One Direction Imagine

Some long and some short imagines of the One Direction boys (Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry) In the comments request which member and tell me your name and ill personalise it for you. Hope you like it :)


79. Imagine- Niall for Jayme

“Jayme where is my hat?” you hear Niall yell from your shared room. You giggle because you have it on your head. “I don’t know.” You reply and start giggling. Your at the bottom of the stairs looking up and finally Niall comes out and he just stares at you when he see you with his hat and you start laughing. He starts walking and you run off. You can hear him chasing after you as you run around the house. As your about to turn a corner you look behind because you think you heard him. As you turn forward you run into something. You look up and see Niall smiling. You turn to run again but he grabs you. “It actually looks better on you.” He says before kissing you.

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