One Direction Imagine

Some long and some short imagines of the One Direction boys (Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry) In the comments request which member and tell me your name and ill personalise it for you. Hope you like it :)


133. Imagine- Niall for Ash

You and Niall are out at a Halloween party. Niall is a leprechaun and you’re an angel. “You already were an angel so your not dressing up.” Niall says before kissing you. “Your so cheesy.” You say as you playfully hit him. “But you love it.” Niall says before kissing you again. As you get into the car to go to the party you see Niall looking at all the children trick-or-treating and you see a sad look on his face. “Niall there will be chocolate and candy at the party just come on.” You say from the party. Niall’s face lights up. “How did you guess:” Niall says walking over to the car. “It happened last year.” You says giggling. “Oh yeah right.” Niall says while opening the door for you and kissing you before heading off to the party.

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