be stuck here with you for an hour or so might as well get to know the girl I've been teasing all these years"

"Your the one who dragged me here! Your so full of it Evan!" I half yelled.

"Chill Abbey I was kidding."

"Your extremely annoying did you know that"

"I've been told. I've also been told I'm a bastard, a dick, a jerk... Shall I go on?"

"Well if the shoe fits..."


I poked my tongue out at him just as my spaghetti bolognese arrived and his homemade Italian pizza. We ate in silence and finally once we'd finished we we're able to leave.

We walked out in a comfortable silence until we reached his... Motor bike..

"I'm walking"

"Your gonna walk at 10 o'clock on a Friday night?"

"Much prefer to walk then get on that death trap"

"It's not that bad, give it a chance"


"Has anyone told you how stubborn you are?"

"Nope, bye Evan" I waved taking off down the road.

"ABBEY! Oh my god, just get on the bike. I'm not letting you walk home at this time"

"What's gonna happen to me"

He gave me a knowing look and tried grabbing my hand for the third time tonight to pull me onto the bike. But I took a step back narrowing my eyes at him.



"I'm not letting you walk"

"So you've told me"

He rolled his eyes and tried pulling me closer again.

"You can try all you like Evan but I'm not getting on that bike"

"Just this once and it'll never happen again"

I arched my eyebrow again. "Of course it won't because this is a one time thing. Right Evan"

No answer.

"Evan... I'm hoping you didn't think I'd agree to this again, but you'd be wrong. So wrong"

"Well..." he dragged out.

"We hate each other remember. Or has someone screwed up that brain of yours?"

"I was hoping we could start over... And be friends"

"Your kidding me right?"

"Never been so serious. It wasn't until I saw on the news that a teenage girl our age committed suicide from being bullied that it hit me. I've been bullying you all these years and what if one day I say something or do something that tips you over the edge?"

"So this is to make sure I don't kill myself so you don't have to live with the guilt?"

"What? No!! I want to fix whatever this is" he says circling the air.

"Well this" I start mimicking his actions "Is years worth of suffering so if you think one lousy date will fix that then your delirious buddy" I turn around and start walking home. Like I said one date isn't gonna fix this.

"Abbey wait" he says grabbing my wrist firmly and spinning me around.

"Please just leave me alone for god sakes Evan!"

"No! Do you know how much I'm putting on the line to do this!? Do you not understand!? I could ruin my reputation if this goes wrong."

"I see how it is. Well if this is such a burden then why don't you not bother and just forget me."

"Abbey I didn't mean-"

"Save it. I knew this wasn't real. Good luck with everything Evan" I spat storming off towards my house.

Half way home I ran my fingers through my hair and let out an annoyed sigh. I knew from the very beginning that this was a bad idea. No one can change like that it was all an act. Well never again will I fall for that trap. But that still doesn't answer why he kissed me at the party. Confusing ....

Well good bye Evan. Good luck with life.


Sorry for any mistakes. I can't be bothered proof reading...

I love feedback! So if you have any suggestions on how I can make this better please tell me!

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