One girls, one night, one too many, 5 guys, no names, one wild night out. When Gracie ends up in bed with One Direction she has to work out which one before things turn from worse


10. The Interview

 By the time my interview rolled around I was not on top of the world. I felt dead inside. Like a truck had run me over then reversed just to make sure I was actually feeling the burn. Trust me, I was feeling it.

As I got ready I tried my hardest to forget what I remembered of last night…and this morning, and continue on thoughts of winning this job with a killer hangover. But when Emma decides to spend her morning on the internet googling every bit of information from last night, it’s kinda hard to forget about.

Part of me was wishing I just stayed in bed with Liam. I would have saved this headache and many more to come.

I commuted back into central London for my interview with one of London’s most prestigious photographers, Juliet Wringly. She had photographed everyone, from the Queen to Nelson Mandela to…One Direction.

It had been my dream for years to work with her and now I finally had my opportunity to get one step closer…all while hung over.

Great start Gracie.

I entered the Wringly studios with great style, face planting into the ‘pull’ door. The reception was smaller than I expected but still very coosy and professional. The room was full white with one lime green feature wall displaying some of my favourite Juliet pieces. A cluster of green seats looked comfy and inviting, I could see myself curling up on one of those bad boys.

Beside the reception desk was a long corridor, I assume they were where the studios where.

I was born to be here. I felt the need to start Irish dancing in the middle of this room, I opted for a movie star twirl mixed with a squeal of amazingness. It was so beautiful! My eyes landed on one of my favourite photographs of a mother and her new born baby, hits me right in the ovaries.

Every time.

"Grace Evans?” A posh accent pulled my attention away from the painting of life.

“What? Oh I mean…yeah that’s me.” I straightened my posture felling like I was talking to one of the cool kids in high school.

"Ezra Wringly will be with you shortly." she kept her eyes down cast, no smile, not courtesy nod. I put it down to daddy issues.

"Not Juliet?"

I could hear the eye roll in her voice "She got called away at last minute, I assure you her daughter, Ezra, will be fine."

Ezra called me into her office 10 minutes later. She was one of those woman every guy wanted, and every girl wanted to be. She had long blonde hair, striking blue eyes and legs that went for Africa. She had a strawberry sweet voice an amazing outfit. I can guarantee she had a wardrobe to die for.

The worse part...she was actually nice.

"Okay, well I'm sorry Juliet couldn't be here. She's been called away to New York at last minute. I'm sure you can understand." Defiantly, cause I get called to New York everyday.

I hugged my stomach to hold myself together as Ezra went through her checklist of questions, her eyes gave away nothing. I felt like I was going ok but the reality was she could probably smell the liqueur seeping through my pores. My head was pounding harder with each pain staking question she asked.

Can I go to bed now. Or just a small snooze on those couches in the lobby.

She scribbled on her page furiously before she finally looked up and smiled. "Can I just say, I love your work. My mother introduced me to some of your pieces, the way you capture the moment it's just. It's beautiful. Okay I'm done fangirling!"

I wasn't! I couldn't believe she was saying this! "No, thank you. I, I can't believe you know my work."

"Oh honey, I can spot your work from a mile away. We've been watching you for a while. Even when you were in Brighton, you name was already speaking to us. But you didn’t hear that from me. Right so, now that the easy parts done, how about we get down to the business part. How would you feel about doing a little impromptu photo shoot. It's not really impromptu, but since you’re here and Juliet isn't I think this is the perfect opportunity to strut your stuff." I was in complete and utter shock. As an artist, I only ever considered my mum and my grandparents to be buying my work out of sympathy. But to know that someone with a high profile like Juliet had been watching me for years...What is my life.


And just like that I found myself in a giant studio set up with sports balls and workout equipment. Hmmm maybe I was getting to work with some gym buffs. God I hope I'm right.

I set up the camera to the correct angle as Ezra explained the shoot. A team in front of the camera rushed around assembling the last minute touches to the set. My heart was pounding, the room was buzzing with excitement and anticipation, for what I have no idea but I could defiantly get used to working here.

The photo station was so technical. Boards and computer screens covered the desk, a team of guys working on lighting adjustments and contrast. To say I was in heaven was the understatement of the century.

Ezra waltz over looking like the super model she is, “I have to warn you about your subjects. They can be a bit of a handful but they usually pull together in the end and I will be here to help of course. They’re great guys, I‘m sure you will enjoy working with them.”

“Who is they?”

“One Direction?” She said almost as a question. My heart sank, my palms went sweaty, and it suddenly became very hard to breathe.

“I have arrived!” The studio door swung open and a voice all too familiar hit my ears like a wreaking ball.

Then it went black.



The warmth of Emma’s bed was soothing. I snuggled deeper into her arms… her a large hairy arms? I shoot up realising I wasn’t actually in Emmas bed but actually my hero’s arms.

Very safe, warm arms.

Very safe, warm arms that I should not have left this morning.


“Hey,” his voice was deep and raspy, just as I remembered. Oh this could not be happening.

Somebody get me some tequila. Or popcorn.

Or both please.

“What happened?’’ the pounding in my already pain struck head gripped my attention with all its force. Fuck tequila. I’m haven’t even recovered from last night’s tequila shots.

“I have no idea we just walked in as you clasped to the ground. Do you wanna stand up?’’ his voice was wary and cautious. He probably thought I was going to run a mile again.

Why wouldn’t I, I’ve done it before.

“Can I just sit for a little bit.” truth be told I was quite comfortable in his arms. It was a nice reminder of last night.

“Of course.” I closed my eyes and tried to remember what was actually happening right now. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders. I actually forget we weren’t alone right now.

 “You left in quite a hurry this morning.” His voice was hushed so only I could hear him, the room was large and everything echoed. His lips rested against my ear and for the first time I opened my eyes to see the scene around me. The other four boys had dismantled the set, kicking around the giant sports balls rather and sitting on them. The other crew were either watching them in amusement or watching me with concern

“Yeah.” Was my genius reply to Liam.

Hey, at least I know his name now. Right?

“The irony of this situation is totally not lost to me, Liam. Karmas a bitch.” I groaned a fell back against is chest.

I felt him grin into my hair. “At least you remember my name.”

“Grace! Oh thank God! I’m glad you ok, hows you head?” Ezra fussed over me with a cold flannel and a water bottle in hand. “Here, drink this. Liam hold this to her forehead honey.” Liam pulled me back against his chest and placed the cool towel on my face. This would have been lovely if I hadn’t just snuck out for his apartment a few hours earlier without as much as a ‘thanks for a smashing night, Darling.’

“I’ve got some lollypops in my purse, you can munch on those until the medics get here.” Medics?

“Wait, why are the medics coming, I’m fine! Honestly, let’s just get this shoot going!” I stood up slowly and awkwardly. Someone offered a hand which I gratefully accepted but regretted instantly when I can face to face with none other than one of last night’s adventures.

“I know CPR in case it happens again Ezra, you have not a thing to worry about.” His Irish drawl brought my eyes back to his lips.

Hmmm…I wonder what it would be like to kiss him?

“Fucking amazing.”

“Grace, are you sure you want to do this.” I snapped out of my little fantasy, remember that I had actually spent the rest of my evening with a completely different man. “There are plenty of other photographers around that can do this. I just wanted to see you I action, I didn’t mean to pressure you or anything,”

Ezra fussed again as I continued to set up the camera and equipment to suit the set. I had to be completely professional about this or I might just crack and run screaming from the room. It was honestly the one thing I actually wanted to do right now.

“Honestly, it’s nothing I was just having a go with the fangirling thing. I’m fine! Can we get this going.” I hated when people made a fuss over me, and right now it was a million times worse because of the giant elephant in the room.

Catchy music started up and I repositioned the camera slightly as the boys assembled themselves on the set, well…all but one.

“Harry will you please sit next to the others.” Their management team were herding them up like sheep. It was hilarious to watch.

“But they smell bad.” He groaned like a petulant child.

“Seriously Harry! How old are you.” He waltz towards me with a cheeky grin on his face. He wrapped his arms around me tightly and swayed us dramatically before…smelling me?

“What are you doing?”  Asked rather uncomfortably. I could feel every set of eyes on me right now. No doubt Liam’s were the tightest.

“What happened to the giggly, funny Grace we all know and love? You smell good, I think I will say here.” He held me tighter and leaned closer into my ear.

“Give it 3 seconds…Liam will say something don’t worry.” He leaned back to look me in the eyes and winked. “I have your phone by the way!” He fished around his pockets for my long lost phone.

“Harry, get on with it.” Liam called anxiously Harry gave me a pointed look and handed my phone.

“That’s what she said.” Harry nodded towards me. I could feel the fire in my cheeks burning into my ears. This is great.

“There it is!” Harry cheered. “All right ladies let’s get this show on the road.” He patted me on the head and jumped into his place on set.

The shoot continued to go smoothly. The boys had me giggling the whole shot which seemed to break some of the tension in the room except when the digs about Liam and I were chucked in…or Louis, I tried to avoid him as much as possible, that just wasn’t a pretty thing right down.

When I finished the shoot to boys were whisked away to get changed and ready to leave for their next port of call without as much as a ‘thanks for a smashing shot.’

“You did great.” Ezra approached me from behind as I reviewed my photos from the station. “They’re a hand full on the best of days, but you did good. How about you finished up here, and then meet me back in my office. I have a proposition for you.”

 “Defiantly! Thank you!” I let out a small squeal as I continued to look through the photos. Looking at them in all their glory had me secretly wishing one of the boys would come back through those doors so I could explain myself. There nothing worse than realising the girl you’ve been hitting on most of the night actually hooked up with your best friends on the same night. There must be some kind of guy code on that. True be told I really have no idea what this morning was about, and I really just wanted an excuse to see Liam again.

My wish was soon to come true.

I helped to put my touches on today’s shoot, out of the corner of my eye I watched Liam debate with himself whether to come over and make his presence known. I hadn’t said three words to him since after I fainted. I tried to ignore him and continue editing, but the burn of his gaze was killing me.

“Can you change the contrast on this one. The position just isn’t – uh, hey.” Finally he was close enough for me to acknowledge him

“So uh, I. Hi, again, um.” He was stuttering like an idiot but looking the sexy devil he is. “I’m sorry I just, I don’t even know.” He turn on his heal, walking away from me. I reached for his forearm, his huge forearm, I couldn’t wrap my tiny hands around them even  if I tried. 

“Hey,” He spun around, looking me in the eyes. Shit.

What’s my name again? “I uh. Shit, I don’t know man. Don’t go apologising. I was drunk, you were drunk, shall we leave it at that.” Can we not leave it at that I kinda really like you.

Wait, I was drunk, he was a sober driver. Oh shit he wasn’t drunk.

“Yeah, of course, I’ll um. See you around?”

“Yeah, bye.” I shuffled from foot to foot feeling extremely awkward.

“Ok,” he walked away and I shuffled back the photo station and face planted. Serves me right for not looking where I was going. The guy in the station wisely kept his eyes and his opinions to himself.

I was feeling rather gloomy all of a sudden.

“Who was I kidding! He’s a multi-millionaire I had a one night stand with. Forget it and move on, is that what you do? God I wish I was a dude. Youse have it so easy!” I ended up yelling at the station dude who continued to work in silence.


Rude but wise. I this took a chance to examine him. Maybe I should get his name.

“Hey, what’s your name?” I sat on the desk and nudged his spinney chair making him do a full spin.

“Todd?” Maybe this guy was the receptionist brother. He kept his head down, no emotion was on his face, more a ‘get the fuck away from me or I’ll kill you’ look.

“Cool. Todd. Toooooodd.”

“Yeah Todd. Was something else?”

“Nope. Continue Toddy Toad.” Thanks. I fiddled his pen pot

“Or maybe we could just start again.” Liam thrust his hand...large…large hand towards me. I didn’t even hear him come in. But there he was. Eyes alight, heart on his sleeve, a smile that could light up a sunless night…yeah. “But do it properly. I’m Liam.”

Shit, what if he never left and heard everything I just said.

Act naturally.

I grabbed a shock it dramatically “I’m Grace. This is Toddy Toad.” I draped my arm over Todd’s shoulder.

“You know, just Todd is fine. Thanks.” He spat, before storming away from the station.

“Thanks for a smashing shoot, Darling! See you next time.” I called after him, blowing him kissed as he stomped away. The moment the door closed I looked up to Liam.

Then his lips met mine, let the flames begin!






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