The Outcasts

Meet Abbey, Addy, Nina. High School was never smooth sailing for the group of friends. Labelled 'Outcasts' since day one they had everyone picking on them. Weeks away from graduating from hell the girls start facing problems. As if their high school life wasn't torchuring enough coming events will push the girls to breaking point. But will one horrific night at a party change everything? Can the Abbey forgive the past and find love? Life has a funny way of working out.. Slow updates...


1. 1

Chapter 1.

All that could be heard was the soft trickling sound of the summer rain falling against the kitchen window. I sat at the wooden table and watched as two little raindrops raced from the top to the bottom.

Then my Dad scrucnhed up a page of the Sunday Newspaper. I sighed deeply and watched as the rain slowly came to a soft drizzle. I don't mind the rain it's just I hate being bored. Usually I'd have a book to read or music to listen to but the power was out so they weren't possible.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't an only child, even if it was a little brother who I'd usually fight and argue with exept in these times where we'd get along. But I don't. It's just me and Dad.

"Why don't you go visit Adelaide?"

"She's visiting her grandma for the weekend"

"How about Nina?"


"Don't you have work?"

"Not until tomorrow"


Silence. I'm not a fan on silence. It's creepy. It can be suffocating at times. Especially when it's an awkward silence or after a fight. I tend to avoid it as much as I can.

"You finish school soon, do you have any last minute studying you need to do before exams?"

"Nope" I'm such a conversation stopper. Maybe it's just this generation but not many people can keep a proper conversation going and much to my annoyance I'm one of them. Sure some girls can keep a conversation going as long as its about make up, boys or clothes. Or boys about sports, girls or the latest video game to come out. But no one these days can uphold a meaningful conversation.

"Is everything ok bud?"

"Yeah why wouldn't it be?"

"Lately you just seem so distant"

"I'm fine, just... Scared"



"There's nothing to be scared of Bud. Once you graduate from high school you can go to university, travel or go straight into the working world. The choice is yours. Do what feels right to you." He said finally lighting the fire in the fire place and joining me at the table.

"I know but it's just coming so fast"

"I know but I'll be here for you, Adelaide, Nina and Ben will be too"

"Nina's going off to some uni, Adelaide's got a dancing scholarship to the Victorian College of the Arts, Ben's traveling and then there's me."

"What's wrong with you?"

"I haven't been accepted into any uni's yet and times a ticking"

"It'll come, they can't deny a student like you, I have a work meeting soon, I'll be back late. Get take out or something if you want." He said kissing the top of my head

"See ya" I replied after him.

I watched as the sun finally came through the clouds. I looked across our small backyard and saw a Mumma bird taking care of her new baby. The Mum was being so careful not to hurt the tiny ball of fluff not yet even feathers. My Mum died six years ago of breast cancer. By the time she found out it was too late, all the doctors could do was try and make her live as long as possible. When she passed it affected everyone. Dad and I moved out to a small town in Melbourne. Leaving behind all family. It took us a long time to get back to normality, sometimes it still gets to us.

I got up from the table and made my way to my bedroom down the hall. I opened up the curtains to let some of the sunlight in and grabbed my phone. I scrolled through my contacts until I reached Ben's number. After pressing call I held the phone to my ear and waited for him to answer. Now that it wasn't raining I might actually be able to go outside and do something.

"Hey Abb's"

"Is it necessary to shorten my already shortened name?"

"I could call you Abigail if you want..."

"Abb's is fine."

"Thought so, so what's up?"

"It's stopped raining"

"Yeah I know took its time didn't it"

"Yeah so you wanna do something. I don't like being cooped up inside all day"

"Yeah sure what'd ya have in mind?"


"Can I bring Evan?"

"What's Evan doing there"

"Can't I hang with my other friends"

"Evan isn't the friendliest of your friends. How are you even friends with him?"

"Coz I grew up with him. If you just gave him a chance-"

"I gave him a a chance ten years ago, he slammed my finger a door. And again when I was ten he played that prank on me where I ended up covered in feather and honey and remember-"

"I get it Abb's"

"Well I'm sorry but I don't like Evan. And it's not just because he was mean to me he's a player."

"You like to hold a grudge don't you"

"So that's a no to the movies?"

"I'm not kicking him out just so I can see a movie. We had this planned earlier. Sorry Abbey"

"It's fine. I'll go by myself"

"What about Addy or Nina?"

"Their busy. See ya Ben"

"Bye Abb's"

I ended the call and heard as my Dad left for his meeting. Greet now I was officially alone. I changed from my skinny jeans into a pair of grey trigger trackies. I tied my red hair into a messy bun and removed any last traces of this morning make up from my face.

There's me: Abigail Thomas aka Abbey or Abb's. I have naturally red hair and freckles across my nose and cheeks. My pale skin makes me a total ginger something I use to be proud of until one boy *cough* Evan Crawford *cough* came and told me it was something I should hate not love. Evan is the reason I'm the shy, reversed, self conscious girl I am today. I'm 18 and about to finish year 12. I'll be taking my VCE exams in English (compulsory), Maths, History, Literature and art. I don't know what I want to be. I'm thinking an Author. I love to write, but it's a risky move. I've applied for a few writing courses in uni but I'm yet to be accepted.

Then there's my best friends: Nina Smith and Adelaide Hart. Nina has light purple hair and a nose piercing, when Dad first met her she wasn't like that, it happened over a summer a few years back when her long term boyfriend cheated on her and embarrassed her in front of everyone. She wears her band t-shirts, skinny jeans and converses everywhere. Her dark chocolate eyes are lined with thick black eye liner. She may look weird but she's normal. She worships All Time Low and blink 182. She's also extremely sarcastic, it can be really annoying but most the times it great when the popular kids tease us. Then there's Adelaide, who has hair just past her shoulders and its dip dyed pink. She also like her eye liner but not as much as Nina. Her brown eyes are lighter then Nina's but still dark. She has pale skin. Adelaide or Addy loves to dance and to ride her horse. Addy and I adore Nina Nesbitt and Ellie Goulding something we both share common.

You know that small group of kids in high school that look weird and aren't copies of everyone else? That's us. We're the Outcasts.


Welcome to The Outcasts!! I'm very new at this, I usually post my stuff on wattpad but I heard that a writer on here got her story published? So I'm like why not check it out? So here I am!

Abbey, Addy and Nina are those kids at school that get teased for being that little bit unique.

Hope you enjoy reading!! :))
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