One Direction Imagine

Some long and some short imagines of the One Direction boys (Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry) In the comments request which member and tell me your name and ill personalise it for you. Hope you like it :)


115. Imagine- Harry for Katy Stewart

“You dirty pig!” you yell as you throw the closest thing at Harry. “Katy you have to let me explain.” Harry pleaded. “Explain what? That you dont love me anymore because what you did pretty much explained it!” You yell throwing another thing at him. “Katy that’s not it.” Harry pleads. “Harry just stop.” You say and before he can says anything and see your tears you walk out of the door.

You sit in your room crying and crying looking at photos of you and Harry. How did you let yourself fall for him? How did you make yourself believe it would be perfect. Your too caught up I your own sorrow you don’t notice someone come in. “Katy.” You hear someone huskily say. You don’t even have to look up to know who it is. “Go away.” You manage to say. “Katy please I was drunk I didn’t know what I was doing. The boys said I was acting weird they think my drink was spiked. Katy I love you and I don’t want to hurt you. Please Katy, please.” Harry begs you. “Harry I love you too.” You say lifting your head up. Before you can say anything else Harry kisses you passionately. He pushes you onto the bed. “Katy you are my one and only.” Harry says before kissing you again passionately. (a/n I know what you wanted but I know some of the readers are lets say too young…. But you can imagine what goes on from there.. im really sorry but I hope you like it.)

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