Leaders Of The Pack

(Yes, this is Faolan on the cover) Olathe has just come through the gory and spectacular death of her Psycho ex vampire boyfriend Taylor. And yet, she's confronted with more problems! Crazy people come over and torture her mate and her, then tell her she's some sort of rarity and that she has five - yes, five - mates, and one of them is a werewolf's natural born enemy- What the hell? Could her life get any more interesting?!


1. Prologue; Getting Into The Hang Of Things

"May the acceptance ceremony, begin."

With those five words, the remainder of the excited and weary whispers receded, and all eyes turned to Dante, the only wolf in a group of 'humans'. His forest green eyes regarded everyone in my pack coolly, and with greeting, he dipped his head, and flattened his ears. He bared his neck to no one; rank would be determined later. For now, only the alphas were of higher ranking. Not including me... Yet.

As Dante turned to me, I smiled softly, and dipped my own head. Once again, Dante flattened his ears, and lowered his muzzle in a polite greeting.

As the alphas -or in other words, my parents- approached, every pack member glanced in their general direction. Dante willingly bared his neck to both of my parents.

I grinned. 'Faolan, you watching this?' I asked my mate. Whenever I thought of him, the colours blue and green were first thing to mind. They reminded me of his beautiful, different coloured eyes. Eyes that looked into my very soul.

'I'm watching everything, my Luna.' Hearing Faolan say that gave me goosebumps- the good kind. I liked being his, and I liked knowing that he was mine.


Dante kept still for what felt like a long time, until my father accepted his new loyalty, and let him continue with the ceremony. It was time for him to fight for his rights.

I watched as men and women alike shifted into their wolf forms, an array of beautiful colours. I grinned, and shifted myself, my black pelt replacing my clothing. My ice blue eyes began to glow. Adonis trotted up beside me, his brown body slinking towards me through the commotion.

"Time for the fun to begin!" He told me, the movements of his body giving me words that only my wolf could translate. I nodded, and let my tongue loll out of my mouth in a devilish grin.


"Time to put the pup in his place."

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