One Direction Imagine

Some long and some short imagines of the One Direction boys (Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry) In the comments request which member and tell me your name and ill personalise it for you. Hope you like it :)


20. Imagine- Niall for Fern

Niall is picking you up for your first official date. You have been dating for a few weeks and have had the cute movie dates at home and things like that but Niall never counted it as a date he said your first date with him would be memorable. You are wearing an orange/ pink strapless dress that has a band style at the top and flows down long at the front and short at the back. You have black wedges and some jewellery to finish off the outfit. Just as your finishing your making you hear the doorbell ring. You open the door to Niall with one rose in his hand. " You look beautiful Fern." He leans over and kisses you. “One rose for one kiss.” “You’re going to need a lot of roses then.” You say cheekily. You grab your purse and go to the car where Niall starts driving somewhere. You arrive at an apartment building that’s taller than the houses around it. He walks you inside and then starts climbing the many stairs but carries you up. You try and get him to put you down because you know he will tire but he refuses. He stops as he reaches a door. He leans down and kisses you passionately and you feel him open the door but you don’t want the kiss to end. Once you hear the door shut Niall pulls away. “Best way to distract you I think.” He said winking at you and you laugh. He places you down on the ground and you fix your dress. As you look up from fixing the dress you gasp. Niall has set up a table for two with a silver platter on each end and roses in the middle. The view over the city is so gorgeous. You turn around and just stare at Niall is disbelief that it could be so perfect. “What don’t I have enough roses?” he said sarcastically. You laugh and walk over and kiss him. “Its perfect.” You whisper. He walks you over and sis you down before he goes and sits down himself. You enjoy a romantic night with Niall.

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