One girls, one night, one too many, 5 guys, no names, one wild night out. When Gracie ends up in bed with One Direction she has to work out which one before things turn from worse


8. Piece By Piece


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I pulled the heavy down duvet up over my head and burrowed deeper into...the sleeping naked man next to me.

Ah fuck!

The clock on his bed side table read 7:32 and the sun was starting the stream through the windows encasing the room with furious speed. My eyes slapped shut in protest of me trying to open them to quickly.

How did I get here again?

I craned my neck to check out my surroundings, but it too screamed in protest with a throbbing pain pulsating down my neck.

Beside me lay a sleeping angle barely covered by a sheet riding at his waist.

I carefully removed myself from the sleeping gentleman on top of me, cautious not to wake his peacefulness. But god he was adorable. He managed wrapped his hot and oh so sexy body around mine like a boa-constructor.

His deep, brown floppy hair was mattered against his face and the pillow. His mouth was slightly agape; his soft snores were the only noises I could hear. I grinned at his perfection, but stopped short when I realized one; I’d just slept with him, two; his name was still lost in the outer stratosphere of my mind and three; I spent the night with a stranger!

This was so bad! I cannot believe I slept with a complete, but I must admit, extremely beautiful stranger.

I couldn't take the sheet with me without waking up the sleeping He Devil. I grabbed a black throw blanket at the end of his bed and covered myself up best I could before creeping across the carpeted floors to grab my bra and dress. The remains of my panties weren't salvageable; I'd leave them as a souvenir.

The room was just as grand as I remembered it, fit for a king that’s for sure. My drunken fog had now lifted and left me with a killer headache. To add to my killer headache, aching thighs and my down stairs was throbbing like a bitch in heat.

I grabbed my dress and left the room as quietly as I could. Last thing I needed was for him to wake up, that would involve me facing up to my mistake. With the killer hangover I have right now I doubt either would be pretty.

Actually, no him waking up would be pretty. His sleepy eyes stop Grace! This is so ridiculous.

I got dressed then realised my shoes were missing.

-‘And then I was naked. Except for my shoes'-

He must've taken the off me after I went to sleep! Fuck it. Just another souvenir for the He Devil I guess.

I sneaked down the hall way searching left and right for an exit. I should have paid more attention when we came in last night. I came into the living room and stood to admire the view before I left. I would have loved to do this last night in the He Devils glorious company...but he was otherwise occupied.

I touched the great windows and looked out beyond the river. The boats lined the strip like a great interstate, constantly busy and full. I had to be up at least 8 stories, this had to be one if the best views in the city. Or maybe that was the He Devil lying unconscious in his massive bed.

Maybe I should leave a note. Or maybe I should get my ass out of here and find some bloody aspirin!

Good plan!

I held my head in pain, too much thinking for one day.

Continuing to the door I was stopped by a wall full of plaques and awards. Blimps, Bandi's and Surfboards stood side by side along with dozens of giant gold records inscribed with various nonsense.

Who is this guy?

‘What makes you beautiful - One Direction 6x Platinum in Australia’

‘Take Me Home #1 in 19 Countries’

I think I just choked on my saliva...

'One Direction' 'One Direction 'One Direction' the wall was filled with 'One Direction'.

Maybe there was a rational reason for this, maybe he was just a massive fan, and he just happened to have replicas of Blimps and Bambi's or…maybe I just had a meaningless shag with a member of One Direction…

The thought alone sent me running towards the door and into a coat hanger.

The shiny, well polished coat hanger crashed to the ground with a horrendous thump, taking the top of my toe with it.

"Shit, fuck! Fucking shit a brick!" I bit my tongue and swallowed my pain trying to keep as quiet as possible. I flipped the coat stand upright and slipped through the door closing it softly then bolted to the elevator.

I stepped into an elevator with 3 men dressed in business attire lugging their brief cases and mutually boring expressions, a small blonde woman with a squabbling baby and another woman who seemed to be in the same boat as me. I walked in sheepishly wearing nothing but a really short dress and my bra. I received a few leers from the old men, this was probably more action than they got in a week. Not my finest moment.

I searched through my dress for my phone. I had so many pockets in this thing it doubled as a storage unit, but was at a loss this time. No phone.

I groaned and banged my head agonist the elevator wall, Ruby was going to have my nuts for leaving her and Ali last night and not calling.

The elevator came to a stop on ground level, I stepped off just in time to look up into the dearing eyes of Dimples. I felt my cheeks explode with embarrassment and my eyes widen in surprise. Ooooh this was not happening! I bowed my head and scampered towards the door praying he didn't recognise me. My preys weren’t answered today danmit.

Serves you right for sleeping with strangers!’ My conscious laced up her army boots preparing to kick my sorry ass.

Instead of one person taking noticed of me…anothig choose that moment to make his voice heard "Harry, that's the chick I told you bout'," it was a quiet whisper but unfortunately I heard it loud and clear which means so did the rest of the lobby.

I kept my head down, eyes trained on the door. I could feel the tips of my eyes burning with sweet embarrassment and what felt like a million eyes blazing against my exposed back.

Ya know…There were a lot of people out for 7 in the morning on a Sunday that's for sure.


"Grace! Remember me?" Keep walking, keep walking, keep walking! "Gracie!"

I flung the door open and all but sprinted down the road on the lookout for a cab.

This was the worst, I had just strung along 5 maybe 6 guys in the same night from the same band! I knew they were interrelated somehow!

One Fucking Direction.

How typical.


"The end." I whispered up at Emma. I transported my mind back to Emma’s room. Her eyes were wide and calculating. Mine were tired and smudged with makeup.

"Ok, so you slept with one but you don't know which one. Who was the other guy with dimples?" Emma asked thoughtfully. I flipped my mind back to half an hour ago when I saw their faces.

"I honestly couldn't tell you. I never saw his face. Like, maybe…brown eyes?"

"But you said the guy had brown eyes right," she groaned as she unplugged her tablet, pulling it to her lap.

"I think he did." I lay back and closed my eyes. Images of his dark, ashend eyes bombarded my mind in a series of flashes.

Most were lustful.

Some were playful.

Some were concerned.

But all were dark. I smiled at the memory of him telling me how he was staying in his weekend home. The twinkle in his eyes as he came down from his high.

Argh! Stop.

"What are you grinning at," Emma poked my side.

"Nothing." I shook my head of the images.

Emma placed her tablet on my stomach. I sat up to examine the screen. "Ok, so see if you can pick out who’s who in this picture. Hey, do you want anything to eat? I’m starving!” She groaned, clutching her stomach.

A picture of five ridiculously gorgeous and familiar faces grinned up at me. "This is them?" I asked cautiously.

She nodded slowly, leaning against her door frame. Her green eyes shone in amusement "That is them.”

I closely examined the photo hoping to gain some of the earlier moments during the evening with at least one of them. The five of them looked dashingly handsome dressed to the 9’s in grey and charcoal suits. ‘2012 Brit Awards’ was plastered all over the wall behind them. First on the right was the Leprechaun, his blond hair gave him away.

Emma returned chucking an apple at me. “Eat. Any luck?” She flopped on the bed beside me.

“I’ve remembered one. This one,” I pointed to the blonde hair beauty grinning up at me “He’s the Leprechaun.”

Emma chuckled, crunching into her apple. “I could have told you that. That’s Niall Horan. He makes up the Irish part of the Irish-English boy band ma’ love. Who else?”

“Well…Who do you know then?” Clearly I was the wrong person for this job. Emma seemed to know all the in’s and out’s with these lads.

“Oh no, no. You work it out,” I looked back to the picture.

“Fine, next to him is Brown eyes-”

“Zayn Malik.” She cut me off bluntly.

“Then Dimples,”

“Harry Styles,” She grinned at the mention of his name.

“He was the one I saw in the elevator this morning,” I told her matter-of-factly. “Ok, but these last two...I’m stuck.”

She took the table from my hands “Ahhhh, as are most people who don’t really know who One Direction but still manage to find their way into one’s bed.” She deadpanned “Ok so going off your description we have Mr. Strips,” She pointed to the grinning blue eye’d gent. The first thing that came to my mind was us in the garden, and me completely embarrassing myself in the meantime.

“He doubles as Louis Tomlinson’s by day and that only leaves...Liam Payne as your Hero.” She chuckled.

“You came up with the weirdest names you know. Personally, would have gone for Professional Sex Slave or Mr. Fuckhotpussylips.” She literally rolled over laughing at her ridiculous names. “You should mention that to them when you meet up,” She winked. I was about to protests until Emma's phone vibrated violently on the bed next to her belting out ‘Last Friday Night’ by Katy Perry, the tell-tale signs Ruby was calling.

She grinned down at me "Oh you are in sooo much trouble Gracie Lou!" She slid the bar to answer her phone. "Ruby Doo! What can I do fo...have I seen Grace? Yeah, she's right here," she handed her phone to me mouthing 'Ruby'.

Before I could even get a hello I was cut off with Ruby's nagging "Where the hell have you been! You were dancing like right next to me, then the bar closed and you...You were gone! Like nowhere to be seen! And we...I called the police and they hadn't seen you! And your phone will have like a million messages right now! I take no responsibility for I will, but what the fuck happened to you?!" She screeched down the phone.

I held the phone away from my ear "Slow down," I drawled down the phone. My head was throbbing all I wanted to do was sleep but instead I now had to try put the pieces of my broken night back together.

Cue collective sigh!

"Slow down?!" Ruby screeched down the phone again. "Grace I've had no sleep, I've been trying to find you all night! Ali fucked off with the bar tender. Oh and I split my dress walking down the stairs. So...Gracie Louise. What did you get up to last night?"

I groaned into the nearest pillow "We'll to put a long story short I-"

"There no such thing. Just tell the fucking story Grace," she snipped in a curt tone. She called me Grace too, shit just got serious.

I explained in the shortest form I could the events of last night and this morning. She um’ed and ah’ed and Oh My God’ed at all the right parts. I just flopped around the bed like a retarded fish and dreamed of a land far away where last night never happen and I was currently curled up in bed watching re-runs of ‘I’m A Celebrity’.

If only, if only.

“Is Em there with you! Put her on speaker!” I put the phone to speaker mode. “Trust her to fall into bed with One Direction!” Ruby and Emma cackled together.

“I’m still here you know,” I sighed. I grabbed Em’s tablet again and blocked out the conversation the two were having.

I cautiously typed One Direction into Google. I had heard of a few of their songs, but they never gripped my attention unlike the two information diggers beside me and of course my little sister who was in love with them. Her world was revolved around One Direction. I knew that much, but for now I think I will keep this from her…

I scrolled through numerous pictures of all 5 of the boys. Each photo different but all the same. I exited out of pictures and into news. Plastered all over the front page was a bold and disturbing head line “Chains and Whips X-cite Me!” below the headline was the face of a boy all too familiar for my eyes. I read further into the paragraph.

“Life is all about the fun and games for One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson. During a late night rendezvous with a mysterious brunette last night, sources say the he confided to the brown haired bombshell about his interesting taste BDSM. Sources say the 20 year old pop star admitted to having a ‘horse fetish’ but refused to go into any further details with his lady company. He was then compared to ’50 Shades Of Grey’s’ Christen Grey admitting he liked the idea of chains and whips. Sources revealed the couple looked cosy together and at one point lay in the garden together. When a patriot questioned if the two were ok the brunette asked for a physiatrist, presumably for Tomlinson.”

I gasped loudly. This could not be happening! They had totally twisted my words and outted my Stripy as a freak!

“No, no, no, no!” I muttered biting my bottom lips harshly.

“What’s wrong?” Ruby questioned sounding concerned I silenced her with my hand and continued to read the nightmare.

Oh yeah, there was more.

“It was certainly an eventful night for the One Direction lads. All five of the boys were spotted with the same brunette during various stages of the evening. One source revealed he and his friends walked in on her and Tomlinson’s Irish band mate, Niall Horan, during an intense lip-lock in the men’s bathrooms. The two had their hands all over each other and Horan became very protective of the brunette when the men entered.

The same brunette was also witnessed chatting to Zayn Malik during the beginning of the evening, she danced with Harry Styles and pictured leaving in a taxi at 11:47 with One Direction’s Liam Payne.

No word on who the mysterious Brunette is, but we have a feeling there will be trouble in One Direction paradise.

 “Oh no, no, no, no!” My heart sank. This was all my fault! I scrolled further down the page, three pictures were lined one beneath the other. The first was of the 5 five boys, they looked to be on some talk show, the second was of me and Strips by the outdoor bar and the third was of me and my Hero leaving the bar. Thank God they didn’t get us in the cab.

I went back to the news page and typed in ‘One Direction’. Emma’s tablet flooded with new articles of the boys ‘Wild Night Out’ ‘With Flirtatious Brunette’s’. Each article shared the same story line and the same pictures just from a different angle. None were flattering on my behalf and none were easy for me to read. I was so embarrassed.

Emma ripped the tablet from my hands. “What has gotten into you?”

“Here,” I gestured for her to hand the tablet back, her eyes told me she didn’t trust me “Seriously Em, let me get the write article to show you.” I ripped the tablet back off her and choose a suitable article for Emma to read. One that didn't make me sound like a using hoe bag.

Emma read out the article to Ruby. The two of them cackled together while I died in shame.

This seriously couldn't get any worse!

"Well hey, at least you know who you slept with right?" Ruby comforted me between giggles.

“Emma I need your phone.”

“But I’m using it!” She protested.

“Please…” I gave her my best puppy eye look and hoped for the best.

Emma rolled her eyes playfully “Fine. Ruby I’ll ring you later,” She handed me her phone

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to ring my phone and hope someone picks it up,” I sighed heavily. I had a gut feeling this could go wrong. I punched in the numbers slowly and ghosted my figures over the call button.

Emma grinned at me “Oh come on! Hurry up will you. We haven’t got all day.” She rolled her eyes when I looked up for some form or reassurance.

“I cant do it with you watching my,” I whined petulantly.

“Why do you have performance anxiety or some shit? Just press the button Grace!” I ignored the rude tone in her voice and pressed the ‘call’ button.

One ring.

Two rings.

Three rings.

“Hello?” It was him. His voice was raspy and full of sleep.




And thats all she wrote... =D Chapter 9 is in the works and I wanna know what YOU wanna read. Will it be LIAM POV or GRACE POV? Comment below and let me know what YOU want to see! Its in your control now!

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