Leaders Of The Pack

(Yes, this is Faolan on the cover) Olathe has just come through the gory and spectacular death of her Psycho ex vampire boyfriend Taylor. And yet, she's confronted with more problems! Crazy people come over and torture her mate and her, then tell her she's some sort of rarity and that she has five - yes, five - mates, and one of them is a werewolf's natural born enemy- What the hell? Could her life get any more interesting?!


2. Introductions

It had only been about two weeks since my crazy ass, vampire ex boyfriend was killed. The pack was distraught at the loss of such a young member; but, we also celebrated at the gain of another.

Yep- Dante had officially joined my parents' pack. I smiled; It was nice having someone that felt so close to me be in my pack. And much as I hated it it, Desdemona seemed to be taking a shine to him. She blushed every time Dante was around her. Jeez, way to lust after every good-lucking guy... I thought snidely. Too bad he went after me first.

The day after Dante had been accepted, he asked to speak to me privately. I accepted without a second thought, and he led the two of us out of sight. Then, he made a pass at me; things didn't exactly go well with Faolan.

Well, at least Dante's gotten smarter.


The loud, persistent ringing of my phone brought me out of my thoughts.


Lucy babes ;) : Hey, 'sup? U haven't come 2 skool in aaaaaaaaaaaaages. Evr since tht psycho took u, u don't come to skool anymor. Y? We miss u ;n;


The message made me wince. I'd been homeschooled ever since the incident with Taylor. My parents didn't want to risk my life, or put me in any more danger. Faolan agreed. I smiled sadly as I replied.


The Ola : Soz, Luc. I can't com 2 skool n e mor. My mum & dad think it's 2 dangerous 4 me. I'm b-ing homeschooled. How gr8.

I miss u 2, Lucy. ;A; But I can't talk now. Luv u.



This crushed my heart. But, it had to be done. I switched off my phone, and placed it on my bed side table, kicking off my bed sheets, to reveal black leggings and a black sports bra. I slipped on socks, and slowly opened my bedroom door.

Everything was quiet, except for the ticking of the clock in the kitchen. Twelve was the perfect time to sneak out; my parents were out cold by this hour.

'Faolan, I'm leaving for the forest. You there?'

'I've been waiting for a while now.'

I laughed quietly, and slowly padded down the steps to the front door. I slipped on my volleys, and click- the door opened quieter than I expected. I slipped out through the opening, and sprinted towards the forest, using my werewolf speed to fill in for the time I've wasted, waiting for my parents to fall asleep.


I'm panting when I reach my destination.

I've run to the edge of my territory, where the borders of Faolan's and my family's overlap slightly. When I look around, there's no one to be seen. '... Faolan?'

I'm about to panic when a force of muscle knocks me to the ground.


I laugh. Faolan and I are laying in exactly the same position as when I first tried to run from him. Me, on my back, and his head placed on my shoulder. Fay's looking up at me excitedly, eyes twinkling. "... What?" I asked, my voice ringed with amusement. "... You're so damn beautiful." I laugh. "Flattery won't get you anywhere, fido." Faolan pouts, and pushes himself off of me. I sit up, and gently press my lips to his.

Faolan's mouth quickly molds to mine as our tongues tentatively tease each other, a kiss filled with patience and longing.

Eventually, I pull away, and look into his eyes. Those same, beautiful, mis-matched eyes that will always be in my heart.

The cornors of my mouth tilt up in a grin, and I pull him against me, placing a hand against the back of his neck as I greedily pull him in for yet another one of our special kisses.


This goes on for quite a while, until we're both left breathless.

Faolan is grinning like a cheshire cat. "Okay, now what?" I asked him, the devilish grin soon spreading on to my face.

Fay stands, and holds out a hand to help me up. I willingly take it. I dust off my clothes and bare stomach.

Faolan growls with pleasure, as his eyes rake over my body, from bottom to top. A sexy, lop-sided grin spreads across his face as he wraps an arm around my hips, pulling me close.


"Answer me, doofus. Where are you taking me?" I'm laughing, but on the inside, I'm nervous. Faolan smiles down at me. "I want you to get to know my pack, stupid." I sigh as he drags me along, the arm around my waist propelling me forward.

I soon see a group of shirtless guys, standing in the middle of an open field in the moonlight. I don't stare at any of them, though; I only have eyes for my Fayfay.


I smile as I'm greeted by almost every single one of these men. Their kindness surprises me; and I find myself easily going along with the flow of conversations.

Until someone decides he can flirt around. He slings an arm over my shoulder, holding me close, and letting the tips of his fingers trail over my breast. I push him away, laughing a little. "Stop it~"

Yet, he continues to pull me closer, wrapping hand around my hips. Eventually, I snap.


"Back off, asshole!" I bark, my fists clenched. As guys usually do, they break into 'oohs'. Where the hell is Faolan? I think, clenching my jaw. 'Fay, where are you?' '... I'm stuck in a hole.' 'Idiot! Get out of it!'

So, plan B was destroyed. That douchebag comes closer once again. "Watcha gonna do about it, doll?" He takes another step closer. I step back. Step closer. Step back.

Fuck. It's Taylor all over again.


Without second thoughts, I growl my challenge. Immediately, the man winces, though doesn't back down. He shifts, and so do I, my clothes easily morphing into silky black fur.

"You're going to regret this, girly."

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