One girls, one night, one too many, 5 guys, no names, one wild night out. When Gracie ends up in bed with One Direction she has to work out which one before things turn from worse


9. Save It For The Car Pumkin

Hey...sorry? No excuses. Its totally a year since the last post. Bet you lost all hope. Soz but here's a new chapter followed by another hopefully today because you totally deserve it if anyone is actually still reading. This is a boring chapter hence why I haven't posted in a year cause i thought t was dumb. But here it is followe by another soon. Sorry xx


Antonia xx


I continued my assault of soft kisses on her butter sweet lips. She giggled in the only way Gracie does. The musical sound sent butterflies to my stomach. "I had a good time tonight," she draped her spent body over me putting one fist on top of the other on my chest, balancing her chin on them. Her scoring brown eyes looked up at me through her thick lashes. How was she so beautiful?

I swept a stray strand of hair off her face "Me, too." Her smile was breath taking. She burrowed deep into my side, curling herself up into a ball. We sat in silence, I stroked her silky smooth arm, up and down, the pattern was hypnotising. I felt my eye lids getting heavy with the motion. “Gracie, what are you doin’ tomorrow?” I mumbled incoherently. I looked down at my sleeping beauty. Her breathing had evened out, her hooded eyes and all I could hear her soft sniffles. She still wore the cutest smile, even in her sleep she was breath taking.

I grinned up at the ceiling feeling pretty darn happy with myself.

I had won.

Finally, I had nagged the girl! Every night I would watch the boys fight for a new girl, the victorious one would win her over by playing all his cards with ridiculous antics. ‘That’s the fun part’ so they say. I knew, the moment I laid eyes on her talking to her friends, she was going to be trouble. I could see it in her eyes, her plain confusion and excitement by talking to each of the lads.

I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. I had probably the most beautiful girl in my arms right now and it was all due to me and my pettiness. I knew as soon as Niall walked out of the bathroom with a Cheshire cat smile and eyes shining, playing Mr. Nice guy wasn’t going to cut it this time round.  

If she was to be mine, I had to pull all the stops out. Louis clearly had the same idea, getting Niall drunk and making him sick was all apart of his plan for world domination but I think she pushed a few of his buttons. Last time I saw him was when he stormed out of the bar looking like someone had killed his dog.

I slumped further into the bed, pulling Grace closer. Her small body wrapped around mine perfectly. I brushed the hair away from her peaceful face before I pressed a light kiss on the tip of her button nose. She was everything any guy could want and I’d know her all of 3 hours. That night I went to sleep grinning the whole night through.


I woke to an empty bed and a horrendous thud. "Shit, fuck! Fucking shit a brick!"

“Grace?” I sat up slowly, scratching the back of my neck. Grace’s dress and bra were missing off the floor, her phone still on the bed side table and her shoes sat lopsidedly at the end of the bed.

I grabbed some boxers out of the draw and went in search of my lady. “Gracie?” I sang her name through the apartment. No sign of life. She wouldn’t have left would she? I checked the lounge, the guest bathroom, the kitchen, even the study. No one return my calls and quirks. I was alone once again.

I could hear Niall’s boisterous laugh coming from the other side of the front door. I rolled my eyes and went straight to it, opening the door for them.

“Morning sunshine!” Harry chirped. “We come baring gifts of hangover cures and McDonalds breakfast.” I flogged them off and headed to the lounge.

“We just saw your company sneaking out the elevator,” Niall chuckled and he dished out the meals in the McDonald bag. I sunk into my couch a gassed out the giant glass windows dominating my lounge. I would have loved to have my breakfast with Gracie while overlooking the Thames, instead I’m sharing it with beeves and butt head.

“We’ll played last night Payno! I thought for sure Niall had her after that bathroom incident. But you…you just swooped in and stole her little heart,” Harry nudged me as he stuffed a whole pancake in his cakehole. “Then again, Niall didn’t really fight for her attention after that.” Harrys eyebrows raised in confusion.

“Hey! It’s not my fault! I would have, but bloody Lou kept topping me up and palming me off to other woman. Oh and uh thanks for taking me home Li,” Niall chuckled sheepishly.

I chuckled at his innocence. “That was a part of Lou’s plan too. Get you drunk and me to take you home so he got Gracie,” I said reaching for my orange juice. Damn I loved MacDonald OJ.

“That fucker! I totally had her too, man! We were like going hard out till those dicks walked in,” Niall grumbled and continued stuffing his face. “But I mean, you won fair and square. I solute you.” Niall bowed in his seat. “Did you rock her world Payno?” he added.

Harry chucked my pillows at the corndog in the corner “She completely ignored us as she left, Niall. He can’t of rocked it that much if she was embarrassed to be seen leaving his apartment.”

“Hey! I take offence to that!” I retorted. “I don’t know guys, I hardly even remember a thing,” Truth be told I remember every second. Every moan, every arch of her back. Her soft silky skin and soulful brown eyes, I could help but shake the feeling that there was more to her than meets the eye. Man, not even 12 hours with her and I’ve already turned to mosh.

“Cheer up old pal! She’s a one night stand, it’s not as if you’re going to marry the woman. Oh, Harry show him the thing…” Niall stuffed his face with hot cakes, Harry grinned and passed me his phone. “Read it out to us! It gets funnier every time!” Niall was already in a state of hysteria and I hadn’t even read the title.

Louis’s flushed face sat below the protruding title “Chains and Whips X-Cite Me!” My eyes almost popped out of my head as I looked to the lads and sent Niall into another fit of laughter.

Harry laughed at my expression “Right! And that’s just the title. Come on! Keep reading!”

“Life is all about the fun and games for One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson. During a late night rendezvous with a mysterious brunette last night, sources say the he confided to the brown haired bombshell about his interesting taste BDSM.”

Niall chocked on his drink due to his excessive laughing. My eye brow shot up in surprise. “Is this for real?”

“Keep reading!” Harry urged. “It gets better,” He shot a look at Niall.

“Sources say the 20 year old pop star admitted to having a ‘horse fetish’ but refused to go into any further details with his lady company. He was then compared to ’50 Shades Of Grey’s’ Christen Grey admitting he liked the idea of chains and whips. Sources revealed the couple looked cosy together and at one point lay in the garden together. When a patriot questioned if the two were ok the brunette asked for a physiatrist, presumably for Tomlinson.”

Niall clutched his stomach with laughter. I had read so pretty far-fetched rumours I my life but this by far was the best one yet. “Asked for a physiatrist, presumably for Tomlinson!” Harry imitated. “So I guess that explains him cutting his chase loose.”

I kept reading down the page.

 “It was certainly an eventful night for the One Direction lads. All five of the boys were spotted with the same brunette during various stages of the evening. One source revealed he and his friends walked in on her and Tomlinson’s Irish band mate, Niall Horan, during an intense lip-lock in the men’s bathrooms. The two had their hands all over each other and Horan became very protective of the brunette when the men entered.”

Harry and high shared a high five. I shot Niall a glare “Hey! Don’t look at me like that alright! You know how we play…and you hadn’t even meet her then! No need to get territorial Payno. Keep reading.”

I sighed and continued down the page.

“The same brunette was also witnessed chatting to Zayn Malik during the beginning of the evening, she danced with Harry Styles and pictured leaving in a taxi at 11:47 with One Direction’s Liam Payne. No word on who the mysterious Brunette is, but we have a feeling there will be trouble in One Direction paradise.”

Considering she was sneaking out at 7am I have a feeling there will be no word. Like ever. I heaved a sigh and sunk back into the couch. I had heard some pretty outrageous rumours about all of us but this was by far the most farfetched article I have ever read. No doubt twitter is blowing up right now.

“Did you rock her world man?” Niall wiped his face with a napkin. I replied by throwing a pillow at his smug face.

“That’s a yes,” Harry replied just as smugly. He got himself comfy by resting his feet across my lap. I shoved them off honestly not in the mood to be discussing this at 7am.

“What are you two doing here this early anyway? And how are you not hung over?” I shot at Niall rubbing my forehead forcefully, yearning for my bed…and my girl. Maybe she just went out to get breakfast? Oh who am I kidding, she’s run a mile and who can blame her. I bet twitter is on fire with indirect hate towards her.

“Eh, we just wanted to come check in, make sure you were still alive.” Harry flipped around resting his head on my lap. “For all we know you were sucked up by some she devil and lying in a ditch somewhere on the French boarder,” He pulled out his phone and began tapping away. “Also we have that interview at 8.30 and we have a photoshoot at 10.20. Things got pretty hot and heavy on the dance floor last night huh,” Harry nudged my chin with his foot.

“In the beginning, I was playing along then but man…she was, she was something.”

“She’s an amazing kisser too,” Niall grinned nostalgically.

“If I wasn’t so early in the morning I would kick your sorry ass into tomorrow Horan.”

“Ladies! Ladies! Settle down now. How about we settle this with some good ole’ fashion Wii boxing match!” Harry rubbed his hands together in anticipation. Niall and I groaned in unison. Harry loved a good game of Wii, but sadly Harry was the only one in that boat.

“How about we just…I don’t know, hug it out? Brother to brother?” Niall smiled sweetly at me.

“Sure! Why not!” I stood up reaching for a hug but instead went for the always effective sack tapped him, making him curl over in pain.

“The fuuuuuck! Dude! That shit is NOT cool!” he groaned as he fell to the floor in a heap. Harry laughed aloud and clapped me on the back as I joined him on the couch.

“You’re the shiz my friend,” Harry wheezed out in between his laughter. I chuckled with him at Niall’s crippled body. “You asked for it brother.” Was all Harry said before the digs on me and Gracie began.

“So any complaints from the neighbours last night?” Harry ribbed me.

“Naaah man! He’ll be getting rounds of applause from those fine citizen. Am I right, or am I right?” Niall added.

“Will you two quit it, I have a big enough head ache without you two in my ear,” I groaned and stomped off towards the kitchen. A collection of Awwww and Poor Liam’s followed behind. I slumped against the kitchen counter, deciding how to make my next move. I know she was just a one night stand and maybe she see it as that too, but maybe she saw it as more too. I know we shared a connection. It was something so foreign and new to me it was hard to comprehend. But it was there, and it was real.

By 7.40 I had had enough of the pointless jabs and puns from my so called best friends and decided to hit the showers and get ready from the crazy day ahead. I always loved a good shower, it gave me a chance to run things over in my mind.

I stood motionless and let the steaming water cascade down my aching back. I rubbed my apricot body scrub over my abs and around my arms. I loved the smell of this shit, but today I had other things on my mind. Enjoying the scent of my body wash…sadly wasn’t one. Everywhere I touched I washed away a memory of Grace’s feather soft touch against my body. Everywhere I looked I imagined Gracie, against the wall, against the door, on the floor, on the sink. My mind was taking over in the worst was possible.

I was scared I was legitimately growing a vagina. One night and I can’t do anything without her invading my mind, heart and soul. How was this possible?

I gripped my hair and tried not to pull to hard because that would just remind me of Grace, but thinking about not pulling to hard was making me think of Grace anyway so I was shit out of luck. I gave up on showering, it was too much effort. I wrapped a towel around my waist but stopped short when I heard voices behind the door.

“Hello?...Hello? Whose this?...I asked you first…Ohhhh! Gracie huh, to what do I owe the pleasure…Uh really?” I choose that moment to walk out of the bathroom and find out what was going on. Harry was in my bed on a phone. Grace’s phone. “Oh hey look! Speak of the devil here he is now! In a towel, are you picturing this?…Did you wanna T- No I’m here…yeah I got ya…You sure?” Harry shot me a cautious look, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Of course but-…No, no I got you. Well it was a pleasure, as always, talking to you Gracie…I will guard it with my life! Much love darling. TTYL.” With that Harry hung up on the phone while I searched through my draws trying not to act like I cared what the conversation was about.

“Who was that?” I asked attempting to sound uninterested? “What are you doing in here anyway?”

“That was Gracie, she wants her phone back. And I was having a nap.” He muttered sheepishly. “Only got like maybe…three hours sleep last night. Niall’s out to it on the couch and Paul will be here in 10 to pick us up. So get dressed!” Harry jumped off my bed towards the door.

“Wait!” I followed behind him like a lost puppy “What did Grace say?” I asked impatiently. Screw subtlety.

“Oh but you were pulling off the macho ‘I don’t care what she wants’ act so well!” He teased sarcastically. “Just get dressed man!” He flagged me off so he could raid my pantry. I groaned loudly and stormed off to get changed.

Throwing on the first cleanish smelling thing I found I raced out the door behind the lads who now joined by Paul.

“I hope you had fun last night,” he clapped me on the back as I stepped into the lift. “Cause you are about to walk into a shit storm.” And h wasn’t kidding.

Flashes from every directon, not the welcoming kind either, like a hundred million knives in your eyes taking away every sense your body held with every snap. As soon as we hit the lobby the carnage began. The side walk was 40 deep of paparazzi yearning to get that million dollar shot. I hope they missed Grace, waking up to paparazzi on your door step is hard for anyone to get a grip on.

“Niall, what are your thoughts on Louis fetish?”

“Niall did you get him good?”

“Who won the ladies heart this time gentlemen?”

“Where can I hire your prostitute Liam? Did you get a good morning kiss?” I almost lost it. Luck for him I had Paul in my ear nudging me further with every flying insult.

“Cool, calm and collected. Save it for the car pumpkin.” And I did.

“The sooner these fuckers become illegal the sooner I can actually enjoy my life,” I sunk into my seat ad pulled in my headphones, letting the soothing sounds cloud my mind as we speed towards today first form of torcher.

And the way you move
I won't close my eyes
It takes a man to live
It takes a woman to make him compromise







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