Ignite [One Direction Love Story]

A lucky girl named Ellie wins a trip to NYC to meet One Direction. But what happens afterwards will stay with her for the rest of her life.


6. Chapter 6


I looked down at my converse, and blushed again. "Uhh... sorry about that." I mumbled, stuffing my hands in my pockets. Damn, I coudn't look him in the eye. 

  "Is everything alright here?" A voice said from in front of me. I looked up and held back a squeal. It was Paul! I was so carroty when it came to him; I would always say to people 'Paulways watching.'

  "Nah we're fine. Just some kids." Liam responded, and his accent. Oh Jesus. I smiled at Liam. I thought that maybe he would want to send me home for being so stupid. Argh why was he so perfect? Paul raised an eyebrow, but walked back over to wear the other security guards were waiting. "C'mon." He said and a smile softened his face. I walked back with him, and took my seat again next to Zayn.

  Oh for the love of all that's holy, would I ever get used to seeing them? Zayn smiled at me. "Hey Zayn, hows Perrie?" I ask, making sure a giant polite smile was planted firmly on my face. 

  "She's good, she's good. Busy with Little Mix and all." He reponds, kind of looking down at his hands in a shy way. Cripes. He looked back up and his eyes met mine and for like 1000000.0 seconds I was floating. But I broke the gaze, and looked to where Niall was laughing at something Louis had said. 


  "Are you hungry?" I suddenly hear a voice ask me. I look up from my text I was typing to my bffl. I smiled at the Irishmen in front of me. "Always." I respond. He laughed, and nodded in approval. "Sick." he says.

   To Mariah: oh good god I have to eat in front of them. U know how I eat. lmao im such a cooow. moo. drink my milk... IF U DARE.

I giggled at the text I sent to Mariah, my best friend in the world. I heard a deep chuckle behind me, and look up to find Harry reading my text over my shoulder. Surprised, my phone slipped from my small hands, and hit the floor with a small thud. But I didn't bend over to pick it up. I was kinda to busy admiring Harry's beautiful fucking face. God damn. Can I please lick you? 

   "Oops! Uh... Sorry!" He says, and kneels over beside me, and grabs my phone. I blush when he puts it in my hand. "Thanks!" I manage to choke out.

  He smiled at me, and I can't help but to smile back. "I'm sure you don't eat like a cow. But even if you do, it's fine; I do too." He says but I can only think one thing over and over; his accent his accent his accent 

   He. Is. So. Perfect. Realizing he was waiting for me to respond, I bite my lip. "Lets just say... I would run if I were you." I say, and admire the way my voice is all ominous and dark and stuff. I suddenly am aware that everything was completely silent, and all the boys were staring at me with a confused expression. Out of no where, they all start to laugh hysterically. Niall was making no sound, and the rest were clutching their stomachs, including Harry who was leaning against my chair, his warm radiadting from him, hitting me. Dear God.

  I look down at my hands, sooooo embarresed. Like, really, was it really that funny? But I was saved from sitting there awkwardly when my phone vibrated in my lap. Thank youuu.

  From Mariah: ooo is it chocolate? and gawd el u do not eat like a cow. its more like a dinosaur. anyways WHAT LIAM DOING HAVE YOU TALKED TO HIM YET CAN U HUG HIM 4 ME OMFGGG

I held back another laugh. She has no idea. No. Idea. 

  I jumped a little in my seat as Louis fell over, dragging Niall with him. Eventually Liam was on top of them, and Harry ran over, and joined the pile as well as Zayn. Oh these boys. 

  Liam waved his hand, and motioned for me to join them. "Well c'mon now! you're apart of the family! Jump in!"



  For about three seconds my shyness evaporated, and I stood, and quickly shuffled over. But I just stood above their wiggling and laughing bodies, unsure of what to do. Suddenly a hand was around my ankle, and I was falling. But strong arms caught me into the pile, and wrapped around me and I giggled. A nervous giggle though. Oh god I can't breathe. Harry was the one that was holding me. 

   His arms were so large, and strong, and most of all warm. They were holding me close as my head ended up somewhere on his chest.  I could hear his heart beating. Can. I Just. Die. Now.

   "Pauuuuuuuul!" Harry shouted into my ear. "Take a picture!!" All the boys let out a laugh. Oh goodness, this was great. Paul walked over, and rolled his eyes. Harry took my phone that was still surprisingly in my hands, and tossed it to the man in front of us. He somehow found the camera, and postioned it aimed at us. "Smile!" he said, and trust me. I was smiling. I heard the little sound of the camera going off and sucked in a breath. 

   "You comfortable?" Harry said quietly into my ear. I giggled, and nodded. Cheeky boy. 

  I tugged gently at Harry's wrist, and he realsed me. I stood, trying not to run around screaming my bloody head off. I thanked Paul, and took my phone back. I looked at the picture and bit my lip. It was... Perfection.

Harry with his arms wrapped tightly around me, a huge smile in his face. My face lit up, and as always, blushing. Niall, smiling as he laid on top of Louis, who was laughing. Zayn on top of Liam, Liam leaning on Harry and I. Just perfect.

  "How'd it come out?" Louis asked from behind me, and I managed to stop a shiver. His voice was soooo sexy it wasn't fair. "It's... perfect." I said, really trying to hold back tears. Today my emotions were just all over the place. I tilted my phone towards Lou, and he smiled. "You're right, love, it's great." All the boys gathered 'round, and looked at the picture and laughed and talked and it was just amazing. 

  Until my belly growled. And it was loud. I giggled nervously as Niall raised his eyebrows at me. "The food should be here really soon." He said, in his kind Irishy way. I nodded. "We sent someone out for McDonalds, if that's alright." Niall says, and smiles. 

  "Micky D's?! Sweet!" I exclaim, and pump my fist in the air. oh shit. I didn't just do that. I laughed. Oh well, it was food. Food was life. Niall laughed. "Whats 'Micky D's'?" He asks, and I playfully roll my eyes as I sit back down. "Ooh you European boys. It's what American's call McDonald's."  

  "Oh!" They all said simaltanously. 

"Oh my gosh. You. Guys." I laughed.


  "This is sooo good." I say, and roll my eyes. "Even for Micky D's." The boys and I were still sitting in the bowling alley, munching on McDonald's like there was no tomorrow. Niall had like, a 20 piece and three burgers, and the rest of the guys just had like two burgers. These guys were pros.  

I just had the one burger. I felt ashamed, I was usually the one eating the most. Oops. Niall nodded, agreeing. "Never Nando's. Never Nando's." He said, and I giggled. 

  "Never had it." I said, and they all looked at me like i had three heads. Alrightly then. 

"How." Niall said, his jaw in his lap. I shrugged, feeling oddly comfortable. It was probably the food. 

  "Uhh... they don't have any where I live. I don't think... atleast..." I say, and laugh. "But we do have a Jack Wills!" 

   "Oh thank goodnees." Harry blurted out, and I choked. Liam, who was sitting next to me, patted my back gently. 'You okay, love?"

  "Fine. Just. It seems like something he would say." Everyone laughed. I was on a roll. 

  "You have to leave soon." Niall said, and his voice was all whiny, and his face all pouty. I smiled.

  "Or... or. I could leave right now, jump into the trunk of the limosene and you guys can say I walked out, and then I could go to the hotel with you, hide under the bed the whole time and then get back into the trunk and then stay with you all tour and then go back to England with you and move in with you." I said, not taking a breath until the very end.

  They all looked at me, with food hanging out of their mouths. 

"What? I got bored on the train." I shrugged.

They burst into laughter again. But I swear, that would never get old. 

Slowly they died down, and gathered themselves again.

"Now that," Zayn says, "was funny." He pointed a fry at me, and flicked it dramatically, and suddenly it end up flying at me, and down my shirt. 

Oh he did not just do that. 

"You. Are. In. For. It."


--Harry's Point Of View--

"You. Are. In. For. It." Ellie said menacingly, her blue eyes sparkling mischievously. I held back a loud chuckle as she retreived the fry from down her shirt, and set it aside. I looked over to Zayn who had a chliche frightened look on his face. She picked up one of her frys, and her eyes narrowed. She tilted her hand, and with a flick of her wrist, the fry was in the air. 

  Zayn opened his mouth , and caught it. Okay, I have to admit, that was pretty badass. I took a sip of my drink, and tryed not to choke when I saw Ellie's expression. It was surprised and horrified at the same time. But then it relaxed, and she slouched back in her chair. 

"Tu-shay." She said, and giggled. 

Eventually we all finished, and we still had about an hour together. Is it weird that I kinda wanted her to stay? She was quite the entertainer. 

  But I had an Idea. 

"Hey do you want to play a game?" I asked, my question directed at the whole, though I did want to see her reaction. Ah, well. To bad.

   "What game?" I heard Ellie say, as she put her Coke down. 

I hadn't thought of that. "Uhmm.... like... a.... like a question game?" I said. 

She smiled, a very pretty smile. "Likeeee what?" She said. She seemed much more comfortable around me than before. I don't know, I guess I had a wierd affect on her. 

  "Lads, lets interview her." Niall suggested, and Ellie's face lit up. Ooo maybe she fancy's Niall. Lots of girls in the states fancy the Nialler.  


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