Ignite [One Direction Love Story]

A lucky girl named Ellie wins a trip to NYC to meet One Direction. But what happens afterwards will stay with her for the rest of her life.


2. Chapter 2


Chapter 2! [[Ah I love this chapterr! Very excited for you to read it! :DD]]

  Chapter 2!

 A chubby man in a black suit was holding up a mini white board that said; Hunter

  I smiled politely at him, and waved. He smiled back, his chin going up just a bit, as we walked over to him.

  Awww he was adorable.

  I wiped away the heavily falling snowflakes as they collected in my hair and on my coat.

  “Miss Hunter?” He addressed my sister, with what sounded like almost a German accent.

  “That’s us!” She said, and shook the chubby German mans hand. He stepped onto the street, and opened the door to the black cab for us. Amelia stepped in, and so did I. We slipped into the polished leather seats, and I counted the cars that passed as we waited.

I took in my surroundings, trying not to get overwhelmed.

‘The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed!’

Haha, One Direction quotes.

See that’s what happens when you’re a true directioner. Even one word can make a whole song come up.

  Like once I was in English class, not really paying any attention. I looked up onto the board to see the word ‘messenger pigeon.’ I laughed and yelled, “KEVIN!”

   Lets just say, people didn’t think it was funny. Peasants.

  I was painfully dragged back to the present as the car suddenly stopped. “Sorry!” The man said.

I mean, I’m not ungrateful that I get to meet the boys. I’m just afraid I’m gonna pass out. It scared me to death, and I’m going to pass out and fall and hit my head and die.  Not dying ofcourse, but falling in front of One Direction. Ya know, unless they caught me. That would be pretty cool.

   I watched the buildings and the people and I watched the snow fall as I waited to get to our hotel. I picked out what I was gonna wear what seems like a very long time ago. It was a little odd, but I honestly liked it’s quirkyness.

  Time flew, and we were finally at our hotel, checked in, and in our room. It was nice with one room and a great view. I liked it here. “Okay, go get changed.” Amelia told me as I brought my stuff into our room. “On it.” I replied, and brought my clothes into the bathroom.

  An hour later, I was pretty. My hair was down; brown and wavy. I had my bangs clipped up, and a small piece of hair braided. I had some mascara on, but no other make-up. I wasn’t really that kind of girl. I had on my black Jack White shirt on that I had gotten at the concert back in September with a purple flannel over it. I had my favorite blue jeans on, with my black lace up boots. In all seriousness, I looked pretty damn hot. But, that’s just me.

  Suddenly my sisters cell-phone rang. Intrigued I picked it off the bed, and looked at the number. I didn’t recognize it. ‘Ha watch it be One Direction!’ I thought playfully to myself. I snorted and pushed the green button.

  “Hello?” I said, my phone-voice on.

“Yeah, is this uh Ellie Hunter?” The voice said on the other line. A deep voice. An Irish voice. Niall James Fucking Horan’s voice. I choked on air, and almost dropped the phone. Crap, I must sound like a seal being run over. “Hello? Are you alright?” He asked, and I coughed, trying not to die.

  “This is she!” I suddenly blurt out. I heard quiet laughter from the other end. Oh shit, my ovaries were going to explode. I snorted. That joke would never get old.

  “Yeah, Ellie, this is Niall of One Direction.” Niall said, and I snorted again, suddenly my nervousness being gone the second he started to talk. It was just something about the way he laughed.

  “Yeah, I kinda figured that. How are you?” I asked, my voice relaxing. I could picture him smiling as he said, “I’m good, yourself?”

  “I am absolutely delightful.” I replied, a huge smile spreading across my face. Maybe this wouldn’t be so hard. “So, we and the boys were wondering if it’d be alright if we could pick you up and go for some bowling and some lunch?”

  I swallowed. I had almost forgotten that there were four other boys. “Yeah, that sounds amazing.” I murmured, and swallowed roughly again. My voice sounded strained. 

  “You alright babe?” He asked, and I smiled. “Yeah… I’m fine. Just a tad bit nervous.”

“Well don’t be. We’re great lads.” He chuckled, “I’ll see you in a few.”

And the line went dead.

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