Leaders Of The Pack

(Yes, this is Faolan on the cover) Olathe has just come through the gory and spectacular death of her Psycho ex vampire boyfriend Taylor. And yet, she's confronted with more problems! Crazy people come over and torture her mate and her, then tell her she's some sort of rarity and that she has five - yes, five - mates, and one of them is a werewolf's natural born enemy- What the hell? Could her life get any more interesting?!


8. Leaving

Not long after my encounter with the two halflings, I was already being dragged off to the airport. Faolan had growled, hating the fact that he wasn't the only one for me. But he was allowed to come along for the flight, seeing as he was my mate. Erm, one of them.

So, Faolan and I where at the Melbourne airport, waiting for our flight to be called. I chewed my lip in anxiety, glancing up at Faolan every so often, only to find him staring at me lovingly. I looked away, staring at nothing in particular as people walked past. This would be my first flight overseas, and they wouldn't even let me pack or take anything. I nervously wondered what America would be like. Would they be the stereotypical werewolves and vampire? Or would they look like the stereotypical American? I shuddered at the thought of the latter. My dad told me that in America they sold deep fried Snickers wrapped in bacon. Didn't sound very nice at all.


Eventually my flight was called and Faolan and I stood up to go. The halflings of course came with us.

As I stepped on the plane, they led us to first class. I felt my jaw drop open- I'd never taken first class before, and by the look on his face neither had Fay. I shook my head at him, sitting down and watching as he took the seat closest to mine. I leaned back and relaxed, closing my eyes in the comfort of the plane.




"Olathe, wake up."

My eyes fluttered open to see Faolan standing above me. I smiled at him groggily. "Hey."

He only shook his head. "Hey yourself." He murmured, poking me in the stomach as I stretched. I giggled softly, and stood up to find the halflings staring at me as well. It had only been a little and I had already forgotten their names. But meh, whatever.

"We have to go." Said the woman, dragging us all out of the plane. I clenched my teeth, a coil of nervousness filling my stomach. I was going to meet the rest of my mates- I really was. And it scared me.


As I walked around the airport, Faolan by my side, I could tell that I wasn't welcome. I could sense werewolves around me, I could sense multiple. This airport was part of their territory, and I could tell most of them disliked Faolan and I being here. The both of us tensed, and I could see Faolan was struggling to hold in a growl that had been growing in the back of his throat. He swallowed. I tensed. I could feel multiple pairs of eyes burning into the two of us at all times. Faolan put his arm around my shoulders, and I calmed slightly. I knew what he was telling me; he'd be here, protecting me. I really loved him for that.

Quietly, we continued to follow the halflings, silent compared to the cacaphony made by the humans around us. I tried to ignore the territorial stares as much as possible.


I sighed as I managed to escape from the inside of the closed building. I wanted to run as far as I could, as fast as I could, but Faolan kept me calm and with him with only the gentlest of touches. My foggy mind cleared, and I swallowed a lump that had caught in my throat as we had walked. I kept telling myself that no one was watching us, but the dark, hateful stares were difficult to ignore. One of the owners of the stares intercepted us in our path.

I felt a presence coming closer, and was sure Faolan could feel it to, though he continued to act as he had before. I tensed, looking around, only to see no one. I also found that there were barely any humans, the exception being one single flight attendant who ran across the tracks to get something, before disappearing again. So it was only the four of us- the halflings, and Faolan and I. I gritted my teeth, the presence I felt unnerving me. It was as well I did when I heard the clatter of Talons against the concrete.


I immediately whipped around and shifted, my clothes ripping to tatters around me. Shit, I thought, Forgot about that. My black fur stood out against the dull grey of the ground, my ice blue eyes glowing intimidatingly in warning. A snarl ripped from my teeth. I could feel Faolan's presence beside me, his brown fur visible in the corner of my eye. We were staring at a group of three wolves before us,, each of them male. I lowered my head slightly, and flattened my ears against my head, my body tensed and ready to spring. Faolan appeared very calm and laid-back beside me, though his head and tail were raised, hinting at both warning and dominance. I began to looking over the three wolves quickly.

The wolf on the far left was a pale grey colour, his face darker than the rest of his body. His eyes were a dark amber, full of malice, ferocity, and pure irritation. He obviously didn't like the fact that we were intruding on his territory.

On the far right was a white wolf, who's  stance was even more carefree than Faolan's. He didn't seem to think we bared any threat to him, and his dark blue eyes were alight with mischeif and curiosity.

The wolf in the middle made me lose the ability to breathe. He had eyes that may have been silver, but were now a scalding mercury that seemed to stop time. He was just a bit larger than Faolan, though instead of being soft and fluffy, his fur seemed to remain closed to his body, making him streamlined and fast. But what hit me hardest was his fur colour.


I whined, my chest tightening painfully. I winced visibly as the other black wolf approached, his expression a mix of shock and fascination. My second mate, and he was just as gorgeous as the first.


As the black wolf padded towards me slowly, the other two seemed to look me over in surprise, tripping over their own paws as they followed their alpha. All in all, every single one of the males around me was at least a head taller. I wanted to shrink, to crawl away. All eyes were on me. I could only stare at the tattered pieces of my clothing as they floated away in the gentle breeze. Eventually, Faolan shifted back into his human form, still just as intimidating as his wolf as he stood beside me. The black wolf before me followed suit.

The unnamed black wolf before me shifted into a tall person with close-cropped black hair and tan skin, mercury eyes still as piercing as ever. He wore jeans, and a jumper with a hoodie. When he removed his jumper it was revealed he wore a T-shirt underneath. He smiled down at me, handing my the jumper. 'Here,' he told me telepathically, 'take this. I can see your clothes shredded everywhere, so I think you might need it.' And tentatively, I took the jumper in my mouth.

'Thank you.' I told him, looking down. I heard him laugh, a deep, hearty sound.

"What's so funny?" Growled Faolan, obviously irritated with the situation. As I looked up, I saw the black wolf person smile down at me.

"My mate, obviously."


Hearing this, the other two wolves that remained by his side shifted. The grey wolf wore a pair of shorts and a loose, thankfully untucked shirt. His hair was a pale grey colour, though he wasn't old. His amber eyes stared at me quietly, in contrast to my glowing ice blue. "So this is her, huh?" He asked in a husky, smoker's voice.

The white wolf had walked over to me, and was using a hand to rub my chin, which irritated me greatly. His blue eyes were teasing, his blonde hair flopping around lazily as he turned or moved his head. "What a cutie~" He sing-songed. I pulled away from his hand to place the jumper down. When I looked up at the blonde again, he reached his hand out to me. I stepped forward, and bit his palm. It wasn't that hard, but he pulled back. "Aaargh! What the heck!"

A teasing expression graced my features as I let my tongue hang out of my mouth, teasing the blonde boy just as he had teased me. My long tail wagged behind me. Satisfied that it was enough, I managed to claw open the jumper with my paws and slip my head inside as I shifted again.

On the ground, I was completely covered by the warm fabric of the jumper. I slipped my arms into the sleeves and pulled my hair out of it, shaking my head to let every strand fall into place perfectly. As I stood, I made sure to re-adjust the jumper to that it covered everything. It was the size of a mini-dress on me, so I was fine.


When I looked up at the unnamed three I had met, every single one of them seemed to go speechless with awe. I blushed, the light rose colour very much obvious on my pale skin. The blonde boy was the first to snap out of it and speak to me. Although I disliked the first thing he said. "Why'd you bite me?"

I sighed, shaking my head. "Never insult or tease an Alphess, or any of higher rank than you." I murmured sweetly, though my tone made it obvious that I was throwing a few sour grapes around.

Shock registered. "You were the alpha of your pack?"


"Uh, right. So you're an alphess. Huh." A grin lit up the blonde's features as he punched the black wolf in the arm lightly. "Your mate's more dominant that you, Anubis!"


At first, my face contorted in shock. I could have sworn he had the air of an alpha. "But, isn't... Erm, Anubis, an alpha?" I asked quietly, my ice blue eyes lighting up in curiosity. Anubis cracked a smile.

"I am an alpha, though in our pack females are more dominant than males."

I merely snorted. "That's a first. In my pack back in Australia, males are more dominant. But I think I may like it here." I flashed a grin, watching as the blonde's mouth dropped open.

He turned to the grey wolf. "I'm suddenly planning a holiday to Australia- want to come?" He asked. Faolan and I made eye contact before we burst out laughing.


The three of them seemed to look at us in shock. "What? What is it?" The blonde asked. Both Anubis and the grey wolf looked on in curiosity.

I held my stomach, struggling to catch my breath. I tried to speak, but I couldn't. Trying to explain a joke, or anything I find funny, only makes me laugh harder.

Faolan gained some composure before I did. He rubbed the back of his neck. "Sorry to disappoint you guys, but female werewolves are very scarce in Australia. Some packs are completely male, and any pack that has even one female will guard her very protectively."

I watched as the blonde's face fell, though grey wolf's remained emotionless. I would really need to get their names soon, but in the mean time, I needed to speak up. "Luckily my pack has plenty of females. Actually, the most. We hold the record. You can come visit my pack sometime."

The blonde immediately smiled at me. "Thanks. Oh, and I'm Sam, by the way. This is Andrej- he's Russian."


The two walk up to me. The blonde takes my hand, then leans down and places it against his forehead. He then looks up and meets my eyes, before dropping my hand and standing up straight. I tilt my head to the left. "What the heck was that?"

Sam shrugged. "It's a dominance thing."

Andrej approached me next. As he walked towards me, I felt a slight tingling sensation. I couldn't quite place it, and as soon as I saw the corner of Andrej's mouth twitch, I knew he was feeling it to. And then he took my hand. I winced.


He looked up to meet my eyes, and it seemed as if we were both frozen in that position. My heart seemed to stop.

Andrej dropped my hand, took a few steps back, and stared at me in pure horror. "It can't be..." He murmured. I detected a slight Russian accent, though the American accent was more prominant.


"Oh, it can be."

Each of us turned to find the two halflings. The woman spoke first. "I am Abraxia, and this is my brother Arakiel. We are werewolf, vampire halflings." She gave a fanged smile. My two new mates seemed to let out a low growl of warning. Andrej and Anubis both looked at eachother in shock, while Faolan just looked rather uncomfortable. He'd been waiting for these two to come and explain themselves- I could feel it. I was just happy I finally knew their names again.

"Olathe here," Arakiel murmured, nodding in my direction, "Is a female black wolf. Therefore, she has five mates. A black wolf, a brown wolf, a grey wolf, and a white wolf."

"But... That's only four...?" Murmured Sam questioningly.

Arakiel grinned. "She also has a vampire mate. Female black wolves are the only creatures strong enough to birth a halfling. Our mother proved this ten thousand years ago."


Everyone seemed to blanche, including me. I swallowed; I was too young to be going through crazy stuff like this.


Abraxia smiled. "Please; lead us back to your pack."

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