One Direction Imagine

Some long and some short imagines of the One Direction boys (Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry) In the comments request which member and tell me your name and ill personalise it for you. Hope you like it :)


87. Imagine- Louis for Hannah

Your at your shift at McDonalds on counter. You’ve only got an hour left and you cant wait to get off. All night this one guy keep coming up to you and ordering small amounts of food all the time. You seem to recognise him but you don’t take much notice of it because your more focused on your shift finishing. The same guy comes up again. “And how may I help you for the 50th time?” you ask sounding as happy and bubbly as possible. “Well you can help me by telling me what time you finish so I at least know how long I have to keep getting different people to come and get food.” You start laughing. “Really that’s why?” you ask. “Yes, its weird you haven’t noticed me.” He sees winking and a  cheeky smile. “How couldn’t I. You have been ordering all night only at my register.” You say giggling. “I meant who I am.” “Am I meant to know?” “Well most people would.” You look and you realise it is Louis Tomlinson. “Oh must be the hat. Hey Louis” you say calmly. “wow that’s it?” he says shocked. “Well I could scream if your into that.” You say cheekily. “No im fine. So when do you finish?” he asks again. “You order and ill tell you.” “2 Chocolate sundaes. Now tell please.” 45 minutes.” “Ill see you then.”

The next 45 minutes go by quickly but you still haven’t got your head wrapped around it. “Hey my Maccas bitch.” Louis says as you walk out from behind the counter. You laugh and walk over to him and he wraps you in a tight hug. “Because you love your job so much we are going to order you something and sit down. You order your food but before you can pay Louis does. You sit down and you’re the only people in the restaurant so everyone that’s working stares when you laugh. You have finished your meal ages ago and just enjoying Louis company. While your talking One Thing comes on the TV and you burst out laughing. Louis gets up and puts his hand out for you. You look at him confused but grab it anyway. He swiftly pulls you up and into a waltz position. You start laughing and he smiles then starts dancing but all stupid. You join in while laughing and dance for the whole song. After more talking you finally both decide to go home. You and Louis exchange numbers and Louis says he wants to take you out tomorrow. That is the start of your and Louis relationship.


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