Niall Horan Love Story- Opposite Sides Of The World

Nicole starts her OE in England and on her first night she meets Nate a cute blonde Irish student who she hits it off with. Little does she know that he is actaully Niall from One Direction. How will she react to the fact that he has been lying to her? Will she still want to see him? Will he break her heart?


3. Never Heard From Again

Nicole’s POV

It has been two weeks since that night in the club, we had left the ice cream parlour having exchanged numbers but I had not heard from Nate since, this usually wouldn’t bother me but since I’m new in the country it would have been kind of nice to have a friend. I am working in a pub similar to the one that I had met the handsome Irish lad in and after two weeks I figured he was never going to call. Suddenly my phone blasts ‘Want U Back’.


‘Hey babe it’s Ni- Nate’

‘Oh hey how are you? I haven’t heard from you in ages’

‘Yeah I am so sorry I’ve been super busy and I lost my phone but I was wondering if you wanted to go out tomorrow night’

‘Yeah all right I get off work at 9:30pm’

‘Ok see you at Moonlight at 10pm’

‘Alright bye’


Eeek, I think I may have squealed, I have a date (well I think it’s a date) with a gorgeous guy.

Niall’s/ Nate’s POV

I finally called her after being on tour throughout some of England and losing my phone, I felt so guilty for not having called her but I couldn’t stop thinking about her so I had to call her. Now I am so nervous because I haven’t felt like this about a girl in a long time. The lads think I’m crazy.

“Oooohhh who was that on the phone” Zayn teased, “Was that your girlfriend” Louis said, “Aw guys he’s blushing” Liam scolded, “haha have you kissed her yet?” Harry teased.

“Guys I need some advice”

“What about bro?” said Harry stared at me intently

“I kinda didn’t tell her my real name”

“WHAT!! SO who does she think you are?” shrieked Louis

“Well just some Irish student living in England studying music whose name is Nate”

“What have you been watching too much Gossip Girl?”

“Um Zayn why do you know so much about Gossip Girl?” said Harry

“What? Perrie makes me watch it with her!”

“Aw someone is whipped aren’t they, watching girly TV shows”

“Guy kinda getting off topic, we were talking about Niall’s problem” Liam said

“Sorry Liam” mumbled both Harry and Zayn

“I think you should tell her the truth Nialler”

“But Louis what if it doesn’t work? What if she gets mad at me?”

“Dude your Niall Horan of One Direction; you can have any hot girl you want, well except Demi cos you know she doesn’t have time for you”

“Well thanks for bringing that up Harry, just what he needs, you opening up old wounds”

“Um guys again you’re getting off topic what am I supposed to do I really like her”

“Really well you have to tell her tonight when you meet up, otherwise she could find out in the worst way”

“What do you mean?”

“She could get hounded by the press or abused on twitter”

“Oh god Liam why did you have to mention that to me, oh I feel so bad lying to her”

“You should why did you lie to her in the first place?”

“Because it was easier than going through the OMG YOUR IN ONE DIRECTION motions”

“I suppose but the way you have been talking about her non-stop for the last two weeks she sounds like she would be okay with everything”

“I have not been talking about her non-stop”

Harry snickered “dude all we have heard for two weeks is Nicole this and Nicole that, you were like a broken record”

“Oh god what am I going to do?

Nicole’s POV

My doorbell kept ringing.

“I’m coming, I’m coming”

I opened the door to see Leigh, whom I had meet at work both of us are waitresses at a 24/7 diner.

“Hey girly, ready for pizza and movie night?”

“Yes I’m super excited”

“And I need to hear all about that cute pub boy”

“Who Nate, what more can I tell you about him?”

“Ah like when you’re going to go on a date with him finally?”


“Well what”

“He kinda called this morning, finally and asked me out for tomorrow night”


“Ouch my ears”

“Sorry but I’m so excited for you”

“Gee you would think that you were going out with him”

“Come on lets go watch the movie”

“Yeah sure what did you get?”


“Omg we really need to find you a boyfriend”

“Yes we do maybe Mr Hunky Pants has a hot brother or friend and we can go on cute double dates”

“Look I don’t even know if this is a date”

“I’m sure it is, anyway we will find out tomorrow wont we” Leigh waggled his eyebrows

“Let’s just watch the movie okay”


Sorry this chapter is so short I promise the next will be longer, let me know of any advice or criticism you have, all is appreciated!

LOVE Courtney xx







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