One girls, one night, one too many, 5 guys, no names, one wild night out. When Gracie ends up in bed with One Direction she has to work out which one before things turn from worse


12. Two Steps Forward

The night was going perfectly. All nerves were long forgotten and I was actually enjoying myself. Don’t tell him I said that though…then he’d know I was interested and we can’t have that now can we.


“Do you have an innie or an outtie.” I was now conducting an interview…Grace style. Well, actually I googled ‘random questions’ and this was kinda the outcome.

He grinned up at me through his lashes which I swear were extensions. They were longer than mine! “In all my years of interviews I have never been asked something like this.”

“Don’t panic too much, I already know. I’m really just testing your knowledge…do you shower naked?”

“I tend to…usually on a Sunday, I mix it up a bit.”

“You slut!” I mocked. “Okay! The rudest celebrity you have ever met.”

“You know…I’d don’t like to talk shit about people.” He smirked. Lies.

“Oh come one! There must be someone, the second they leave the room and you’re all like, what a jerk!”

“Well this one time, we went to a photoshoot, the photographer…get this, she passed out and then she refused to go out with me.”

“What a bitch, I bet that rejection was hard on your ego.” I stifled my laugh into my drink. I was avoiding alcohol at all expense, but Liam insisted I never had an empty glass.

“It was! I’ve never experience that kind of rejection before! But in all seriousness,” He leaned in closer “Nathan Skyes, prick.”

“Should I know who that is?” I raised an eye brow at his sudden hostility.

“It’s better you don’t really.”

“Did he steal the last cookie or something?” I chuckled.

“Worse. It’s unspeakably worse.” He leaned back in his chair, then he spied my glass. “Do you want another drink?” Before I could answer he was up out of his seat with my glass in hand, headed for bar.

“Do I have a choice,” I called after him.

“No.” he kept his back to me as he asked for the same again from the waitress.

“Then why did you even ask!” I giggled.

“I just wanted to give you a false sense of actually having the power.” He thrust his hands with a grin.

“You know, anyone would think you were trying to get me drunk.” I narrowed my eyes slightly.

“Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.” He kissed my cheek as he placed my glass on the table before whispering to himself “I just want you to myself.”

In side I was squealing with delight and turning to mush. On the outside…I was doing the same looking like a constipated rabbit on heat. Do rabbits even get constipated? And why do I always refer to myself as being constipated.

“Are you ok?” He chuckled quietly.

“Do rabbits get constipated?” I traced the bottom of my wine glass with my index finger, dreading the look on his face after that outrageous outburst.

What is wrong with you, Grace.



Before I knew it we were awkwardly standing outside Le Coma and I was not quite fully Le satisfied quite yet if you know what I’m saying. We were usher out because they wanted to close their restaurant… even though Liam had booked it for the whole night.

The conversation never ended, which was making it harder for me to keep warm. It had to be below 7 degrees and I wasn’t exactly wearing the most weather appropriate clothing. I jumped from foot to foot and finally found a loop hole to kill the conversation and hopefully drag the sex God of Wolverhampton to my dungeon.

That sounds like a great stripper name.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you around.” I muttered quietly. Hint, hint. Please take the hint.

“Or,” he took a step closer to me. “We could go for desert…somewhere.” He took the hint! Legend.

“Oh, I don’t like desert, just makes me feel… blah and it’s just really not fo-” he cut me off with a sweet, lingering kiss, halting my rambling and stirring up the ewy gooey romanticness within. All we needed now was for some really heavy rain and intense leg wrapping, toe curling, making outing.

I should have been an English teacher.

I broke apart leaning my forehead against his. It was more really my forehead to his nose and instead of looking him in the eyes I was looking him in the cheeks and there was still no rain… just coldness.

Was I supposed to request rain when I prayed last night or…? “My place or yours?”

Oh my God I shouldn’t have drunk so much, now I’m mind rambling.

“I can guarantee paparazzi outside my place…” he trailed off.

Oh! I should take this hint.

“And I have no heating,” I stepped back and look him up and down “ You’re reasonably warm, so you’ll have to do,” I grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him into anther kiss, before taking his hand and walking him to my apartment. “To the dungeon!” I proclaimed.

I suddenly became self-conscious as we got to the front door of my apartment. I put the key in the door but turned to him before actually opening the door to the jungle within.

“I wasn’t expecting quests so don’t judge. Also, sometimes the neighbours, they have really big fights and they yell and they scream and they cry and more often than not things get broken. Not their hearts…usually their plates and cups, and this one time his Xbox. But anyway, the best part is the ridiculously loud make up sex. Well, its’ not the best part but its ridiculously loud. So if you happen to hear anything slightly resembling that…it’s not me.” I opened the door, thanking the lord for the clean-up I did last night.

“Excuse the-” I was shut up, yet again, by Liam’s lips. I pushed him against the door to devour his lips. “I would ask you if you wanted me to push you against the door, but I didn’t want to give you a false sense of having the power!” I screamed a little too loud in his ear as he trailed kisses down my neck, groping my ass.

“Are you sure it’s the neighbours having arguments and not you in your head,” he grinned against my neck. I pulled back to look him in the eyes.

“I ask myself that question every day. Where have you been all my life! To the dungeon.” I was actually the funniest fucker in the world.


Liam doubled over with laughter, holding his stomach “Where’s your bedroom.” He gasped as he recovered.

“You could at least take me to dinner first.” I kissed him fully walking backwards to the bedroom, hitting a wall or two along the way. For the size of my home, I seemed to be hitting a shit load of walls.

It was survival of the fittest as we pushed each other from wall to wall until I realised I was at the end of the hall and we had passed my bedroom. His hands were on my ass and mine just wouldn’t remove themselves from his chest.

“Wait, let’s just go to my room. And then we can finally rip each other’s clothes off and then go for it, cause someone’s ganna get hurt if we keep doing this and my room is back there.” I pointed to the other end of the hall.

“You are the weirdest girl, I swear.” I walked into my bedroom removing my clothing as I went. By the time I was in the bedroom I was naked. Liam on the other hand…fully dress steering at me like I was the doggie in the window.

“Stop starring at get naked!” I humped, grabbing his hands and placing them on my breasts. “Please,” I added for good measure. I was in no means body confident. But for some reason, right now, I felt like I could streak down my road and not have a care in the world.

He looked up to meet my eyes, opened his mouth, closed his mouth, then looked back at his hands. Now, Liam really did look like a constipated fish. I grabbed his face with both my hands and kissed him briefly, attempting to pull him out of his trance.

“Anyone would think you have never seen a naked woman before,” he picked me up throwing me against the bed, ripping his own shirt and pants off. When I say ripping I mean taking off and folding neatly before placing them on the chair…

At least he’s tidy.

“Its gets better every time.” I halted his hands as he lowered himself over me now only wearing his boxer briefs.

“It gets better every time? What is that, the slogan for class A marijuana?”

“Stop talking!” he shook his head in astonishment, continuing his assault down my neck, and needing my tits with one hand.

 Slid my hand down his chiselled chest, I got the sudden urge to find out if he was ticklish. “Are you ticklish?” I asked and I grassed my hand over his throbbing cock.

He groaned against my neck. “You asking me this while your hands are on my penis.”

“Is your dick ticklish?” At least he didn’t say genitals. I have a feeling I will fighting a battle to get him to say cock.


He stopped his kisses and rested his head against my bear chest. His shoulders began to shake with laughter.

I should really learn to shut my mouth.

“No, but I promise you its extremely reactive when you touch it.”

“Like now.” I cupped his balls, dragging my hand up and down his shaft, basking in his grunts and groans.

“Don’t stop,” He husked against my neck.

So I stopped.

“What are you doing!” He groaned. “You are actually killing me woman, I swear to God!”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t resist!” I was laughing so hard the most unattractive snort came from…yours truly.

“You’re so adorable.” Completely naked and…nowhere near the stage of business, Liam collapsed on the bed beside me. I was still laughing and really had no idea what was going on. One minute we were getting hot and heavy…now I…I still have no idea.

“This would make a great porno.” I turned on my side and stroked his hair. “The porno that is really just not to be. I have ice cream and canned cream in the fridge?” I offered. Was sex still on the table? Probably, but we were at the stage where I was about to crack lover boy. If he could handle me making a totally mockery of sex, I think he could handle the rest of me.

“Why do you have ice cream in the fridge.” He groaned he turned on his side so he was facing me.

“I meant freezer wise ass. How does ice cream, cheesy movies and yours truly sound.” God hows this for a first date, no sex and were acting like an old married couple.

Shit. Is this what my life is to become.

“I could think of completely different things to do, but movies and ice cream sound perfect.”

I strutted off the bed, stark naked and stopped in the door way to look back at lover boy. “Don’t move. I’ll be back.” I heard him groan and roll over in the bed.

Our night was spent half naked in my bed eating ice cream and talking about absolutely nothing. There was a movie on but I honestly had no idea what was happening, some weird dead boy meet human girl and they fall in love during the middle of the zombie apocalypse. But with Liam I didn’t care.

With Liam I felt needed, there was no awkwardness, no weirdness, just me and him and a tube of ice cream…and my million and one inappropriate comments. I felt no need to filter. Hell, I had no flter to be able to filter anything that needed to be…filtered.

I was turning into one of ‘those’ people. The people that decided the were in love on the second date. I curse at those people in the movies. That shit just don’t happen in real life. Unless of course you meet a ridiculously sexy gentlemen who actually is amazing and you can’t keep your eyes off him.


I spooned another chuck of ice cream into my mouth. Liam was lying on his side, propped up by his elbow, tracing patterns on my bear stomach.

“Okay, who would you turn gay for?” I asked, giving him a spoon of ice cream.

“In the band?”

“Anyone, like ever.” I broadened the horizon a bit though I was still curious who he would turn for in the band.

“This is actually a hard question. Maybe like Judd Law or Eddie Murphy or, or Morgan Freeman!”

“You chose all old people! Morgan Freeman?”

“Yeah, like, imagine having sex with Morgan Freeman.” Imagine having sex with you.

“Ewww, no thanks.” The was an image I wanted out of my head

“But his voice! Uh, you like that, give me some more sugar,” he mocked.

“Now that would make a great porno. Or David Attenborough! If they were to narrate a porno, I would pay to see that.”

“Fine, who would you turn gay for?” he feel back against the pillows so I took the opportunity to crawl up his body, resting my head on his chest. His hand immediately came to rest in my hair, he brushed it every so often with his fingers. It was something my mum used to do when I was sick, it made me feel at home in his arms.

“Ellie Goulding annnd, Rihanna.” Liam nodded in approval with a shit eating grin on his face. I could just imagine the thoughts he was having right now.

“That didn’t take you long to answer.”

“I’ve been planning that answer for a loonng time.” I giggled. I could feel my eyes closing over but I really wanted to stay up and talk. The ending credits of the movie scrolled down the screen with great speed. How can anyone even read these, it makes me feel sick just watching it.

“When was the last time you saw your family?” I asked with a yawn. I looked up at Liam who was already fast asleep. I pulled the covers further to keep us both warm.  Closed my eyes once more and let sleep consume me with a smile on my face.



“Please Grace, I just need some cash, I promise this is the last time.” He looked bad. Worse than ever. His once baby faced beauty was replaced with a hallowed drug addict.

He pulled out a gun with tears in his eyes, shame was written all over his face “Please.” he rasped out once more. I shook my head looking for an escape. My back was against the wall and I had nowhere to go. This was it.

‘I’m sorry Bennett,’ I cried.


I shoot out of bed drenched in a cold sweat. The blood drained from my face as I searched the room for an intruder.

That felt so real.

“It’s just a dream, just a dream.” I told myself. “Just a dream.”

I checked the clock, reading 4.26am…I rolled over to look up at Liam in his perfect peacefulness. I kissed his cheek then left for the kitchen to get a drink. Out of the covers the cold air stabbed me like a knife. I grabbed Liams shirt off the floor and padded down the hall. I grinned to myself and I snuggled into his shirt. His scent of musk, lust and apricots assaulted my nose.

I was still cautious as I walked through my home. What if he found me again?

I stood in the kitchen looking out to the pitch black street, doing a little dance around the kitchen to distract myself from the cold and from…him . I grabbed a glass and let out a little squeal. I was quite happy with myself. Not ganna lie. I felt the need to tell the world. But then again I didn’t. I wanted to keep him my little secret. Tie him to my bed and never let him go. God this was bad. There was something really wrong with me. I think I just grew a heart. Oh no. This is worse than the zombie apocalypse. Grace Evans is growing a heart. Alert the media.

In my ramblings I never realised Liam came behind me. He wrapped his arms around his waist resting his head against my shoulder.

I jumped a foot when he touched me, frightened it was Jake.

“I thought you might have snuck out again.” I grinned up at him. It’s dark, so he can’t see my face but I still feel happy knowing he was here.

“I was considering it.”

“Mmmm don’t leave me.” he gripped my tighter, humming into my neck. He was still half asleep, he voice was husky and his eyes were barely open. There was no point in me telling him my irrational feas brought to life by a stupid dream.

“We and me have a problem.” I leaned back against him.

“Mmmmmm.” I had the feeling he needed to sleep, I could feel him getting heavier against my back.

I kissed his cheek and pulled him with me back to the bed. “What’s our problem,” his eyes were half closed. I kissed his lips and burrowed into his chest. “Sleep.”

“Mmmmkay.” Before I knew it I could hear his soft snores in my ear.



I was wrapped in his arms but this time it felt better. Neither of us were drunk, and I certainly wasn’t going to be sneaking out this time. It was after all my apartment. I turned in his arms so I was no longer spooning him, and nuzzled into his chest. I was right, who needs a heated home when you can snag a dude off the street and cuddle.

I could feel his shoulder shaking with laughter. I hope I was laughter.

“What are you laughing at,” I groaned trying to sound annoyed.


“Pray, do tell.” I looked up at him and his wistful, eyes steering at the celling. “On our first night together do you remember what you said to me.”

“Honey, I didn’t even know your name let alone half the shit I said.”

“Ah yes, I do remember tears about that.” I hide in the comfort of his shirt, so he couldn’t see the blush rising in my cheeks.

“I promise I’m not an emotional person. I only ever cry when like my dog dies or something.”

“Is that it?” he rolled us over so he was leaning over me with one arm. “You’re so beautiful.”

“You’re such a girl.” I grinned up at him.

“Well clearly someone has to be in this relationship.”

“Ah ah! Commitment fob…I don’t do relationships.”

“We’ll see,” he grinned and he bent down to kiss me good morning. But it was too late. I was already falling and there were no signs of stopping.

“What’s for breakfast,” he grinned against my lips.

“You,” I giggled back.

“With a side of Grace,” he nipped at my neck.

“How about that rain check on whatever that was last night.”

“I’m going to need to restrain and gag you.” He groaned, no signs of joking in his face.

“Am I really that bad? Wait don’t answer that question.” I already knew the answer. 

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