My crazy life

(Sorry, this is my first time trying out, so it might not be good. Just warning you)

Well, the story is about this girl, with a crazy life. She lives in a family but knows the rest of the family is hiding something from her. Then she finds out that her family has super powers. Then she runs away from her family to find a normal life.


1. Intro - Fitting In

(Note: this is my first time writing a story. Please don't complain if the story is boring. Please comment feedback and ideas. You've been warned. Thanks)

I woke up. Everything was strange. I wasn't sure why. Peter, my brother got ready to go to the gym. Since when did he start heading over to the gym? Huh? I questioned him. He was acting normal, Well, trying to. Then mum ran to work instead of taking the car. She had always complained that running would be a waste of time. Dad, went into his room. I went into the room 2 seconds later. I could not find him. Wierd. Strange. I felt awkward.

This strangeness came over me throughout a whole month. Even Lizzie, my best friend noticed.

The doorbell rang. I went to answer it. It was Lizzie. "Oh, hi Liz! Wazzup?" I said. "Do you mind if we go on a walk together, i want to talk to you." she smiled. "ok..." i replied, unsure what she wanted to talk to me about.
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