Leaders Of The Pack

(Yes, this is Faolan on the cover) Olathe has just come through the gory and spectacular death of her Psycho ex vampire boyfriend Taylor. And yet, she's confronted with more problems! Crazy people come over and torture her mate and her, then tell her she's some sort of rarity and that she has five - yes, five - mates, and one of them is a werewolf's natural born enemy- What the hell? Could her life get any more interesting?!


10. Spilled Blood

It was a while before the group could actually leave the forest, as I had broken down when Zander left. I could feel the sparks of jealousy that flitted through the hearts of each of my mates, though it was swallowed up by their worry.

It was obvious that Andrej was unsure of how to show comfort and love towards me as he had stiffened when I began to cry into his chest. Faolan had taken over, as he had known me for longer than the others. It was his turn to grin smugly at a flustered Andrej as his fingers rubbed gentle circles up and down my spine.

Eventually, my crying stopped. When I pulled my head away from Faolan's chest, I frowned at the wet patch my tears had left on his chest. "I'm sorry." I murmured, scrubbing at it with my hand.

He smiled lovingly down at me and pulled my hands away. "Don't worry about it." He murmured, before placing a soft kiss on my forehead.


Andrej let out a low growl, which caused Faolan to laugh. Anubis remained strangely quiet, as it didn't affect him in the slightest. I glanced in his direction, and he shook his head, black hair falling into his eyes. "I need to go." He murmured, before  he shifted into a now-familiar black wolf and ran off into the forest.

The two remaining men glanced quizzically at him as he left. I sighed and began walking out of the forest. Abraxia and Arakiel trailed behind me, and the three of us left the two dumbfounded guys behind us. Soon enough the both of them ran up to join me in the front, one standing guard on each side. Faolan smirked at Andrej as he took my left hand in his own. I felt Andrej intertwine his fingers with my right hand. I could only shake my head, a ridiculous smile lifting the corners of my mouth. "Idiots."


Once we exited the forest, we entered the clearing once more. Werewolves of Anubis' pack milled about in human form, chattering amongst themselves. Terra stood on a raised platform, someone beside her tending her wounds.

I smirked at the sight.

Though my smirk fell into a scowl as my eyes landed on Anubis, who stood beside her. I watched him as he inhaled through his nose, before his eyes scanned the crowd and his gaze fell on me. His smile was apologetic; my returning smile was spiteful.

So this is where he had run off to before, I thought, my scowl deepening. He ran to his weak and useless 'alpha'.


I glanced behind me, only to find that Abraxia and Arakiel had disappeared. I had been going to ask them what I was supposed to do, but for now it was impossible.

I felt a twinge of pain as Andrej released my hand, and looking up to see his expression didn't help. He had put on what seemed like a well-practiced poker face, and that baffled me. This, however, made his emotions more obvious to me, and I felt them as if they were my own.

There was a burning jealousy. There was a hint of anxiety. There was definitely lust, which had been locked away in the back of his mind. I was so caught up in his emotions that I nearly jumped out of my skin when his voice sounded in my head.


'Keep your back straight. Keep your chin up. Hold yourself regally. You just won a fight against my alpha; show it. Be proud and confident. Do not let the others underestimate you.'

I watched as both concern and pride flashed in Andrej's eyes, before he appeared completely devoid of emotion once more. I nodded, before turning to face the direction the bi- I mean, Terra, was in.

Another thought popped into my mind.

'Please let go of his hand.'

I couldn't help but flash Andrej a smile and an amused look as I released Faolan's hand. The brown wolf's face was a question mark, and I had to purse my lips to keep myself from laughing.


"Black wolf."

The Terra's voice was soft, it seemed to echo around the space that surrounded me and quiet the cacophony the other wolves in her pack were creating to small whispers. I was instantly sober, and I turned to meet her gaze, my now stone-cold expression making the injured wolf wince. I straightened and squared my shoulders, watching the alpha female carefully. "Yes?"

While Terra's words had been quiet, mine were booming, amplified by the power that seemed to vibrate under my skin. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched the wolves I did not know, and how most of them involuntarily lowered their heads. Quiet became silence.

I could feel Andrej's pleasure at the fact his pack respected me more than its own alpha. I willed my expression to remain stony as I projected my amusement through the mate bond, and watched as even Anubis' lips formed a small smile.

Terra smirked darkly at me, completely oblivious to my amusement. "My consort and I have decided that you used witch craft to overpower me in our... Little scuffle."


Anubis' small smile turned to a dark scowl as he spoke. "One, I am not your consort. Two, I agreed to nothing."

Terra turned her gaze upon him and let out a low growl. "I am more dominant than you. Therefore, you shall be accepting of my whims and decisions."

Anubis growled back as chatter started throughout Anubis' pack once more. Andrej surprised me by letting out a growl so dominant that even I felt my head lower ever so slightly. The crowd became silent; weaker members fell to their knees in submission.


Faolan and I, startled, whipped around to face him. He took one look at my expression and flushed with pride, though he shot Faolan a grin that was completely boyish in it's charm. Faolan grinned back enthusiastically. "Nice."

When I turned my gaze back to Terra and Anubis, it seemed they weren't affected at all by Andrej. They were glaring at each other with a hatred that I didn't think possible between an alpha and alphess.


Terra was fuming. "You will obey me."

Anubis was equally as angry. "I will not."

There was a split second before both Terra and I reacted. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. I watched as Terra's skin rippled as she began to shift, her clothing tearing to pieces and fluttering around her. I watched her as she moved with speed only a werewolf can muster. My legs propelled me forward without me telling them to; the crowd seemed to part before me. I could only run as fast as I could as Anubis stood and watched with wide eyes as Terra lunged for his throat.


My eyes flashed the colour of ice. The heat of the shift hummed under my skin, and as I changed that heat stayed with me. As my limbs stretched to their maximum length, I watched as Anubis attempted to dodge. I knew he wasn't fast enough.

And I felt every ounce of his pain as Terra's sharp canines sunk into his neck, eyes flashing with madness.


Terra tackled Anubis to the ground, and he let out a horrifying gurgle as he struggled under her. My body shifted as pain blossomed in my neck, and I shifted back with a shriek, my naked body falling to the ground. I couldn't stop the horrible, heart breaking screams that left my throat as my back arched and lifted off the ground in my agony.


Andrej's cry of sorrow and anger and confusion was the only thing that I heard. With the last of my blurred vision, I watched as Andrej's beautiful grey wolf leapt up and ripped Terra away from him. Arakiel went quickly to Anubis' side; Abraxia knelt down at mine. "Snap out of it, child!" She cried, "It's not your pain you're feeling- It's his! you must heal him!"


My eyes went from Abraxia's gentle face to Arakiel, who was carrying a wounded Anubis to my side. "Use the bond!" He hissed at me as he placed Anubis down beside me.

With a sob, I rolled onto my side and placed my hands gently over Anubis' throat. His skin was cold; his body trembled under my hands; his breathing was laboured.

I focused on pushing my strength, my light and power, out through my hands and into Anubis' body. I pictured it healing him, and helping him live. As I felt the somewhat familiar stinging sensation in my palms, I heard Abraxia's cry of joy, before numbness replaced the pain I felt and everything faded to nothing.


Dun dun duuuuuuh!

What's going to happen now? Does Anubis live? Does he die? Did your opinion on Terra change?

Think Andrej is a heroic and adorable hunk? ;P

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