One girls, one night, one too many, 5 guys, no names, one wild night out. When Gracie ends up in bed with One Direction she has to work out which one before things turn from worse


4. Leprechaun


Some time later I found myself all by my lonesome at our table (Again) and searching the room for Dimples. With no such luck I decided I really needed to pee. So the bathroom became my next port of call. If possible, the bar looked fuller from when we first got here. Bodies packed the building and I began to wonder what full capacity was. I wedged my way through what felt like a million sweaty dancers before find the bathroom. The air was heavy and humid. Without dancing I still felt like I was sitting in a hot furnace.


I was too drunk to decipher which toilet was which as the signs all looked the same to me so I just went into the one that looks the most feminine. The pink door caught my attention because it was pink, and pink is for girls. Bingo! I found ma loo.


I opened the door coming face to chest with someone…hard. I’m fairly sure it was a man. No, I really hoped it was a man.


“I am suh sorry!” It was a man, thank God. He had a thick Irish accent; I may have swooned a little without even seeing his face. “Wait, what are you doing in the men’s?”


“Well…I didn’t know which was which, so I went to the one that looked the most feminine and…I don’t know about you but a pink door makes you think ‘Woman.’” I flung my arms about and finished my exclamation with a huff. I’ve decided not to look him in the eyes as I may just fall in love with him like I did Dimples and Brown eyes. Such a shame. I kept my eyes trained on the ground, which by the way looked like it hasn’t been cleaned for at least a year. Gross.


Imagine giving someone a blow job here. WHOA! Where did that come from? Probably cause you’re looking at the leprechaun’s crotch.


Leprechaun. Ha.

Stop looking. “Right, well you know der are signs above the door.”


Oh right, I’m in the same room as said leprechaun. I forgot “No, I didn’t actually know. I’m too short to see that high you see. But thanks for the heads up” Pop goes the Wessel.


“Are you also too short to look me in the eyes?”


No but you are…Leprechaun. I decided to go with a “Yup.”


Simple, but effective.


Oh Lordy, I crack myself up sometimes!


“I don’t believe that Princess,” Princess? Oh, but I really want to see this one! He could be prince charming! He surely sounds like it



I felt cold, rough hands pull my chin up so he could look me in the eye. I was forced to look into the fiery blue ocean of beauty that belonged to my leprechaun. Boy I really was drunk, ‘Ocean of beauty,’ talk about corny.


His skin looked a sweet shade of pale, his cheeks a gorgeous blushing red. His lips looked so plump, kissable. Hmmm…I wonder what it would be like to kiss him?


“Fucking amazing,” I gasped as I was quickly pulled me against him, my hands dropping to clutch his muscular biceps, I could feel his ‘big situation’ pressing on my stomach. My need for him became so intense that if we separated now, my body would surely shrivel up and wither away, cold and lifeless. I suppose not much different from my life now.


Before I knew what was even happening, he me up against the wall my body pinned underneath him. His lips found mine in and connected in a feverish kiss. Kissed me slowly and sensually. He hands began to explore my body. Now I was pretty sure if he let me go I would die of erotica overload. Who knew a make out session in a filthy men’s bathroom with a complete stranger could be such a turn on.


All too soon he broke the kiss, I was just getting into it too! “I’m sorry for being so forward, you asked and I was kind of asking myself the same question about you” Question? What question? Uh, who cares. Our lips connected again and we took off from were we stopped.


His hands went from my chin to my cheeks then into my hair. He wrapped my hair around his hands and tugged. It was fuck shit hot. I moaned a little too loudly into his mouth earning me a chuckled. I grinned into his mouth.


His lips felt heavenly, like a mix of macrons and strawberry’s. Oh my God he tastes like strawberries. With this new discovery I devoured his lips as if it was my last meal, I sucked hard on his bottom lip earning me a sexy growl. Oh God.


He sucked my top lip in the most erotic way, I was already coming undone. I lifted my hands into his soft, silky hair and moaned in pleasure. The leprechaun really was a mythical creature. I clawed at his hair, never wanted him to disappear like those epic dreams.


Then we were moving again. I didn’t care where as long as he didn’t stop.


“Oh God,” I moaned and he did three circuits up and down my neck, that was until the toilet door swung open and three rather drunk blokes filed into the bathroom yelling and cheering. We broke about in an instant. I looked up at the leprechaun and he looked down at me. For the first time I took in his sweet blonde hair, he had slight brown re-grow so maybe he died it? It was still fucking sexy. All I wanted it to was play with it.


“Ooooooh Shiet. Sorry kiddies didn’t mean to interrupt the party.” One man slurred. He was an old man with a beer belly and a Santa Claus beard.


Creepy motherfuckers.


I could imagine him sitting in the mall chair playing Santa at Christmas time leering at all the MILF’s. Ya know, I hope I’m a MILF one day. Maybe I’ll be the MILF of the Leprechauns kids. He’ll be a DILF. Ha, DILF. I think we’d have sexy kids. Yeah.


“Mind if we join?” The other man leered at me. My blonde haired beauty stood protectively in front of me. Shit just got intense. Holy Jesus I really need to learn these guy’s names, I only just considered that.


“Go,” He told me. One word and I was out of there, wishing I could go back about 30 seconds when I was against a wall, being kissed by a Leprechaun. But he was tall so that’s ok.

I took the opportunity to go to the woman’s toilet to relieve myself. Unlike the men’s, the woman’s toilets look reasonably clean, but defiantly fuller.


My next port of call would be to find Ruby and Ali. I was frankly, a lot confused. I had pretty much dry humped one guy and devoured another’s lips all while thinking about another man’s eyes, and no knowing anyone’s name! Talk about 50 shades of messed up…Maybe I should ring Emma?


Maybe…I should find the Leprechaun.


Maybe…I need another drink.


No! No more alcohol…until further notice at least. Or till I found the leprechaun and dry humped that motherfucker…Naked.

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