One girls, one night, one too many, 5 guys, no names, one wild night out. When Gracie ends up in bed with One Direction she has to work out which one before things turn from worse


7. Now Or Never


Okeeey, so I hope your enjoying TROUBLE! This chapter is fro mature audiences, it contains language and sexual references that may offend some people. OMG I've always wanted to do that! Ok! so here we go, its the moment you've all been waiting for...maybe. Heeeeeeres Trouble!



“So from there I went to the bar, I danced some more. I danced a lot more actually.” I looked up to make sure I still had Emma’s full attention attention. I pulled the duvet further up my body to get more comfortable. Emma’s bed was rock solid because of her bad back so getting comfortable was probably never going to happen anyway. One Emma realised I’d stopped talking, she gestured for me to keep talking. I smirked up at her and continued. “While on the dance floor I danced with someone,”

“It’s the Hero!” She burst out excitedly.

“No-” I sat up straight to look Emma in the eyes.

“Dimples! Oh my God it was him!”

“Emma! Will you let me finish! Please!”

“Sorry…but it was Dimples right?”

“Noooo!” I groaned loudly, flopping back on the bed. I kept my hand securely over my face.

“Okay! I’m sorry, keep going!”

“I can’t,” I groaned into my hand. Emma was going to kill me when she found out the rest of the story…maybe I could just do a little editing. A little lie won’t hurt…right?

No Gracie! No lies! Not now! Not never! 

Ok so lying was out of the equation.

“You can! It was getting so juicy too! C’mon Gracie!” Emma whined, prying at my tense arms. Truth is I was ashamed of what I had done. I had slept with a guy and I didn’t know his name, his eye colour! I don’t even remember what shirt he wore! Not that he wore it for long anyways.

Emma’s phone vibrated furiously against her vintage blue dresser. I remember having tea parties on that table when Emma and I were 6 years old. The memory of simpler times made me smile.

“Don’t smirk at me Grace! I will get this out of you,” She grumbled as she answered her phone. “Hi Mum,” Emma rolled her eyes dramatically, she enjoyed conversing with her mother just as much as the next person.

I sank back into Emma’s pillows and closed my eyes, and softly drifted back into the memories of last night.


All I wanna do is love your body, Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh,

Tonight’s your lucky night I know you want it

Ruby and I danced and sang at the top of our voices too one of thee most amazing songs in history. If I ever met Christina Aguilera, I’d totally turn gay for her. The dance floor was filling up and Ruby and I were pushed up against each other. I was never a dancer, but I was actually enjoying myself for once. I think the excessive amounts of alcohol consumed in the last 3 hours had something to do with that though.

I began to move a little more freely. The hands came into my actions, my hips swaying to the sweet beat.

Through my drunken haze I could spy my mysterious men in various corners of the room. I had a feeling they all knew each other. That made me feel a little…awkward.

Suddenly I felt hands grasp my waist. Unlike the last time someone’s hands were on my hips, this time I felt safe, and familiar “How about we finish that dance?” His breath was sweet and hot on my neck. Assuming it was the reconciliation of I was lost as to which one it was, but I was too drunk to care as well.

The so morphed into some erotic fast passed song. It wasn’t exactly erotic but I like the word erotic. It just rolls of your tongue. Say it with me now.

Erotic…see what I mean!

Hands were now on my hips and sliding up my stomach in a sultry fashion. Is that even a term?

The light pulsated around us, sending me into an electric coma.

So we don't care what the people say
and we don't care what they want to do
and we don't care about it anymore
we do what we want

I didn’t know this song but I kinda liked it. It was easier to move when words were being punctuated. You just through your body into it like an epileptic fish.

‘I ain't wasting a no more time
It’s now or never I'm about to get mine
It's now or never I'm about to get mine It's now or never’

I swung my arms around and pretended I knew the words to the song.

It's now or never
Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa It's now or never.’

It’s now or never Gracie.

“Go.” I whispered to no one in particular, I think it was my sub-conscious controlling me from the outside.

I gripped the hand of my beautiful stranger, and spun myself around so I was pushed against him. 

“Well hi there,” I dear not meet his eyes, but his voice was so seductive and sweet. The temptation was strong and that would ruin the whole effect of being in Stranger villi. I do realize how dangerous this could be. But what’s the harm in a little fun.

Rape, murder, drug addiction. Just to name a few.

Obviously he was thinking the same thing, not about rape and drug addiction obviously, but taking the chance! His hands connected with mine and we were dancing. Slow dancing, but to a fast song. I wouldn’t consider my ‘dancing’ actual dancing though. I tend to look like a retarded fish when I dance so I try to limit it to my lounge when I’m all alone.

He pressed his nose to mine and fought for the dominance of my eye. Not today buddy.

I ground my hip into him stronger, but looking down I realize I was actually dry humping his leg. Damn him and his tallness.

“Wait, is it even a him?” my sub-conscious chaste.

I looked down stairs and meet a welcoming bulge. Defiantly a he. I grinned up and him, his head was looking towards the ceiling a massive grin on his face. He looked down towards me and our eyes finally meet. They were dark, full of lust and beauty. I could look into his eyes forever and never get tired of it. I brought my hand small to his face and stroked his soft cheek. My mind was too over loaded with alcohol for me to be able to make any connections to the earlier gentlemen.

We stood there for God knows how long, just looking and swaying and touch. I don’t know how long passed, could have been hours, could have been seconds. All I know is that I was finding myself falling for his eyes just like those tacky rom-coms, but this was so much better. His grin matched mine, we looked like the cat that got the cream, except I don’t really know what either of us got.

Before I knew it his lips were on mine, the kiss when from hot and passionate to sweet and savoring. I fucking knew looking in his eyes would be trouble. But it was the best kind by all means. All too soon it was over and his lips were in my ear. “Wanna get out of here?”

I nodded my head vigorously because I so did want to get out of here. My mind was still on our kiss as he gripped my hand and pulled me through the crowd. I tried to search for the girls but gave up due to the speed in which I was being dragged at.

His hands were massive against my small ones.  I had child sized hands while he had King Kong hands! No, not King Kong, he was hairy, more like…he had big hands ok! But who cares, cause you know what they say about a guy with bag hands right. I felt the need to cackle right now…

We stood outside as he hailed a cab then all but threw me in it. His hands were all over me the moment he got in, somewhere in between he told the drive where to go but I’ll be honest and say I was too busy concentrating on his lips as they traveled down my neck and back up again, doing a complete circuit three times. I was about to lose it, I was panting like a dog in the back of a cab on my way to a strangers house. How’s that for a plot twist!

“Hey! No sex in my cab!” The taxi driver hollered back at us. Sex in a back wasn’t really my style anyway.

He pulled away and laughed. “Okay buddy! No sex.”

“In his cab,” I interjected. I’ll be damned if I didn’t get anything tonight.

He grinned at me, his eyes shone brightly. Why was he so cute! “In his cab,” He nodded, saying like a promise.


I lost track of time with the feeling of his thumb stroking the back of my hand, before I knew it we were pulling up to a massive gazillion story apartment building. I had no idea where we were, but I am pretty sure there was no rape dungeon here if there was you could count on it being classy.

I sat glued to my chair, what had I gotten myself into. He was a lovely gentleman, opening my door and taking my hand as he helped me out of the car.

“You…you live here?”

The He Devil chuckled next to me, he had his hands in his pockets and he rocked on his heals “Well, yeah. This is my weekday home.” He wore a goofy smile and looked like a little kid. I loved it! His smile was infectious.

“You have a weekend house?” I was astounded. Like beyond astounded.

“No, not really. But for a moment there I totally looked more desirable,” If possible his grin got wider and more playful.

I wasn’t going to deny his accusation. I think that’s called lying “So…are you going to invite me in?” I hinted, not so subtly.

“Why…Are you like a vampire? Do you need to be invited in first?” His face was so serious it was adorable. I burst into fits of laughter at his ridiculously cute side. His eyes shone with amusement. “Grace, would you like to join me inside for…well you know,”

I composed myself from my laughing fit and arranged my face into what I hoped was something more sexy. I folded my arms over my chest and took a step towards him “What if I don’t know.” I quipped.

My stranger took a step closer till we were nose to nose. “I guess I have to show you,” All joking was side as our lips connected once more.

My whole body was alight with his soft touch lingering at my hip. He began to walk backwards towards the front door, never breaking the kiss. I clawed at his shirt, seeking some form of leverage. He pulled me inside and up against the closest wall. My back was against the wall, his arms keeping me caged like some prisoner. I started an assault on his neck, kissing every inch of skin I could find.

He silenced me with a frantic kiss “Someone’s coming,” He mumbled against my lips as he picked me up, my legs wrapped around his waist tightly and we were moving again, straight to the elevator. Sure enough as soon as the elevator doors opened someone walked through the front door with a baby in her hip and her bag in the other. I banged my head against the he devils shoulder as he put me down on the floor.

The four of us piled into the elevator and began our slow ascend to whatever floor we were destined for. I stood in front of the he devil at the back of the elevator. This was a bad idea.

He wrapped his long slender arm around my waist and trailed his hand up and down my clothed stomach. I was already hot and heavy due to our corridor make out session, this was making me worse.

I sighed and leaned back into him as the elevator came to a hault and the slender lady stepped out. As soon as the door closed my lips were back on his, his hands grasped my ass and hoist me back up.

We had finally reached our destination; he unlocked the door and stumbled inside.

Holy shit. his place was massive. I took in the lavish apartment as he walked us through the living room.

I’ll be honest; his lounge was bigger than my whole apartment. Black sued couched lined the room and a massive TV stood tall and proud in the middle. Behind the TV was a giant window acting as a wall. It over looked the Thames river. The London bridge was lit up like a Christmas tree. The view was breath taking. "So, you don't mind my hands becoming acquainted with your amazing body?" His hands began roaming under my dress, finally placing his hands on my ass, squeezing it.

"N-no," I stammered. "In fact, I like it very much," I stated softly, closing my eyes. I felt the effects of my alcohol consumption clouding my mind. I wish I had like a mind camera so I could capture every moment, relive it and hopefully remember it in the morning.

God I’m creepy.

His lips ghosted along my collarbone, to my neck, and up to the sweet spot under my ear. He kept on circling this path as he licked and sucked softly. My hands made their way to his hair, running my fingers through his soft sexy locks. I was going to relish every second of this.

“So good,” I whispered as he trailed hot kisses down my chest. Suddenly I was being thrown on a bed. A fucking massive bed covered in a million pillows. I felt like I was at a Bed, Bath and Beyond display window. You know, ive always wanted to take a nap on one of those just to see what they’d do.

“You got enough pillows here?” I giggled throwing a pillow at him.

He stalked towards me a sexy half smirk firmly fixed on his face, “My mum got in here,” he chuckled.

His fingers were rowdy and roving, sliding up and down my torso, touching and feeling and trying to tickle. I grin up at him, “I’m not ticklish,” But I so am and I try my best to cover my laugh when he hits the weak spots, but I’m too drunk to even remember which guy this is and crack up as he pokes me behind the knee, trying to see if it'll elicit a reaction. It doesn't, just a giggle for is ridiculously cute antics but that doesn't stop him. Finally, after he’s touched me almost everywhere, looking for soft places, avoiding the hard ones, he twists his middle and ring fingers into my side below my ribs, and I recoil. He’s found a place I never even knew was there.

"Ooh, found a spot!" he grins, the look in his lustful eyes mischievous and such a fucking turn on.

I move towards him and kiss him forcefully, pushing him back onto his back against the bed. I slide my hands up his…Oh God! His abs were hard and tense beneath my hands. I run my hands up and down a few times to get myself accustomed to the feel before remove his cotton shirt completely. Feeling is nice, looking is…well, exquisite.

I crawled up his body and straddled his hips and steered into is deep eyes "You're not some nut job, right?" He was taken aback by my question, his face said it all "Was this your plan? Act all cute and sexy, only to take me home, go a little goo-gootz, and kill me?" I teased him, sliding my hands down his sculpted arms.

"Fuck you." He corrected me.

I giggled at his bluntness “Then my all means" He raised an eyebrow as he captured my lips in another sneering kiss.

"I—I'm sorry. That came out wrong." he winced. "I'm not a serial killer. I'm just crazy," he whispered against my lips. "But, I—I won't hurt you."

“Stop talking,” I groaned against his mouth. He rolled us over till I lay beneath him, his weight paralyzing me to his bed. I heard a long zip and knew instinctively that it was mine. He bunched the dress up at my hip before pushing it up over my head and discarding it somewhere on the floor.

He licked his lips, kneading his hands into my ass as his eyes zeroed in on my tits.

"Like what you see?" I said breathlessly.

He nodded. "Fuck yeah." He slightly bucked his hips higher, holding me on him. He let out a sigh, relaxing back again, still staring.

"You're so hot," he whispered.

I suppressed a squeal again, crashing my lips against his. I wove my fingers into his soft hair, holding his head close to mine, and devouring his lips. He held my hips, moving them along with his hips, rubbing me against him.

He trailed his lips lower again, kissing down my neck, and then down to my chest. He reached back and, in a second, my bra was hanging off of me. I took my arms out.

He stared again, just stared.

"Nice…" He grunted.

"Uh-huh," I said, grasping his head, and pulling it to my chest. He palmed my breasts, smashing them together, so that he could flick his tongue against both nipples.

I let out a loud moan. His eyes stayed locked to mine, and the vision of him licking my nipples . . . it was just . . . so fucking erotic. He eased his nose between my breasts, muffling his face into them. His hands left my breasts, going back to my hips. He squeezed my ass, and then I heard a ripping sound. He tore the thong away from me.

And I was now naked.

Except for the heals.

While he was fully clothed.

Except for his shirt.


"Look at me," I whispered. Fuck if only I knew his name!

He opened his eyes and I smiled, looking into his vibrantly brown and lust-flooded eyes.

Looking lower, I stared at his sculpted chest, and began ghosting my hands along the perfect planes. He's muscular, yet not bulky.

He was just too beautiful. Is there such a thing as an insanely beautiful man?

He crashed his lips back to mine with such a passionate fervour, my heart started to flutter. It beat rapidly, as his actions were no longer gentle. They were more aggressive as he covered my body with his own, dropping his full weight on me, which was welcomed.

Tangling my legs with his, I was able to feel his arousal on my thigh and became impatient. So, I started to undo his pants and push them down, using my feet, when I could no longer reach.

I moved so fast, I must have looked like some crazy double-jointed monkey.

He didn't find it funny. He growled and pressed his erection at my entrance.

"Yes!" I became very excited and started to nip at his neck, kissing and licking the sensitive skin under his ear. He let out a groan and backed away from me to grab his pants.

He anxiously tore through the pockets. "Dude, the fuck…?" I panted, trailing off when he held up the small foil package victoriously.

I grinned, watching him put it on as my stomach filled with even more knots, the anticipation was likely to kill me. This was it.

I will not forget this night. I promised myself.

You’re not going to remember a thing. My sub-consciously chuckled evilly.

He knelt between my legs and looked down at me.

Yes, you sexy sonofabitch! You have me panting and wanton for your cock.

He lifted his fist to his mouth and bit down onto his knuckles, and then he groaned, only to turn and smile at me.

"What was that?" I giggled; humour wasn't as lost as the rest of my senses were.

"You're so fucking  beautiful." He had such an awe-filled tone to his voice, how was it possible to be so fucking cute yet so fuck able.

"Thanks…" I waited for him to shove his fat cock inside me already.

He smiled and leaned on his elbows to push the hair away from my face with his hands. "What do you want, my love?" he asked, very seductively by the way. He called me love…

My hips were now on autopilot and bucked against him. "You," I sighed, as he started to kiss and nibble along my collarbone. He pushed into me. And I gasped, as a shudder of pleasure rocked my body.

"Oh my God…you're so, oh—" He groaned and leaned his forehead on the crook of my neck as he started to move.

he picked up a sinuous rhythm. He was going so slowly. I was able to enjoy every inch of him. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I had never had sex quite like this. This was like a slow torturous pleasure and the passion was off the charts. My God, the passion was like nothing I had ever felt before.

Throughout it all, I believe I forgot to breathe and had to turn away to take a few breaths. He devil was also panting and his breath sent shivers along my body as it hit my cheek.

The fire in the pit of my stomach was burning, churning for him, as I felt myself getting closer to release.

And I needed more…more of his groans and sweet touches, more of this glorious man between my thighs.

"Faster." I panted, thrusting my hips forcefully to meet his.

He started going faster, harder, and taking long strides. He growled and muttered unintelligible nonsense, while grasping my hips roughly with his hands, and pounding into me relentlessly.

Watching him get all primal was my undoing. My muscles coiled to spring as a euphoric feeling spread throughout my body. I let out a loud moan as I felt myself tighten. Digging my nails into his shoulders, I continued to throb around him.

I sighed and then mewled, coming down from my high.

Just then, I felt him go deeper, the deepest our bodies would allow, which caused me to gasp a scream while he climaxed.

He collapsed on top of me as he came down from his high. Our ragged breathing and our hearts thumping against each other was like the sweetest music I had ever heard. He kissed me again, slowly and savouring, it was anything but chaste.

He continued to pepper my lips with small kisses and I giggled. "I had a good time tonight," I rested my chin on his chest and grinned up at him.

He stopped kissing me and feel back against the pillows, a sleepy grin on his face. "Me, too."

As our hearts slowed, I found myself drifting off to sleep in his arms. I was exhausted, satisfied, and nameless.

God damnit.


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