One Direction Imagine

Some long and some short imagines of the One Direction boys (Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry) In the comments request which member and tell me your name and ill personalise it for you. Hope you like it :)


264. Niall for Mckenzie (kenzie)

"So still haven't joined the crew of inked?" Ellen asked.

"No still keeping it clean." Niall replies happily.

"But Niall if you had to get one, of course besides my name, what would it be?" Ellen asks.

"Well actually that's easy." Niall rpelies as a blush creeps up to his cheeks.

"And what would that be?" Ellen pushes.

"A ying and yang and inside the little dots would be an m and a n" Niall replies smugly.

"And we don't need to guess but the n is for Niall and the m is for McKenzie?" Ellen asks happily.

"You would be correct." Niall says blushing.

"Well, explain." Ellen pesters

"It's actually simple. When were the complete opposite of the types we thought we liked. We didn't exactly see eye to eye on everything but oposites attract and it's safe to say now we are inseperable and have now for about 2 years." Niall replied with the widest smile on his face.

'Awwww' spread through the crowd and Ellen had a huge smile on her face.

"With thaty i think it has come to an end. It was great having you Niall and I wish you and Kenzie the best of luck." Ellen said before the TV cut to an add. You stay on the lounge smiling and the smile never leaves your face, Niall had just shouted to the worl your story and how much he loved you.

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