One girls, one night, one too many, 5 guys, no names, one wild night out. When Gracie ends up in bed with One Direction she has to work out which one before things turn from worse


2. Brown eyes


The taxi pulled into a quaint bar not far from home. The joint looked empty, but the thudding music gave away its capacity.


“Are you sure we’re at the right place?” I asked Ruby warily.


“Hundred-percent!” She clambered out of the car; I was still a little skeptical. “Are you coming?”


“What is this place?”


“My rape dungeon,” Ruby deadpanned. It looked it too. I could picture it falling down in a slight wind. Ha.That would be kind of funny actually.


 “Hurry up will you? We’re already late, I said 7 remember?” The clock on the dashboard read 7:02. I tipped the driver and joined my friend.


“2 minutes, big whoop.”


"Huge whoop" Ruby swing the door open and we were meet with a wall of white noise. Ruby grasped my hand and pulled me with her. I followed suit not even attempting to protest. The bar was chocker on the inside; I was overwhelmed with the amount of people in the small room!


“Hey Gracie,” I was startled when Ali wrapped her skinny arms around me. She wore a fitted pink dress, her hair had grown since last time I saw here, it was now just above her shoulders but still looked as funky as ever.


“Ali, have you lost weight?” I asked as I took a seat.


“Maybe a little,” She shrugged.


“Maybe a lot, you’re skin and bones woman!” Ruby protested.


“Oh shush, it’s nice to see you too! I love your dress Gracie.”


We gossiped and caught up on each other lives for the next half hour before Ali brought out attention to some gentlemen.


“9 o’clock, you know who they are,” She leaned in all joking aside. I had no idea where 9 o’clock was so I just shock my head, as did Ruby.


“That’s One Direction! They totally check you out Gracie! We should go talk to them” Alli let out a little squeal and winked at one of the boys. “Uggg, the bunch of them look like they just stepped out of a magazine! Can you believe they’re here. The same place as us. This is cray cray” Ali stood to leave but I grippeded her wrist before she left the table.


“Don’t,” I pleaded. If I was being honest…they were hot, but I was going to need a drink before I went anywhere near any of them.


“Oh lighten up Gracie,” Ruby chuckled beside me.


“I am going to get a drink.” I left the table after taking the girls orders and sifted my way through the dancing patriots to the bar. The deafening music was making it hard for me to get the attention of the busty, blond bar tender; she looked too busy entertaining the gentlemen at the far end anyway.


“Excuse me!” I bellowed over the music. “Hey! Over here!” I waved my arms about like a mad woman. Its times like these I wish I had a loud voice.


A tall, brown haired gentlemen stood beside me. “It’s no use, seriously, she’s too wrapped up in Twiddle Dum and Twiddle Dee over there.” I nodded towards the other end of the bar. The man chuckled beside me.


“Don’t worry, I got it.” Only then did I look up to meet the eyes of a beautiful brown eyed beau. His skin was dark and illuminate under the circulating lights in the bar. His hair arranged in the sexiest form. Was this what love felt like?


“Hey! Excuse me, can we get some drinks please!” His voice was strong and husky. I felt like I was under some kind of trance.


“Tha-thanks” I blushed. The blonde came towards us a fake smile on her face.


“Sorry guys, how can I help?” She kept her eyes on Brown eyes the whole time.


“4 Houchs please, and a…Raspberry and coke. Oh and…erm whatever the lady wants.” He gestured for me to order.


“Oh…ah 3 Bloody Marys? Please!” I was internally kicking myself. Stupid!


“Chuck it on my tab. All of it.” He looked down at me and I began to feel awkward.


“Sure, let me know if there’s anything else I can get you,” The blonde licked her lips in a suggestive tone.


“So do you come here often then?” I tried to give him a sultry look, but it probably looked more like a constipated cat.


He chuckled lowly. “Yeah, when we have the time, we like to go out, chill.”


“Chill. Yeah same,” I let out a nervous giggle. Oh my god, since when do I giggle?


“What about you? Come here often?”


“Nope, I’m a virgin.” I smiled, realizing how randomly awkward this whole conversation was.


“Oh my God, I mean like, it’s my first time here, virgan not like...ya know? I’m not a virgin!” I blurted out before covering my hand with my mouth. I scanned the room hoping to find some kind of escape, but I came up null.




Brown eyes burst out laughing. “Nice to know. Do I make you nervous by any chance green eyes?” His soft, sweet, kissable hand came in contact with my cheek and I was sure I was about to combust with sexiness over load.


“Um….n-n-no?” Wait; did he call me green eyes?


“What’s your name beautiful?” He removed his hand and leaned his handagainst the bar. I was now effectively trapped between Brown Eyes, and the bar and I muust say it wasn't the worst place in the world the be. 


The whole room seemed to disappear as I steered into his deep brown eyes. His hair sat in an unruly style atop his head. God, I would do anything to run my hands through that.


“Gracie?” I stuttered. God I needed a drink and to stop making everything I say sound like a question.


“4 Houch, one raspberry coke. Your Bloody Marys are nearly done,” The blonde broke the trance that I so much wanted to sink back into, but it was like those super amazing dreams you wake up from, all you want to do is close your eyes and hope it all comes back, but it never does. Damn you bimdo waitress.


Brown eyes took his drinks and gave me a panty dropping crocked smile “Well, enjoy your night.”


“You too, have fun…chilling? Oh and thanks for the drinks,” I spun around so he wouldn’t see the blush the spread up my cheeks but I could hear his deep laughter as he walked away.


’Have fun chilling,’ stupid Grace, so stupid!” I spoke to myself. I was tempted to slam my face on the bar counter but I was fairly sure he was watching, well someone was. I could feel their glaze burning into my back.


“Well, well, well, looks like you ready got your hooks in there.” Ruby bumped her hip with mine.


“I just made a total dick of myself Rubes, I wanna go home,” I whined into Ruby’s shoulder.


“Chill Gracie, you just got here. Now drink up. To the three amigos! Together at last!” Ali toasted.


I groaned “You are the queen on cheese my friend.”


“And you poppet are the queen of ‘chillin’” Ruby chuckled. I was never going to live this down.



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