Ignite [One Direction Love Story]

A lucky girl named Ellie wins a trip to NYC to meet One Direction. But what happens afterwards will stay with her for the rest of her life.


3. Chapter 3


Chapter 3! 

  ‘Ohhhh shit. ‘ Was all I could think as I waited on in the cold for the boys. I mean, I was going to be alone in a car with them. For God knows how long.

  Crap, calm down. Calm the hell down. “Argh!” I hissed under my breath, and reached roughly into my pocket. I pulled out my small pink shuffle iPod, and stuck the headphones into my ears. I clicked play, and was quickly soothed by the music. She’s No You came on by Jesse McCartney and I smiled. Damn, this was a good song.

  But my blood froze in my veins when a black car stopped in front of me. The window rolled down just a bit, and I saw Louis Freaking Tomlinson staring at me. Oh God, my feet wouldn’t move. He smiled at me.

  “Well what are you standing there for?! C’mon mate!” He hissed, the smile still on his face. Without my permission my feet moved, and I was opening the door of the car. Oh gawd this was so embarrassing I had to get really far away from here—But then it hit me. This was the sex Gods of One Direction we’re talking about, and I get to be squished in a small car with them. What the hell was I thinking.

  I smiled widely at the people in front of me. Louis closest, Niall next to him, Liam next to Niall, Harry driving, and Zayn was in shot-gun. They were all squished in the back seat and I giggled. “Am I going to have to sit on someone’s lap?” I asked, and tilted my head innocently to one said. They all broke out into laughter.

    Louis moved over, and there was just enough room for me. I climbed in, awkwardly took my seat, and gingerly closed the door. I bit my lip, and looked around at them blushing. “Uh.. Hi. My… names Ellie.” I said dumbfounded and wonderstruck at their beauty.  “Hello Ellie!” They chorused and I smiled weakly at them. “You might not want to speak all at the same time like that. You might just be the death of me.” I said, my voice a bit strained. They all laughed again. “You ready babe?” Liam asked me, and I nodded. Oh my goodness Liam Effing Payne was looking at me with those eyes and I am melting and og my go—“Yeah sure. Always!” I said, interrupting my own thoughts.


  We took off, and I was surprised to find Harry was a really good driver. Huh, who would have thought.  HA Harry was a good DRIVER. Aw man, I have the dirtiest mind ever. I giggled, and looked down at my hands. Aha that would never get old.

  “Whats so funny, love?” Louis asked me. I looked up at him, and burst into laughter. Ya know, not to make it awkward or anything… “Oh nothing.” I said, and bit my lip so I wouldn’t laugh again. “it’s just that… Harry’s a good driver.”   I shook my head.

     Lou nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. He’s a great driver.” And I burst into hysterical laughter.  I stopped when I realized I was most likely making a fool of myself. Ugh, I’m such a dumbass! When I looked over at Harry he was chuckling. Aha, see? He got the damned joke.

  “So how old are you?” Zayn asked. Oh sweet Jesus his voice was sexy. “Uh… I’m fifteen. I’ll be turning sixteen in July.” I replied, and fumbled with my iPod in my pocket. I bit my lip. Argh this was so awkward!  “Ya seem older.” Niall said to me. I swallowed again. Oh my gosh can I please just hug him? And never like get? EVER? And his eyes, oh mother of God, can you not Niall?! “Thanks!” I said, and smiled at him. Oh shoot I was already getting lost in his eyes—“Whats that you’ve got written on your wrist?” Louis suddenly asked, gently flipping my hand over. It said Stay Strong on my wrists; ‘stay’ on the left and ‘strong’ on the right.

  “Uhh… It’s to cover my scars.” I admitted, quickly pulling my hand away. I saw Niall’s eyes went a little wide. But I get that reaction a lot.

  “You cut?” The Irish boy asked. I bit my lip. “Used to. If I have a bad day I do it again.”  

  “Well don’t do that! That’s horrid!” Liam said, it expression full of concern. I looked up at him and I could feel my eyes burning into his. “I’m sorry! I won’t do it anymore I promise!” I squeaked and felt like I was being scolded by a teddy bear.  I giggled.  “I’m sorry Liam but you are adorable.”  And so is Niall, and Harry, and Louis, and Zayn….

  He laughed. ‘Thanks.” He replied, and I blushed. Man, these boys got me going out of my mind.

  “Uhhh we’re basically almost there… I think.” Harry mumbled, and I felt a shiver go down my back. His voice. Is. The. Sexiest. Thing. Ever. I bit my lip once again, and looked out the window. Yeah way to make conversation.

  “Wasn’t someone else supposed to be here with you?” Lou asked. I nodded.

  “Yeah my older sister, but I convinced her not to go. She’s not what you would call a ‘fan’.” I murmured, and continued fumbling with my iPod. Oh no Louis’s biceps. Their… soo… big… My computer screen did not do them justice.

 “What are you listening to?” Niall asked, gesturing to my headphones.

 “Uhhhhh She’s No You by Jesse McCartney?” I said, and it ended like a question. Why did I have to be born socially awkward? Why?!

Niall did that cute laugh that made my heart suddenly stop beating. Thanks, I totally needed that Niall.

But my thoughts were cut short as we were pulling into the bowling place, where security were waiting outside. This was going to be fun.

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