Ignite [One Direction Love Story]

A lucky girl named Ellie wins a trip to NYC to meet One Direction. But what happens afterwards will stay with her for the rest of her life.


5. Chapter 5


They were cheering for me. One Direction was wooting for me. I can’t handle this. My brain can’t handle this.

   I sat down next to Zayn again as I fought back a panic attack. “Great job.” He said to me, as Harry rose to take his turn. I smiled widely at him, and nodded my head. I don’t think my voice would work.

   “Hey, where’d ya learn to do that?” Louis said, as he leaned over to look at me. I looked down sheepishly as my cheeks burned a bright crimson. “I honestly have no idea.” I said, and finally got my voice to be steady. Okay good, I was getting a bit of a handle on this. “Well, you’re really good.” He said, and slouched back into his seat. I nodded my thanks, and set my eyes on Harry.

  Harry Edward Styles. Born on February 1st 1994. His favorite colors are orange and blue. His eyes are the most beautiful green color even the most creative mind couldn’t conjure up. His voice, slow and deep and enchanting.  This boy who’d I’d been in love with for six months was standing in front of me for the first time. 

   And this feeling… This feeling of finally being in the right place. Of being in the right place with him. To know that for now I didn’t have to sit on my bed at night, wondering what he was doing, what he was wearing, who he was with.

  I watched in utter bliss as he sleekly rolled the bowling ball down the alley, and knocked down most of the pins. He turned around, and threw his fist into the air with victory. I bit my lip as our eyes met, and he smiled at me.

  But when he smiled at me, my world stopped. Everything was frozen for what seemed like forever as I enjoyed the moment I was being given. His perfectly sculpted face, his laugh, the way his eyes lit up when he smiled. And now was he not only smiling for something small, he was smiling for me. He was smiling at me.

  He broke the trance by turning again, to get another bowling ball. I blinked rapidly, and tried to get a handle on myself. This wasn’t going to work if he kept doing that! ‘Okay just try to keep up some sort of conversation. Don’t be boring.’ I reminded myself.

“So… uh do you guys bowl a lot?” I asked Zayn. His face turned to me, and nodded.

“Yeah, but not as much anymore.” He said, his deep voice giving me the chills.

I chuckled quietly. “Is it because you broke the last one?” I teased. I remember reading somewhere in a magazine that they went to a bowling alley, and actually broke it. But they were teenage boys, what can you do?

He laughed, and my insides floated. “Yeah. That was fun, but management was pissed.”

  Finally feeling more comfortable, I threw my head back and laughed. I couldn’t help it; I laughed really loud. Surprisingly, I wasn’t ashamed. I liked the way I laughed. I like the way I could giggle and be all flirty and girly. But then other times, like now, I had my giant booming laugh that everyone would always hate.


   Oops. When I laughed  Harry jumped from surprise and messed up his throw. Crap.

  “Sorry Harry!” I said, my embarrassment making me squirm in my chair. He turned around and laughed. “Nah, it’s uh fine babe. No worries.” He reassured me. I almost melted right then and there. Spotting a soda machine at the other end of the place, I saw my chance. “Ill be right back.” I said, and quickly jumping out of my chair.

  I walked, never really looking up. I just stared at the maroon carpet as I neared the soda machine. I gingerly took out my dollar, and smoothed it. I inserted it, and tried to ignore the feeling I was being watched. I was afraid to turn around and meet the eyes of one of the boys. Clicking the button for Mountain Dew, I leaned down to grab it.

  “Aye shawty nice ass!” I heard from behind me. It was loud. Loud enough that everyone in the place was looking at me as I straightened. I mean, there weren’t a lot of people in there other then the boys and I. Just us, and a bunch of African-American teenagers, and a boyfriend and girlfriend enjoying a date. Oh and the staff. And the security.

    Suddenly feeling rage boil up inside me, I pivoted to meet this brave idiot. “Excuse you.” I said to the group of boys. I turned back around and grabbed my soda, my face clear of any emotion. When I stood again, they were closer than before, their faces angry as hell. Oh crap.

  “What’d you just say to me?” One of them asked. He was tall; much taller them me, with thick wiry muscles.

  “Excuse. You.” I repeated, putting as much malice as I could into the two words. The guy took a step forward, and I could almost feel his breath on my face. There were four of them, and they were blocking my path back to my seat.

  I tried to step around them but, they just moved in front of me. “You’re blocking my path. Be a doll and move, would ya?” I said, my voice sweet and a large mocking smile on my face. Man, why did I have to be so stupidly brave?

  “Listen here, bitch, but you need to apologize.” He growled, taking another step forward. I felt my back get pressed up against the front of the machine.

  Did he just call me a bitch? Oh he’s in for it now.

  “Here’s a different plan. How bout you move or I can make you move.” I hissed, my voice icy steel. His eyes filled with pure and untamed rage, and his hands balled into fists as if he wanted to hit something… And that something being me.

  “Is there some sort of problem?” I heard a familiar voice say behind the pack of rats. I sighed in relief. It was Liam, a gentle but worried smile in his face. My hero.

  “Yeah, this stupid cunt needs to apologize.” The guy in front of me said, not bothering to look behind him. Liam looked shocked at his choice of words. I flinched. I hated that word. Hated it with a passion.

I had a strange urge to shake up my soda, and throw it in his face. Oh yeah, if only. But not, I had to use my brain this time.

   Like the ninja I am, I quickly fumbled with my phone in my pocket.  I dialed the three numbers I needed, having memorized my keyboard years ago.

  I smiled, and pulled it out, showing them the number, my thumb on the green button.

  “So here the plan; you can either move, and get out of here or I can hit the green button, and get you arrested. So what will it be boys?” I asked, the smile coming back to my face.

  As I looked at their faces, I realized I had won. With angry and regretful faces they back up, grabbed their coats, and fled out into the wintery day.

  I sheepishly looked up at Liam, and found his face… Perplexed. 

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