Niall Horan Love Story- Opposite Sides Of The World

Nicole starts her OE in England and on her first night she meets Nate a cute blonde Irish student who she hits it off with. Little does she know that he is actaully Niall from One Direction. How will she react to the fact that he has been lying to her? Will she still want to see him? Will he break her heart?


4. The Big First Date

Nate’s/ Niall’s POV

I arrived at Moonlight 10mins early, ordered a beer and a rum and coke and sat in a booth. 10mins later Nicole breezed through the door wearing a black dress and her hair loose she looked gorgeous.

“Hey how’s it going” she smiled as she slid into the both

“I’m good babe, how are you?”

“I’m so tired I’ve been at work since 9:30 this morning”

“Aw that sucks”

“Yeah that’s the life of the poor student on an OE”

“Yeah how long is your OE?”

“I’ve got like two and a half more months left but the last 2 weeks I’m going to do some travelling, see a bit of England”

“Oh that’s cool are you going to Ireland”

“No I’m afraid not two weeks is not quite long enough”

“That sucks; I think you would like Ireland”

“Oh really”


We continued talk for about an hour until Nicole looked like she was about to fall asleep and I drove her home.

“Goodnight” I called out to her as she dashed through the rain to her flat

She stood on her front step and waved.

Nicole’s POV

I got inside and my dress was damp from the rain so I slipped it off stepped in to the hot shower, I love the shower it’s the place where I can sing at the top of my lungs and nobody notices. I put on my fluffy pink dressing gown and hopped into bed; I flipped the TV on and started watching late night TV. My phone buzzed, I looked at it

Hey babe thanks for a great first date! I had so much fun. Nate Hey yeah I had heaps of fun too perhaps we can do it again sometime :). N Yes! I’m busy next week but how about I call you after that and arrange something. Nate x Sounds good, well I’m exhausted so nighty night. N x Night babe. Sleep tight. :). Nate xx


Nate’s/Niall’s POV

“I can’t believe we have to go back to America, I feel as though I just left”

Louis sighed and slammed his phone on the table “I know right, I hate leaving Eleanor again”

“How long did you say we were going to be there” Zayn asked

“Paul said 1 week to film the Pepsi ad” I said

“Why the hell does it take so long to film one ad?” groaned Louis

“Apparently we have to do some other stuff too”

“I love America and everything but we only just got back”

“Well Perrie is on tour anyway so I’m okay with it”

“Eleanor is has classes all week so she’s okay with it”

“I need to call Nicole”

“Bro what are you going to tell her that you’re doing?”

“Oh shit what am I going to tell her?”

“How about the truth?” said Liam

“Okay Mr Wise-Guy how exactly am I going to explain why I lied to her?”

“If she likes you enough it may not be a big deal”

“Or she could completely over react and never talk to you again” said Louis

“Well thanks for that Lou”

“Just keeping it real man”

I picked up my phone and called her

“Hello Nicole speaking”

“Hey Nicole it Nate”

“Oh hey haven’t heard from you in ages what’s up?”

“Yeah sorry it’s been a super busy week”

“Yeah you said no big deal I’ve been hectic anyway”

“So I actually calling because I have to go away for a week”

“Oh yeah, where are you off to?”

“Um home to Ireland”

“Oh real to see your family”

“Yeah I haven’t seen them in ages”

“Well have fun, when do you leave”

“This afternoon”

“So soon well I have to go back to work but have fun at home and call me when you get back”

“Alright babe I will do bye”


I hung up the phone feeling rather sad because I was still lying to her; in fact our entire relationship was built on lies. I hate that.


LOVE Courtney xx








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