One girls, one night, one too many, 5 guys, no names, one wild night out. When Gracie ends up in bed with One Direction she has to work out which one before things turn from worse


14. Take Me Home

God, why do I feel hung-over?

What day is it again? Did I even drink last night? Jesus, what the fuck is that beeping noise.

Oh my God, make it stop or I will shove it up someone’s ass. Where the fuck am I?

My eyes snapped open and I took in the room.

Small, white, sterile.


Defiantly not my bed.

What did I do last night that put me in a hospital?

Machines lined the wall beside my bed, some beeped, some dripped, some moved. A tiny TV rested just above my bed, a chair sat parallel to it.

The bed was scratchy and hard. I could have been sleeping on a burlap sake and been a shit load more comfortable. I tried to get comfortable against the flat Stanley pillows.

“The fuck?” beside me, Liam’s head shot up. His eyes were red like he had been crying or rubbing them insistently. He does do that a lot.

Cry and rub his eyes. It makes him look so young. Bless his cotton socks.

I’ve never meet a more emotional man in my life. Liam’s the kind of guy that will cry after sex. I, thankfully haven’t experienced this yet but I fear the day I do is the day I become a lesbian and starting dating someone with a vagina.

“Hey.” His voice was rich and husky, like a Hershey’s chocolate in white and macadamia. I would kill for one of those.

For the love of God will someone stop that beeping!

“This is your fault.” I bet he was trying to get me drunk again. Expecting him to laugh it shocked the shit out of me when he started crying.

“I know! I’m so sorry, had I know this would have happened I would have assigned you security earlier! Grace, I’m so sorry, you have to understand that last thing I want to do is get you hurt, please, just. If you want to break up I completely understand!” Wait, what?

“Say something, please.” He begged. The tears kept falling like Niagara falls or some shit. I brought my hand to his face, wiping his tear with my thumb like the corny fucker I am.

“Babe, did you grow a vagina in the last few hours? I don’t know what the fuck happened. But next time you want to get me drunk and take me to bed, let’s try not end up in hospital.” I gave him a kind smile and leaned up to kiss his cheek. That’s when the pain ripped through my neck and across my chest. I cried out in pain, Liam still had a look of shock on his face.

“You don’t remember?”

“Should I, because if this headache explains anything...” I trailed down looking at my hand. I was pale and felt a little cold but there was far more pressing matters than the completion of my skin.  A single IV line was in my hand. There was a needle inside me.

A large, sharp, silver needle.



Fucking abort.

“Oh, my God. Liam please talk, distract me. Do it, please.” I moved my needle free hand, resting to hide my eyes.

“Do you remember going to work today?”  Today? Damn what day is it?

I closed my eyes trying to recall something. Anything.

Was I drunk at work?

Shit, did I swear in front of a kid?

Wait…where do I work again?

I searched the room trying to find some hint to my life. At least I remember Liam being my boyfriend. I mean, what if I ended up in some alternate universe like how in The Vow, and Rachel McAdams doesn’t realise Channing Tatum is her husband. What if my Liam…is actually my husband and the last month as been a dream that I think I lived.

What if we have ten kids and I actually was actually a free-lance photographer! And we lived in Brazil! Oh, this is far too exciting.

“Are you my husband?” I asked Liam without thinking twice, I didn’t remove my hand from my eyes in fear this world would run away from me. My mum would be super happy with this. Hell, I would be super happy with this.

What if I don’t talk to my Ma anymore?  

“What?” On my bedside table there was some trashy teenage magazine with Liam and I plastered on the front page. ‘Get the inside word on Liam’s Gal.’

It was probably from their reliable source too. Did I say reliable source?

Oh, what I meant to say was their imaginations.

Teenager Suc-

“Oh my God.” Teenagers suck.

These are my disciples and you are the chosen one.

I gripped the sheets then Liam’s hand. I could feel the air rushing away from my lungs all over again. With wide eyes I looked straight at Liam who looked back in panic, reaching for the call button.

His mouth was I over drive trying to calm me but I could make no sense of what he was saying just the white noise and screams… lots of screams. All I could hear were the waves crashing over me, preparing to pull me under one last time. 

I feel against the deli glass feeling the blackness wash over me. As I hit the ground they never relented.

“Am I dead?” I gasped, attempting to control my breathing.

How do I breathe?

What is air?

I’m dying. Shit.

Air, where are you?

“Grace, you need to calm down, or they’re going to sedate you again, please just calm down. Please,” he pleaded. Sedated me? What the fuck happened to me? And why do I really want to kiss the sexy fucker above me? I suppose that would be the best way to die.

The last thought would have been the taste of Liam, the feel of his lips and loving touches.

Kiss me damnit.

Am I in a mental institution? Because my life is not really in the business of making sense right now.

Nothing is making sense right now.

My tears feel heavy and fast. Unlike my breath which was non-existent.

“Hey, hey, hey, breathe, look at me. Breathe with me, Grace.” Liam jumped on the bed so he was straddling me at the waist. Had I not been preparing to die due to suffocation, this would be a shit hot porno.

He looked me in the eyes, coaxing me to breathe in and out like a normal person.

It’s funny how much we take our bodies for granted. It’s only when you have to remind your lungs to breathe that you realise how epic they really are.

Somewhere in the room a lady was yelling at Liam to get off me. It was all getting to much. My head was about ready to explode. The war against good and evil was coming to heads an it finally hit me.

I was ok.

“I’m ok. I am ok.” I said to myself, repeating it over and over.

The whole room stopped and looked at me like I was a crazy person fit for the Looney bin. Not ganna lie I would pass that entry test with flying colours.

Do you often hear voices in your head? Yes.

Have you ever talked to your pictures? Do having a sit down dinner with your pictures count as ‘talking’ to them?

Can you spell Hannah backwards? On a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon only.

….I’m in an institution. I can feel the souls crying all around me.

…Or is that just me.

“I think I can see the light…” it was bright and white…it was the nurse checking my eyes.

“Yeah, you’re ok.” Liam gripped my hand tighter. My life line between darkness and reality was within Liam. I took a calming breathe and a glass of water.

“What did they do to me?” I finally asked. The nurse continued to poke and prod me and made a point that Liam could now remove himself from my lap.

I was thankfully, still very much alive.

Had I been a dude right now, I would need to remove myself from the room to resolve my situation.

Liam’s eyes turned dark with pain and anger, it was frightening to watch. “When you feel to the floor, you cracked your head,” he took my hand in his, placing them just above my hairline. There was a coarse bandage dressed around my scalp, radiating with pain when I touched it, across the right side of my head.

“As soon as you feel, people started to rush forward, one girl landed on your neck. She could have kicked you or stood on you but that will be the cause of the pain when you move your head.” He then moved our hands to the base of my neck, tracing it upwards. It didn’t hurt at the touch, in fact it felt soothing to have Liam’s hand in mine.

I felt safe.

I looked up to meet his eyes, still laced with anger. Fear and disgust were creeping there way in. I took his hand to my lips, placing a kiss on his wrist.

“Is there a video I can watch? Sounds like I could get some great entertainment from this.” It was a sick joke but tension needed to be broken.

“I’m okay.” I said for his benefit. He shook his head, refusing to meet my eyes.

“This shouldn’t have happened,” the tears started to pool in his eyes. I wanted to comfort him but the nurse made her presence known. She checked the machines and whatever the fuck was running into my hand.

“Can we turn the machine off? It’s annoying,” I chuckled.

“I can switch it to mute but you’ll need to stay connected, it’s monitoring your heart rate.” She remarked in a snide tone. It was clearly monitoring my heart rate because every time Liam touched me or got angry the stupid thing went into over drive.

“He pretty much explained your injuries.” She picked up the chart connected to the end of my bed looking utterly bored with her job. “A fractured skull, you’ve bruised your neck, you’re lucky it’s not broken,” she said it like it was my fault I was here.

Honey, I just wanted to date a dude and open up the boner garage.

Calm your tits.

“It will still be tender when you move your neck. You also have a cracked rib. We need to keep you in overnight just to make sure there’s no internal bleeding as such. You should be able to go home tomorrow. But you will need to get a good grip on your anxiety attacks, it will only make your pain worse, especially in your ribs.” Damn it. That dreaded word. Anxiety attacks. I hadn’t had one of those in years.

“I’ll call the doctor and tell him you’re awake.” Her voice was sickly sweet, she wasn’t from my country. Maybe American, or Australian or South Africa. Most likely American.

“Hey,” I nudge a very depressing version of Liam, he sat with his head in his hands looking like someone had just died. “Please stop crying. I know you’re the emotional one of this relationship. But I don’t do tears, babe.” I wiped another stray tear from his cheek. “Will you lay with me?”

I didn’t have to ask twice. He slide into the bed beside me so I could nuzzle his chest. “I’m sorry,” he whispered in a small voice.

“You shouldn’t be.”

“Yeah I should.”

“Well don’t be. If you’re going to keep apologising, you should find someone that won’t kick your ass because of you obsessive apologising,” I groaned into his chest.

“I’m sorry.” He apologised again with a laugh this time. “Oh, we lost your phone, you must of had it in your pocket and it slipped out I think. So, I haven’t contacted any of your family, but I can get you a phone if you wanted to call someone. Might be a little late,” the clock on the wall read 10.46, Ma would have been in bed by 7.30. I wasn’t getting my hopes up on contacting her now.

“My mum is glued to new websites digging for information about you and I all day, she’s bound to know what happened my now anyway.”

“I’ve never asked you how she feels about you and I. I know your friends don’t exactly dig it but what about your family.”

“Oh, my friends dig it. They dig you, they just don’t dig the ‘you plus me’,” I yawned feeling the pain in my head begin to throb again.

“Ma thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. Her daughter is all over the news stations. In Brighton, I make headlines because I’m dating you,” I giggled, stopping when my ribs decided to make themselves known. I remember the day Ma rang me hysterical because I had made the front page with Liam.

“She likes to call me a Kardashian now. I think she secretly loves the fact that she can find out everything about you by just typing your name into google. By now, she probably knows more about you than I do. She never knew what google was until Bennett showed her she could look you up online. What about your family? How do they feel about you dating a commoner?” I asked in a small voice, burrowing closer against him.

He scoffed quietly “We were all commoners once. Besides, you’re my commoner.”

“Don’t take that as me agreeing to do commoner things,” I warned teasingly.

“I would never! My Mums actually wants to come down this weekend,” I sat up slightly at this revelation.

In-laws and I don’t get on too well. Last time I meet my boyfriend’s parents, not that I’d had that many boyfriends that actually wanted to introduce me to their parents, there were tears.

There were tears and flying cutlery.

I will save that story for a rainy day.

“You never said.”

“Yeah, neither did she.” He sounded slightly annoyed. He continued to run is hand up and down my arm, eyes up to the celling. 

“What does that mean?”

“She found out what happened so she wants to be here for…us,” he said, sounding rather confused about the ‘us’. If I were a Cosmo magazine, I would be reading signs of commitment issues.

“Oh.” She wants to meet me? “What have you told her about you and I?”

“Not much. Just that we’re dating and stuff.” He shrugged it off.

“And stuff? What if she doesn’t like me, though? I don’t think I can do this.” My heart started racing again, I could feel the burning in my chest from my last episode.

“Grace?” I took a deep breath in and gripped Liam’s shirt, breathing him in.  “You’re safe, I’m here. My Mum will love you,” He kissed my hair, I closed my eyes and focused on the rise and fall of Liam’s chest.

“How often do you have these?”

“Not often,” I took a deep breathe. The nurse was right. I couldn’t afford to do this all the time, my ribs were screaming in protest. “I used to have them all the time…but the first one I’ve had in a while was in the mall.” Tears trickled down my face. “I usually have them when I don’t feel safe or I’m worried or…Jake.”

“Whose Jake?”

“My brother.”

The door of my room slide open, a large man in black stood in the door way, phone to his ear. He looked like something out of the matrix.

“Your mum again, she wants to know when she should come down.” The man said.


“She says you need her…and-”

“Is she still on the phone?” He man nodded, entering the room and handing Liam the phone.

“Ma?” I smiled at how similar we are.

“Yeah, really? Well she’s still pretty weak and tired and it’s late so I- yeah, ok Ma,” Liam handed me the phone with a hefty sigh.

“She wants to talk to you. Breathe” he mouthed, gripping my hand. I took a calming breath. How bad would it be to have an anxiety attack from talking to my boyfriend’s mother?

“He-hello?” I asked with a shaky voice.

“Oh sweet girl. I am so sorry this has happened to you,” She sounded just like Liam. “Honey, I am coming down. I am going to meet you and help you through this. I cannot believe they have done this. I thought it was bad enough them following your every move. Of all the girls the boy have been with it is so unfair that my boy is the one that gets the feral fans. Are you ok honey? Is there something I can get you?”

“I’m fine Mrs Payne,” I grinned into Liam’s chest, gripping his shirt. She sounded just like Liam. Just talking to her made me feel instantly safe and at home.

“Grace, none of that. It’s Karen to you. Is Liam looking after you good or is he being a sooky la la and crying his eye out instead of being there for you.” I giggled at how accurate she was. “I’ll take that as him being a cry baby.”

“It’s a little more of the later but he is still very much looking after me.”

“That boy, I swear he was an over emotional woman in his last life. There tears come calling at the smallest things. Has he stubbed his toe yet?”

“Not that I’m aware.” I giggled.

“Oh Honey, the day he stubs his toe, call 000. Save the drama. Save his life and your ears, because he will scream the house down then moan about it for days.” I giggled as she told me stories or Liam in his childhood.

“And then on his first day of school, he stole some poor boys lunch box and threw it over the fence. I could not believe my son had done such terrible thing.” I was in hysterics when she go to the high school stories. “I was so embarrassed I seriously considered him moving schools.

“Now getting information out of my son is like pulling and elephant through a straw. I’m not sure if you have the same problem, but I sure do so I was wondering how long you two have been an item?”

“Almost two months,” This caught Liam’s attention.

“Two months huh. Well I’m sorry that it got out so early. I can understand how hard it must be to withhold a relationships. Liam seems pretty serious about you though. I’ve known my boy a long time, 21 years to be exact and I can tell when he is absolutely smitten with a lady. You, my sweet girl, are one.” I hide my face from Liam when I felt the blush rise in my cheeks.

“Okay, that’s enough.” Liam snatched the phone off me. “When will you be here? Okay I’ll send you a text when…later. We should be out of here by then anyway. She will be with me, in my bed, waited on hand and foot.” I rolled my eye “See you soon. Yeah, love you too Ma,”

“Love you ma!” I called down the line hoping she would hear me. “I love your Ma,” I said matter-of-factly. “We need to make up a new story about how we meet.” I yawned.

“Why is that,” Liam chuckled.

“Well, do you honestly want to be telling our children about the time I was grinding all over your friends before I went home with you completely drunk an out of my mind.” Shit. Did I just say kids.

“Kids huh?”

“I never said kids. I said…not kids.”

“Sleep.” Was all he said. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep effortlessly dreaming of little Liam Jr’s running around causing trouble.

I was discharged the next morning, with the all clear for anything nasty like internal bleeding.

Outside the hospital there were paparazzi in the hundreds along with screaming girls because you can never have enough of them. Apparently, me being trampled is big news and everyone wants to see the dead girl walking. Because in all terms of the word, I am pretty dead to most people, just listen to their screams.

And read there tweets.

And their giant protest signs.

As I signed my life away for the final time and collected half the pharmacy to take home with me, Liam introduced me to The Mob.

The Mob of Directional Security.

I actually felt like I was intruding on a briefing for a secret drug bust or something. Liam kept a protective hand at the base of my back, every now and then whispering words of comfort in my ear.

I took a benzodiazepines to hopefully prevent another cascading panic attack from gripping me while on our secret mission to the car.

Liam got frustrated every time a rude remark came from outside. He would place his hands behind his head letting out an exaggerated sigh. This would cause hysteria because ‘LIAM’S LOOKING AT ME.’

It made me a little sick. I get that this is what I kinda signed up for but I just want to get to my car and right now…I didn’t think that would happen without army tanks and machine guns on hand.

They had plans set in stone. We walk, don’t talk, get in the car and drive.

Soon the police arrived and were caught up with the plans. There was no way for us to leave without being bombarded. Most exits had crowds and long walks which we couldn’t risk. Even from a back exit there was a sea of people waiting and ready. We were t allowed to tame the emergence exits… those were for emergency only. The underground was too dangerous as was the front entrance.

 Liam and I had three security guards each to lead us to the car. Before we left the building Liam gave me a quick kiss sending cameras and screams to space.

“Be careful. I’ll see you soon,” he left a lingering kiss on my forehead.

I knew Liam wasn’t going to let me die, but I was still pretty sure that my judgement day was coming pretty soon.

Liam went before me fighting his way past cameras, then it was my turn. I put my sunglasses on hoping it would hide the fear and most likely tears in my eyes. I ignored everyone’s calls of abuse, even if there were well wishes the calls of ‘slut’ and ‘I wish I killed you’ and ‘you’re not even, pretty I don’t get it’ went down like a spoon full of sugar.

Charging forward with my head down, mindful of the pavement. When the pushing started so did the tears. I swear the car was moving farther and farther away. Every step closer I took was another step in the wrong direction. I hugged myself, trying to hold it all together. The world has already seen my pass out once. We don’t need another re-run of that thank you very much.

“We’re almost there Gracie, deeps breathes.” I jumped into the jet black car, collapsing into Liam’s waiting arms. I left like I was in another universe. I always dreamed of being a superstar actor or performer, for the spotlight to be on me. For people to be calling my name. Now, I got the fame and the glory and the guy.

But I only wanted the guy!

“I promise you it will get easier,” he whispered in my ear as we speed off to Liam’s apartment.

When we arrived at Liam’s apartment complex, there were more paparazzi then there were cars in London city. “This is crazy!”

“Can we go to my house? I’m too scared, Liam. It can’t do it again.” I pleaded quietly.

“Ok,” he kissed my head and instructed the driver to take us to my home.  I needed the comfort of my home right now. I needed my bed, Justin Timberlake and Kimyo Chinese takeout.

Shit was getting intense and I also needed to change my undies.

I prayed a thousand times over that there would be no one at my house but a hot bath and ‘Friends with Benefits’ ready and waiting for me.

My apartment was thankfully clear.

I got out of the car and reached my hand out for Liam. “You coming? I’m going to need someone to help me eat ice cream.” I forced a grin. I knew that face. He wasn’t coming.

“In a perfect world, I would go home. We would go our separate ways and I wold let you live your life the way you deserve to live it.” He slid out of the door, closing it softly behind him. “Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world and what kind of person would I be to pass up ice cream.” He wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him.

“A complete idiot that’s who.” I grinned up at him, leaning for a kiss. “My idiot.”

“Mhhh, your idiot. You know what I think we need?”

“To go inside?” I hinted walking backwards towards the door, may arms still securely around his waist.

“I was thinking a holiday, was what we needed but I mean, yeah, we should go inside.” He released me take me hand and walking towards my apartment.

I stood frozen with a goofy grin on my face. “Like a romantic getaway?”

He grinned. “Sure. Romantic.” He chuckled suspiciously then waved off the guys in the car.

“What’s with the laugh Evil Kanevil.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Come young one. The couch awaits your cute little ass.”



SORRY, SORRY, SORRY, SORRY, SORRY, SORRY. Truly. Life is like...mental right now. I will be trying harder. Please comment and let me know what you think 

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