Ignite [One Direction Love Story]

A lucky girl named Ellie wins a trip to NYC to meet One Direction. But what happens afterwards will stay with her for the rest of her life.


7. Chapter 7


--Ellie’s Point Of View—

  I swallowed. An interview? Like my beautiful boys, interviewing me? Oh the questions they might ask…. I might just throw up. But suddenly my phone went off;

  “I want you to hit the pedal, heavy metal, show me you care! Rock me, rock me, rock me yeah!”

I paled as they all looked at me, surprised. Oops, I forgot to change my ringtone to something more… appropriate. Out of nervousness I suddenly I blurted out, “It went off in a dead silent classroom once. Mostawkardthingevertohappen.” I said, my voice getting really fast at the end.

   They all burst out into laughter again. I picked up my phone, and it was Mariah. I quickly called her back, as they continued laughing. “ELLIE WHERE IS LIAM!” She screeched through the receiver.  I cringed, realized answering wasn’t the best decision.  

“Uhh Riah… we’re…. uh……..”


“GP calm down, kay? Are you in New York yet?”


I couldn’t help but laugh.


Well, she was pissed. I mean she used my full name and everything. Damn, girl. By now all the boys were listening to the conversation, the speaker on by now. They all raised their eyebrows at my name. I blinked at them as she continued on with profanities.

  “Love, you’re on speaker with One Direction.” Louis said, as she took a breath.

  Silence. So much silence on the other line, I thought she had hung up. Or was dead, either one.

  Suddenly a small voice, “Liam?” It asked. I looked up at his muddled expression. “Yes, babe?”  He responded, and I covered my ears a bit as she screamed. Liam winced, but smiled. 

  “Riah, pleassseee come down. Deep breaths babe, deep breaths.”  I said, and heard the hugs chuckle a little tensely.

  “Shes always like this!” I mouthed to them. They all nodded, and I think I even heard Louis mumble something about fangirls…

   And my little Ginger Princess did take quite a few deep breaths. I smiled. I nodded to Liam to say something.

   “Riah? Is that your name?” He asked, his accent I knew was torturing her. She made a small little strangled giggle, and I put my fist to my mouth so I wouldn’t burst out laughing.  

  Finally she answered. “N-n-no my n-n-names M-mariah.” She stuttered horribly. My body shook with my laughter.  How were they not on the floor by now? I was having a bad time.

   Heavy breathing from the other end. Oh, now she was crying.

“Ginggy, Ill go now, okay? Ill see you tomorrow now, alright lovey?” I said, and ended the call before she could squeal again.

  “Ginggy?” Niall asked, raising his eyebrows. I bit my lip, and held back laughter. “It’s a nickname I gave her.” I responded, and smiled at my hands.

   “So… shes Irish?” Liam asked, a curious expression in his beautiful eyes. I nodded.

    “Well lads, guess we can start the interview here!” Niall said suddenly, as if he had remembered about his idea. I swallowed, suddenly scared again.

       “So whats your heritage, Ellie?” Zayn said.

 I clear my throat. “My mom’s side of the family is very British, whilst my dad’s side is very Irish.” I answered, looking down nervously looking down at my hands again. “Uhh… I know my great-great- grandmother Ellen came to Boston in 1890 on a boat from Ireland. She married another Irishmen.”

     Niall smiled at me, his green eyes sparkling. “Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya!” He said in a thick Irish accent.

  I smiled back. “And der rest of da day to erself!” I responded, and he did his laugh again. Argh. “Horrible accent, I know.” I chuckle, intertwining my hands together. Niall shook his head. “I was just surprised you knew what to say!”  I nodded understandably. “There’s more to me than you first anticipated, I think.”

   “Yeah… I’m sure there is.” He responded, and for a second I swear our eyes met and there was a spark, but he looked down to quickly for me to be sure. 

  “Okay next question.” I said quietly, looking at the other side of the room.

  “Are you really fifteen?” Harry asked before anyone else could. I looked up at him, and could feel the surprise written all over my face. “Well, yes ofcourse! What would give you the idea otherwise?”

  He concentrated on my face for a second, thinking of what he was going to say.

  “You… uh… just seem so much older than that.”

I nod, and make a face. “Yeah, that’s something… I get frequently.” I say, voice getting smaller with every word. “It’s most likely because… I’ve been through a lot. In my own way, ofcourse.” 

Harry looked at me, and his eyes looked like they were holding me with some sort of state of grace. Like somehow these words, had changed his opinion on me. And this look he was giving me, was one I felt like I had waited my entire life to experience. It was wonderful. But then it was over. He had looked down at his hands, as another question was thrown at me.

  “You mean… like… the uh cutting?” Louis asked, his voice cautious but always the direct one.

I nodded. “Yeah, that. The depression, the cutting, the…” I couldn’t admit the last part. It was to much.  I sniffled. Someone patted my back. I didn’t look up to see who it was, afraid I would start to cry. And that was not something I wanted to do in front of them. 

   “Boys, it’s time to take her home.” Paul said. My throat closed. I really didn’t want to leave.

  “But Pauuuul!”

  “C’mon just let her stay a few more minutes!”

  “But..!” The boys all said different complaints at the same time, and I finally looked up to smile at them.  
“Boys, it’s totally fine. I’ll see you tomorrow at the concert, remember?” 

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