One Direction Imagine

Some long and some short imagines of the One Direction boys (Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry) In the comments request which member and tell me your name and ill personalise it for you. Hope you like it :)


61. Imagine- Harry/Niall for Rachel

You are at your and Harry’s shared apartment with the boys. Harry is out because he was pretty upset today for some reason. When he arrives back home he is drunk. “Harry. What the hell are you doing?” you ask as he stubbles through the door. “Why are you talking to me Rach? You should hate me.” He says tears forming in his eyes. “Harry why would I hate you?” your eyes start to water up of all the possibilities why he is saying this. “That’s why I have been upset all day.” “Harry your making no sense.” You say taking a step towards him but he steps back. “Rachel I… I cheated on you. Not tonight but I did.” He broke into tears and so did you. “YOU WHAT!” You didn’t realise the rest of the boys were listening until Niall yelled. “HARRY HOW COULD YOU!? YO UTOLD ME SHE WAS DIFFERENT YO UTOLD ME THIS TIME IT WAS LOVE! I SHOUDLNT HAVE LISTENED TO YOU. YOU SCREWED THIS UP NOT ONLY FOR YOURSELF BUT FOR ME! REMEMEBR THAT HARRY?” you look at Niall confused its sound like he loves you or something. “I’m sorry mate I really am. I remember and I’m so sorry.” Niall looks like he is about to hit Harry so you grab his hand. “Niall I need someone to talk to.” He nods and walks up to your room with you. “What the hell was that!” you yell as you shut the door. “Wow guess I was good.” ‘Good at what Niall. Please explain to me. I just found out the guy I loved cheated on me and now you’re saying god knows what!” “Look Rachel, I love you and I have since the day I saw you, but so did Harry. He told me you were different and I wanted to make him happy. I want him not to be hated for him being an apparent man whore and I though you would help. Rachel I love you and I know you love Harry but don’t go back to him. Id rather not be with you then for you to go back to him. He will just hurt you again and I cant bare see you get hurt.” You stand there shocked. I mean first your boyfriend cheating on you then his best friend says he loves you; it’s a lot to take in. “Niall I cant say I don’t have feelings for you because I did before Harry, but I love Harry. I know I cant go back to him because that would be wrong but Niall I cant have anything happen between us, well not yet anyway.” His face fell when you said ‘I cant have anything happen between us’ but you saw a small smile when you said ‘well not ye anyway’. “I just want whats best for you.” Niall stood up and walked over to you. You hug him and kiss his cheek. “Thank you Niall.” You whisper into his ear. You walk downstairs to see the boys all talking to Harry, you just go back to watching TV. You cant concentrate though because you keep thinking about Niall. ‘Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing.’ You think to yourself.

a/n im sorry HArry your not a bd guy and you wouldnt do that i just yeah had to chose you :/

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