One girls, one night, one too many, 5 guys, no names, one wild night out. When Gracie ends up in bed with One Direction she has to work out which one before things turn from worse


5. My Hero




“Gracie! Where have you been?”

“What were you doing?”


“I saw you dancing!” I was bombarded with questions on observations from Ali and Ruby as I approached the table, stumbling the whole. My lips still tingled after my kiss with the leprechaun. God I really needed to start asking these guys names. I scanned the room searching for the Leprechaun and Dimples, but Ruby and Ali dragged my attention back to them.


“Hello? Are you going to answer us?” Ali clicked her fingers in front of my face. I grinned. I don’t know why, I just did.


“Yeah ok, I danced then went to the toilet.” My face began to hurt as my smile widened, I shrugged them off and kept searching the room, but no matter where I looked I kept meeting the eyes a young man. He looked shy and withdrawn from his group, a group that also featured brown eyes. Hmmm, maybe it features Dimples and My Leprechaun.


No, you will stay away from him! We don’t need another nameless guy on the list!


My self-conscious was right, as always. I will stay away from…the beautiful brown hair brown eye...Oh God! It’s not use! Clearly I was drawn to ridiculously hot guys in whom I would never learn the names of.


But as of now I have vowed to never dance, kiss or dry hump another man…at least until I know their name.


“Hey! What’s the big idea! One minute you’re telling me to leave them alone next minute you can’t keep your eyes off them!” Ruby chuckled beside me. “I think someone’s got the love bug,” she sang.


“Shush! I’m going to get a drink.” I grabbed my bag and headed for the bar.


“Well, I’m coming with. You seem to be getting all the guys tonight.”


“Oh, I’m just staying here. I’ve got my eye on the pretty little blonde in the corner.”  Ali sat back in here chair with a grin on her face. I scanned to room one last time before heading to the bar. Ruby followed in pursuit, but was soon lost in the vast sea of people.


As I made to traitorous tramp through the mobs of drunken…sweaty dancers. I felt a pair of strong pair of hands grasp my waist. I slipped my hands over his and tried to remove them.


“Just go with it beautiful,” I froze and tried to shrug out of his grasp. He wasn’t having that. Feeling uncomfortable, I turned around to see who the weirdo was. Drunk or not, I was not dancing with some hillbilly Granddad.


It was one of the men from the bathroom. Shit.


“Get off me!” I shoved him off. It was the Santa Claus guy and he smelt just as bad as he looked. Are there not bouncers here? Why is there a bum in here?


“Oh come on sweetheart! I just wanna have some fuuun! Where’s your friend now huh?” He placed his hands on me again and I got a little scared. What is with this creep, and where did Emma go?


“I said get off me!” I shoved him off again but he didn’t relent. He tightened his grip on my waist painfully.


“Listen to the lady, let her go before this get messy.” His voice was strong and deep with a hint of velvet beauty. I could feel his body close behind mine. It wasn’t a familiar feeling, so much to my dismay I knew it was the return of Brown Eyes, Dimples or My Leprechaun. I say 20 bucks on it being the stranger across the room.


“Look mate, I just wanted a dance with the lady.” The man’s grip tightened as I tried to step back. “Get your own, I found her first,” He spook in a snarky tone, this guy was fairly pissed. Lovely.


Suddenly everything happened at once, I was sent flying backwards on my ass. Damn these hells! Looking up my hero was laying into my attacker straddling him and pummeling his face. I say attacker because it sounds so much sexier and even though the whole situation was 50 Shades of fucked up, I was a little turned on. Bystanders began to break the boys up and my attacker looked a little messed up. Bazinga!


I was keen on starting a Mexican wave to cheer then on, turns out no one else was feeling that.


I internally chucked. This is not a laughing situation Gracie!


I watched my hero shrug off the fight breaker-uppers. This whole experience sobered me up a little I think.


Maybe just a tiny bit.


I was pulled to my feet by some random, I refused to look at them, mumbled ‘fanks’ and pushed passed the bystanders and raced toward the door in which My Hero left through. I say raced, but I really stumbled.


Note to self: Remember his name!


The back doors lead me to a beautifully light courtyard. Giant trees towered over the tiny fenced off courtyard, making me feel smaller than usual. There were tables and chairs set up throughout the small space. A few people sat outside having a cigarette and chatting amongst themselves. As I shivered, I also noticed that the temperature had dropped since we arrived. Go figure.


I spotted My Hero sitting in the far corner with Brown eyes. They both looked pained. . I removed my heels, freeing my aching feet a stumbled over to the boys.


“Ummm. Hi? Are you ok?” Name, name, name. Ask his name! NOW!


“I’ll just leave you two to it,” Brown eyes stood and began to walk away. I so much wanted to ask his name. Damn you and your shyness Gracie!


My Hero looked up, his face sported a nasty red mark just under his eye. “Oh my god! I am so sorry, are you ok?” I knelled in front of him and fussed over his eye.


“Why are you sorry? S’not your fault.” He scoffed, placing his hand over mine. “I’m fine. What about you? Did you know that creep?” I could hardly make out his face as the lighting was piss pour where we were seated. But what I could see he look fucking amazing. ASK HIS NAME!


“I’m fine. I didn’t know him. He was just some creep I meet in the bathroom. Do you want me to get some ice for your face?” And what’s your name?


“The bathroom? How’d you meet in a bathroom? And honestly I’m…100%. It probably looks worse than it feels.” he brushed me off a touched his cheek, wincing in pain. Men can be so stubborn sometimes.


“I’m Grace by the way, and thank you for before. I don’t even want to think about where I would be right now if you hadn’t stepped in.”


“Anytime, sweetheart. I’m L-”


“Aeeee! Papa Payneeeee! What’s the big ideaaaaa?” A man dressed in a stripy blue and white shirt and red chinos stumbled through the back doors.


“Get inside! I’ll be there soon.”


“Ganda play the song soon! Hurry brothaaaa.”


‘Papa Payne’ chuckled next to me. I stood and sat next to him on the garden edge but clearly I was drunker than originally thought because instead of sitting on the concrete wall, I fell 30 centimeters into the garden and onto some prickly bush.


“Ouch!” I yelped, struggling to get up. I began to laugh, like really laugh, my drunkenness took over and so did ‘Papa Payne’s’ as he was in stiches next to me. I gave up and collapsed back into the garden laughing at everything. My current predicament, the reason I was in the predicament, the fact that I knew no-body’s name. Then I started crying.


I knew no one’s name! Heavy hot tears ran down my face, mixed in with the odd giggle. Gee, I really was pretty drunk huh.


“Hey are you ok? Why are you crying?” He grabbed my hand and helped me up onto the concrete wall. No matter what I could not stop the tears streaming down my face. This poor guy had just saved my life and now I was crying all over his shirt. His beautiful blue shirt. You’re going to scare him off!


He tucked me under his arm; I could feel his body shaking with silent laughter. Aw hell.


I could seriously fall asleep in his warm arms. He smelt heavenly! A mix of spices and sex. Mmmm, sex.


“What’s wrong sweetheart?” He tightened his arm around my shoulders. Uh! This felt so right.


“I don’t know your name,” I sobbed incoherently.


“Seriously? Wow…that’s a first,” I heard him mumble.




“Is…Is that why your crying?” I could hear the smile in his voice. “Cause you don’t know my name?” Oh God! I had two choices here, I say yes, and sound like the drunken fool I am or I say no and leave, but I didn’t want to leave the warmth of ‘Papa Payne’s’ arms, so I just nodded into his chest. Did I mention I could feel his perfectly sculpted abs under neither? Did I die when I fell into the garden? Is this what heaven feels like?


“Well uh, my name is L-” I looked up expectantly. This is it, as soon as I got his name, I could totally bang him! He was totally bang-able! And I was totally drunk, so even if he tells me his name…I probably won’t remember it.


Bloody alcohol, I tell ya.


“Yo! Nialler just threw up all over the bar tender! I think he needs to go home man!” the stripy man interrupted the Hero! Again! I felt the need to shake him. TELL ME YOUR NAME. I would seriously get down on my knees if I had too.


“Well, I guess that’s me then, I’m the sober driver tonight…It has been an honor Gracie.” He took my hand and kissed it softly, then left. He left!


"But…but…What’s about your name," My voice was weak and tired and whiney but I didn’t care. I groaned loudly and flopped backwards, forgetting the garden behind me.


“Ah fuck!” I yelped again. This was not my night.




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