The Outcasts

Meet Abbey, Addy, Nina. High School was never smooth sailing for the group of friends. Labelled 'Outcasts' since day one they had everyone picking on them. Weeks away from graduating from hell the girls start facing problems. As if their high school life wasn't torchuring enough coming events will push the girls to breaking point. But will one horrific night at a party change everything? Can the Abbey forgive the past and find love? Life has a funny way of working out.. Slow updates...


3. 3

Chapter Three.

After lunch I had English. So I grabbed my books and hurried inside trying to avoid anyone. Well not just anyone... Him.

But, it being a Monday and all luck wasn't on my side for long because while keeping my head down I ran into someone.

Someone muscly, and tall because I ran straight into their chest.

"Oi watch where your- Hello Abbey" he sneered.

"Sup Evan how's it going?"

"Great. Have a nice lunch?"

"It was wonderful thanks for asking. How was yours?"

"It was good."

Awkward silence.

"Have you got a date to the formal?"

My eyebrows knotted together and I pulled a very confused face "What's it to you?"

He held his hands up in defense "Woah, I was just asking... But I'm taking that as a no" he smirked.

"If it's really that important to you I actually do have a date" I stated matter-of-factly.

"Oh yeah. Who is it? That emo kid Kyle? Or is it that fail of a footballer James? Or that other kid... What's his name....-"


"Yeah him."

"I'm actually going with Ben"

He laughed. Not like an evil wicked laugh or a sarcastic chuckle, an actual heartfelt laugh that came from inside. "But Ben's cool and your.... Well you"

I gave him a look showing him he wasn't helping his situation. "What's that suppose to mean?"

"It's meant to mean that your weird and he's Cool. End of. He's probably only going with you out of pity. Poor guy. Well I have to get to Maths. nice chatting to you Abbey"

I scoffed and didn't bid him farewell I turned on my heel and stormed off fuming. How dare he say that. Well isn't today getting better and better...

* *

"I'm throwing a party on saturday night you in?" asked Ben laying upside down on my bed.

"Who's coming?"


"I don't particularly like your friends... Maybe not"

"Aw come on Ab's! It's the last party of the year before exams start. You HAVE to come. As your best friend I'm gonna make you go, for your own benefit."

"Gee thanks Ben. What would I do with out you" I said sarcasm dripping from every word and I added an eye roll... For extra effects.

"I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that."

"So seeings as I'm being forced to this party against my will are you gonna provide protection from Evan and his gang?"

"Abbey it's a party he's not going to do anything, if you just gave him a chance..."

"Have you lost your mind? Or are you just completely stupid and oblivious? Because Evan hasn't exactly hid the fact he hates me! You of all people should know" I mumbled.

"Abbey he's not that bad"

I didn't respond instead I just gave him a look to explain I wasn't believing him. "Maybe I won't come to this party"

"Oh come on Abbey don't be like that. Look I'm sorry it's just-"

"If you try to tell me Evans not that bad one more time I'm going to inflict some serious pain on you my friend"

"You can't hurt- OW! WHAT THE SHIT ABBEY!"

"I warned you"

* *

The rest of the week passed so slow it was like torture. Like someone was slowly Slicing a blunt knife across my bare skin. And Evan didn't make it any less painful.

Tuesday he decided it would be funny to play a little prank on me.

Wednesday he teased us again.

Thursday was probably the best day because he was off on an excursion.

And Friday was well down right horrible.

Maybe tonight will be different...

Lol jokes. Tonight will be the worst out of all of them.

I made a mental note NOT to get wasted as it would only give Evan an easier target. I'd convinced Addy and Nina to tag along because I was sure I couldn't take him on if he did try something.

Man I sound paranoid.

Maybe that's because you are?

Am not!

Are to!

Great now I'm fighting with my inner thoughts. The ones who are suppose to help me!

I shook my head to clear it and pulled out another shirt. I poked my tongue out in disgust and shoved it back into the draw I found it in. I then found another top and inspected it.

It'll do. I threw off the shirt I was wearing and pulled the royal blue open back blouse over my head. I found my sparkly sequined mini short and pulled them on while tucking in the blouse.

I added some product to my hair to give it shape and volume before tracing the brims of my hazel eyes with black eye liner. I applied mascara and some blush before putting on my lipgloss. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I approved. I grabbed a black clutch bag and my black heels before meeting dad inside his car.

"Do I need to go over the rules and precautions?"

"Only if it calms you"

"You can drink but don't get smashed, don't hook up with someone you dont know please for the love of god don't take any drugs and remember I'm always available to pick you up if you ever need it"

"You done?"

"Almost, have a great time and don't let that Evan kid bug you."

"He won't dad."

Silence took over and as we grew closer to Ben's house I got more and more nervous. I kept checking my apparence in the mirror.

"Bud you look fine. You look beautiful. Like your mother"


"Here we are."

"See ya dad"

"Bye bud. See you tomorrow some time" I laughed at the last part before climbing out of the car. I'd gotten Him to drop me off a block away because I still didn't have my full license so I can't drive around... Embarrassing I know.

I waved one last time as he drove off. I sucked a deep breath in and entered the house.

The first thing I saw was two people I didn't know making out a meter or so away from the front entrance. They were attacking each other and making a horrendous amount of noise. I don't want to hear their groans and moans. A sick feeling in the pit of my stomach caused me to move past them quickly and into the heart of the party.

People were dancing... If you can call grinding on each other dancing. Some were chatting away, others were drinking happily, but most people were dancing.

I soon spotted Addy and Nina, they waved and I made my way over narrowly avoiding someone spilling their drink.

"I swear to god if Evan tries something I'm gonna loose it. This party is sick I don't wanna have to deal with him" just as Nina said that guess who walked in causing everyone to turn and stare. Way to make an entrance I thought.

I caught his gaze and I felt his eyes move over my body making me feel extremely self conscious. He noticed I was looking and sent a flirty wink towards me and gave me his famous arrogant smirk as if saying "You can't resist me".

Oh but I can Evan Crawford.

I returned the smirk and turned around before anyone else could catch on.

"Let's dance!" squealed Addy dragging us to the center of the room. Nina was wearing a guns and roses shirt that exposed some of her stomach revealing her bellybutton piercing and black leather leggings. Addy was in a tight dark purple mini dress.

* *

My head was spinning and I felt amazing. I may have broken rule number one... Don't get smashed. I thought I'd only had two... But then people just kept offering me more.

And now here I am walking around almost falling over. My vision was blurred and I'd already had full conversations with a lamp and the fridge. Let's just say I'm an amusing drunk.

But what happened next caught me off guard.

I was heading for some fresh air in a hope to clear my head and maybe sober up so I at least could think right, but a pair of large strong hands stopped me as I opened the door. The cool night air filled my lungs and I instantly felt better but not better enough. They lead me upstairs and into the spare room, whoever it was kicked the current occupants out and locked the door after us. I stood confused and dumbfounded.

I was offered a glass of water and I downed it right away. But then I started worrying I wasn't in a state to look after myself what if this wasn't just water...

"Abbey" his voice rang through my ears like a bullhorn.

I blinked trying to fix my dodgy vision.

I felt him drag me forward and lay me on the bed.

"Abbey how many drinks did you have?"

"Three... No wait five? I don't know, people kept giving me some so I drank em!" I giggled at nothing.

"Can you ever look after yourself"

I sat upright and frowned at the non-recognizable person. "Who are you?"

He laughed. "I'm glad your this wasted coz if you knew who I was you certainly wouldn't be just sitting here like you are"

"Whoever you are then.. How about I call you Fred. So Fred what are you planning to do with me?"

"Nothing... Make sure you don't do anything you'll regret"

"Sounds legit" I slurred nodding my head. "Do you like leprechauns?"

"Excuse me?"

"Leprechauns. The little Irish guy with all the luck in the world"

"I know what they are"

"Well do you like them"

"I don't know I've never met one"

My eyes widened with surprise for what I'm not too sure but I motioned him in closer. "Wanna know a secret?" I whispered.

"Sure" he said unsurely.

"I've met a leprechaun before" I pulled away nodding like it was the biggest secret ever.

"That's impossible"

"Is not! He gave me a lucky coin. You can't see it though because it's mine"

"Ah ok..."

I laid back down and shut my eyes. I could feel him staring at me but I didn't care. I felt the bed dip and soon I was laying on a rock hard chest.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked up at the familiar face. I pulled my usual thinking face to try and remember who this guy was.

I sat up and watched as his crystal blue eyes stared cautiously at me. He watched my every move.

"Speak" I commanded.


My eyes shot wide and I stumbled off the bed. "W-Why? W-What did you do to me." I moved back as far as I could until I was cornered.

"I didn't do anything."

"Bullshit. You would of done something."

"Abbey calm down"

"Stay away from me!" I half yelled holding out my hand to stop him.

"Abbey please don't do this"

"Why not! I have every right under the sun to be scared of you. Do you know what you've done to me?"

"I'm sorry"

"A simple sorry won't fix years of pain Evan"

"What do I do! I want to try and fix this"

"No Evan! You've chosen your path. Just leave me and my friends alone. Now let me out!"



"Not until you accept my apology"

"Never! MOVE!!"

He took a final step forward and smashed his lips onto mine. I felt my body relax as he held me close. Then I realized what I was doing.

So I slapped him.

He pulled away and took a step back rubbing the now visible red mark on his cheek.

"Fuck you" I said stormed out.

He spends years bullying me. Teasing me. Now he just goes and kisses me.

What the shit.

Talk about mix fucking messages.

I stumbled outside into Ben's backyard and sat on the grass. I didn't know I was crying until I felt a tear on my hand. I looked up at the stars and sighed.

Of all people it had to be him. Evan Crawford.

I was so confused. You can't just hate someone all these years than kiss them. I knew I wasn't drunk anymore, sure there was still a fair amount of alcohol in my system but I could think straight I knew THAT wasn't a figment of my imagination. It happened, and it's confusing the shit outta me.

I picked myself up and called my dad to come pick me up. While I walked through the house again avoiding the other people and said good bye to Addy and Nina and made my way out the front.

"Where you going?"

"Home" I said bluntly.


"Because I don't want to be here"

"Do I have anything to do with this?"

I kept silent.


"No I'm sick of this. You can't just do what you've done to me all these years then kiss me!?"


"Your such a dick Evan. Just leave me alone" I snapped moving forward to the curb.

"Don't be like this" he said in a husky voice.

"Piss off"


"Why can't you just leave me alone!?"

"Because I just can't"

"Well do it"

He wrapped his arms around my waist and it shocked me. I tried to wiggle free but he wouldn't let me. "Admit it"

"Admit what?"

"You like me" his voice sent shivers down my spine.

"I couldn't despise someone else more"


"The truth hurts buddy, now let me go"

"Not until you admit it"

"I could never like you"

"I'll change that"

"Will not. But seriously Evan let me go. Now. Look my dads coming. Let. Me. Go"

"Let me take you out"

"excuse me?"

"Let me take you out on a date"

"You can't be serious"

"oh look daddy's inching closer. How would he like it if his precious angel daughter was with the player"

"Fine. Ok one date. Now let me go"


"I promise"

He kissed the back of my neck and let me go just in time as my dad arrived.

When I turned around he was gone. I shrugged and climbed into the car.

When I got home I Changed into my pjs and went straight to sleep.

I'm so gonna regret this.


So as I'm still new to this I'll just post my chapters as I post them on wattpad....
I don't really have much to say....

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