Niall Horan Love Story- Opposite Sides Of The World

Nicole starts her OE in England and on her first night she meets Nate a cute blonde Irish student who she hits it off with. Little does she know that he is actaully Niall from One Direction. How will she react to the fact that he has been lying to her? Will she still want to see him? Will he break her heart?


2. Returning Her Phone

The Next Morning

Nate/ Niall’s POV

I woke up to ‘Live While Were Young’ playing in my ear which was weird because I don’t have that on my iPhone, groggily I look to see where it’s coming from and then I remember I still have Nicole’s cell phone which definitely explained the song. It confused me because Nicole never let on that she was fan and she didn’t even recognise me which was one of the things I liked about her.

“Hello” I groaned

“Hi, who is this??”

“It’s Nate”

“Omg thank goodness, I had hoped you had my phone I was so worried, I’m such a ditz losing my phone on my first night here sorry rambling again. Can I pick it up from you sometime today?”

“Yeah babe what time?”

“Well I have work until 9:30 tonight but any time after that I’m free”

“Ok well what about meeting back at Moonlight at 10 pm?”

“Yeah that sounds great”

As I hung up the phone I couldn’t hold back my excitement about seeing her again.

Nicole’s POV

I can’t believe I had been so silly, leaving my phone in his car and I hadn’t even realised until I got up this morning, actually it was completely typical of me stupid, clumsy and very forgetful me. I was so nervous, what was I going to wear?

I headed to Moonlight, I was tired having been at work since 9 o’clock in the morning but excited for my first night out on the town in London. I walked in and spotted Nate straight away, he was wearing chinos and a polo shirt, god he actually does remind me of someone.

“Hey how are you??” he smiled

“I’m good how are you?”’

“I’m a ‘right but very tired”

“That sucks, so I guess you’re not going out tonight then” I tried to hide my disappointment

“I wasn’t planning on it, why do you ask?”

“Well it’s my first Friday night here and I don’t know any of the popular places where people go out”

“Well in that case I guess I’m going out tonight”

“Oh really, are you sure you aren’t too tired”

“Nope lets go” he grabbed my hand and dragged me out the door

We started out our night at a small pub where we had a few shots and a beer and we soon headed out to the next place, a flash looking club in near Trafalgar Square we were hurried to the VIP section which I probably would have thought was strange but I’m a bit of light weight when it came to alcohol. Oops, I don’t really remember much after that.

I woke up the next morning with a bit of a headache and a real hankering for fried food; I sat up in bed and saw a half-naked Nate sleeping soundly on my floor. I slid out of bed and headed to the bathroom, god I look like such a mess, I try to revive myself as best I can and slipped into a clean dress.

“What’s for breakfast” Nate yelled which made me jump out of my skin

“Whatever’s in the fridge or I could make pancakes??”

“Pancakes sound brilliant”

After breakfast we sat at the kitchen table and chatted about the events of the previous evening.

“Do you not remember meeting my friends” he grinned as he mocked the state of drunkenness

“Fuck off I don’t remember a single thing after that club, was it Karma, no wait that’s the place from Jersey Shore”

“Oh you mean Glitter”

“You sure that kind of sounds like a gay club”

“No that was the place after that”

“Oh please don’t joke these sorts of things”

“Ha-ha you were so funny though babe, you kept kissing peoples cheeks and saying I love you”

“Ha-ha Omg that sounds like me I’m very lovey-dovey when I’m drunk”

“My friends really liked you though, except when you were mocking their Irish accents”

“Oops my bad was I any good?”

“Yes you would make an exceptional Irish man”

“Well thank you very much; I pride myself in my manliness”

“Well you are a very pretty man”

“Thank you” I giggled and punched him

“Ow that hurt, you are very strong”

“Well I am a farmer’s daughter; I’ve lifted a fair few lambs in my time”

“Oh really I’m just learning more and more about you every day aren’t I”

“Yes that is a test of true friendship when you see me warts and all and still agree to be seen with me”

“Well we’re not actually in public so how do you know I actually like you then”

“Well you stuck around after breakfast”

“True, well I’m still hungry you know what I feel like... ICE-CREAM, I know the best place ever” he grabbed my hand and dragged me downstairs to his car

We arrived at the ice cream parlour and we ordered 2 large ice-cream sundaes and milkshakes. They were huge and it took us forever to finish them and when we did Nate told me he had to hurry away to work, which was a relief because I was still very tired so I went back to bed.





LOVE Courtney xx


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