One girls, one night, one too many, 5 guys, no names, one wild night out. When Gracie ends up in bed with One Direction she has to work out which one before things turn from worse


1. Trouble

Oh God, oh God, oh God!


“Emma! Emma I'm in trouble.” I burst through the doors of my best friend’s house, my head writhing in agonizing pain, my thighs followed close behind, raw as fuck. I clutched my bag and heels close as I stumbled through Em’s lavish flat.


There were so many doors in this place is was hard to remember where everything was


A not so bright eyed, bushy tail Emma emerged from her room looking a little…pissed.


"Will you stop banging?! And what are you doing here?! It's 6am on a Sunday, so-” Emma looked me up and down. “-Unless you’re in jail, which your clearly not, or dying, and’re not. So?”


 I tried to protest but Emma wasn’t having it. She gripped my shoulders and steered me towards the lounge.


“Turn around, shut the door and have a lie down on the couch. I shall deal with you at a more appropriate time, say, 11am." She nudges me towards the couch and stormed off to her room, slamming the door behind herself.


I face plated onto Emma’s tattered, musky old couch, groaning loudly hoping Emma would return and help me solve my problems. I had screwed up.




And I had no idea how to fix it. 11am was going to be too late because I had a job interview at 10.30.


Groan. I’m too hung over for this shit.


“Emma,” I groaned from the couch.


“Emmaaaaaa, I think I’m dying.” Silence came from Emma’s room.


“Emma the kitchen’s on fire!” Again I was met with silence. Some best friend she was. I’m in a moment of crisis and she throws me to the couch. It’s not the first time I guess.


Emma and I had been best friends since we were born, our parents were friends as kids and it carried onto our generation. Yay me! Emma was once the party girl but since starting med school has tamed her party girl persona in order to follow her dream.


What a life.


Argh! This was no use. I stormed towards Emma’s room thrusting her door open.


"I slept with One Direction but I don't know which one!" I let it out in one shallow breathed and sunk down on Emma’s bed. She shot out of bed, shock plastered in her eyes.


"How do you not know who you slept with?!? That is…it’s crazy! Where was Ruby and Ali? Why didn’t you call me before it got to this stage? Ok, ok you have to start at the beginning and stop at the end ok” She looked rather concerned.


She took a deep, calming breath. “Jesus Gracie! One Direction?! Seriously, only you could sleep with one of 5 Gods and not know which one... gah! You frustrate me woman. Seriously. The beginning, go!"


“What happened to 11am?” I sniggered, really wanted to crawl into bed and pretend last night never happened. Emma gave me an evil glare; I had awaked the beast before business hours. Oppps.


"Shut up and spill. This better be good Gracie, you got me up at 6am after all" I flopped back on Emma’s bed and began at the beginning, intending to stop at the end, which would be right now I guess. I let my mind wonder, where was the end? When I left the empty bed this morning? Or when I sulked all the way home.


“Gracie?” Emma stroked my hair soothingly, just like he did.            


“Are you ok, sweetie?”


I giggled. Argh! Giggling, seriously.


“Gracie Louise, was that a giggle? Since when do you giggle?” Emma nudged me.


“Since I fell in love with 5 guys and never learnt any of their names.” I sighed dramatically.


“You don’t even know their names! Oh Lordy! Begin! NOW! Please!” Emma smiled sweetly at me.


And so it began…


The Beginning.


Emma and I sat in her sterile bathroom, making plans for the night ahead.

"I swear to god Gracie, if you don't stop fluffing around with your hair it's all going to fall out!" My best friend Ruby stood in sky-high black stilettos and a tight red dress hardly covering her ass.


"Yeah and if your dress gets any higher, the boys will be in for a real treat tonight wont they?” I muttered sarcastically. Her dress climbed 6 inches down her thighs, threatening to slip a little higher than anyone ever wanted.


“Oh I hope so,” She tugged on her dress dramatically with a cocky grin on her face.


"Chill out mum. It's just a bit of skin," she groaned sarcastically.


“A little too much don't you think?” I shot Ruby a look through the mirror as I applied my mascara.


"Aw Gracie, sweet, sweet Gracie, will you please let your hair down! Not literally, cause it looks sexy as hell up,” She winked.


“But seriously, have fun tonight! Ali is only here for one night! One night Gracie! Ease up, drink this" Ruby whined handing me a glass of god knows.

I threw it back, hoping it would ease my angst. I wasn't big on parties or drinking but Ruby had me convinced to join her and Ali for a night in town, I myself was regretting my choice of going along with them. I had a sense that something was going to go wrong tonight.


“Stop over thinking this Gracie!” Damnit, she knew me too well.


“Just smile, drink and have a good time. And if at any point you wanna go home, ring Emma, she’s our sober driver…who isn’t in attendance, I suppose she’s like a taxi driver then" Ruby chuckled.


"I'll be in the car, so hurry! I said we'd meet Ali at 7" She grabbed her bag off the bathroom counter and headed of the door “Oh and Gracie, you look hot!” She kissed my cheek and left me to finish while singing ‘Gracie’s getting laid tonight! Gracie’s getting laid tonight all the way to the car.


“Fat chance” I muttered under my breath.

I applied the final touches of make up on and assessed my handy working in the full-length mirror. My thick brown hair cascaded down my back and framed my petite face. The hugging black dress Emma loaned me actually suited my body shape. I'd never considered myself a beautiful girl, I'm nowhere near as gorgeous as my best friends Ruby and Emma but I try and that's all that counts I guess. But if I was being honest, tonight I looked kinda hot.




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