Leaders Of The Pack

(Yes, this is Faolan on the cover) Olathe has just come through the gory and spectacular death of her Psycho ex vampire boyfriend Taylor. And yet, she's confronted with more problems! Crazy people come over and torture her mate and her, then tell her she's some sort of rarity and that she has five - yes, five - mates, and one of them is a werewolf's natural born enemy- What the hell? Could her life get any more interesting?!


12. In the Night

The room stayed silent for a long while, before it burst to life with the sound of voices.

"I'll help you tear the bitch limb from limb." Growled Andrej, his amber eyes flashing a dangerous gold and reminding me of a true wolf in their ferocity. I met his gaze and simply stared, showing nothing- but he could feel I was pleased.

Zander reacted differently, acting as the voice of reason. "Are you really going to go and kill the pack's alpha female, when they've just lost the other?" His words stung, and only made me want to kill the damned woman more. A low growl ripped from my throat, causing Andrej to cut me a look which made the butterflies start up again and my anger fade a little as I was reminded of what happened in his bedroom.

Faolan startled me with a gentle hand on my shoulder. "Olathe, I know you're angry. But you won't feel this way in the morning." I raised an eyebrow and he lifted a hand to rub the back of his neck. "Okay, maybe your feelings won't change, but you won't actually act out on the murder." He met my eyes again. "Think about it. There's a high chance that the humans will get involved, and her family members will be out to get you for revenge."

"But what about Anubis' family? What revenge will they get?" My voice was venomous. Cold and detached. "They've lost a brother, a son, a cousin. A lot of people have lost a friend. His pack have lost an alpha. And me?" I snarled at no one in particular. "I've lost a mate. Tell me, if I died, what is the first thing you would do, Fay?"

His eyes darkened and he lowered his friend, giving up. "I would hunt down the bastard and make them pay." He answered quietly.


For a moment, it was quiet, and then Zander answered.

"I would kill his mate to let him suffer the same fate."

My eyes snapped up towards him, and only then realised his brown eyes were locked on me. He ran his hands through his hair and pushed his fringe out of the way. "I can't help it. That's what the mate bond would push me to do."

Andrej answered as well. "I'd kill his mate first, and then kill him afterwards." His features were twisted into a cruel expression. "My wolf is pretty extreme."


"Eh... Wait, what?" His words distracted for a moment. "Why do you talk about your wolves as if they're separate from you?"

All three of them looked at my quizzically. "You mean your wolf doesn't say anything? Like, talk to you in your head?" Asked Zander.

I snorted. "The mate bond is the only reason I've ever heard voices in my head."


Abraxia finally decided to say something, and she sounded glad the topic had changed. "She won't hear her wolf until she decides on her mate. You see, her wolf would die under the strain of having so many mates, so the black wolf is kept under the surface until the human - that's you, Olathe - is marked. Her wolf will awaken the moment the bond is sealed."

All of the werewolves in the room flushed and looked at their feet. Each of us knew what marking would entail.


A mark was a bite mark on a wolf's neck that would never heal past the stage of being a bright red mark. It was something only soul mates could give to each other, because if a wolf was marked by someone who wasn't their true mate, it would be incredibly painful and would fade away with time. A mark between soul mates, on the other hand...

The pain would only be a short pinch, and after that it would act as an aphrodisiac. The pair wouldn't be able to stop touching each other for at least a month.

"What will happen to the wolves who aren't chosen?" Only Faolan had the courage to ask the question we were all thinking.


Abraxia smiled gently. "The wolves who are rejected are given other soul mates, don't worry. The vampire, of course, goes back to choosing who he pleases."

I breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good."

"It means I still have a chance of finding a sexy lady." Zander gave me a lop sided grin. "Other than this one of course."

"Jackass." I muttered, flushing lightly. All of a sudden, I whipped my head up, which startled everyone in the room. "Don't think this means I've forgotten about bitch face. I'm still ripping her guts out."


Faolan sent me a glare. "Olathe, no."

I almost snarled at him. "What do you mean, 'no'? I'm going to kill her if it's the last thing I do."

Faolan winced and looked away. I large part of me felt bad, and knew that I was acting a lot differently than normal, but there was an instinct within me that was driving me to be like this. I swallowed hard; I had to cool off.


"I'm going for a run." I muttered, before turning my back to the group and heading back to the hallway, where I continued to open and close doors until I found the front door.

"I'll come with you!" Called Zander.

"No, I need to be alone." I called back.

"You don't even know how to get to the forest and come back. And you're only in a t-shirt!" That was Fay.

"I'm not going to the forest! And I'm a werewolf, you of all people should know I can handle myself!"

Andrej walked towards me and placed a hand on my shoulder. "Will you be alright?"

I looked him in the eyes. His expression was blank, but I sensed his worry through the mate bond, and that urged me to place a hand on his cheek and run my thumb across his cheek bone. He leaned into my touch. "I'll be okay, Andrej. I just need to let off a bit of steam." He stared at my face for a moment longer before he nodded, and I dropped my hand. Silently, he returned to the others in the living room.


Sighing, I swung open the door and stepped out of it and onto a concrete pathway. It cut through a neatly mowed lawn and connected to the footpath. The full moon illuminated my path as I turned right once I reached the end of the small pathway. Just a few laps around the block, I told myself as I looked over Andrej's house, and then I'll go back inside.

Sighing, I began running, the concrete hard against my bare feet and the breeze cold against my skin. I'll admit, Faolan had a point when he brought up that I was only wearing a t-shirt - I few select things were bouncing and I could feel the breeze in places I don't want to feel the breeze. Sighing, I stopped so I could knot the bottom of the top between my legs, and attempted to make the top half of my body more comfortable, before giving up and deciding just to walk instead.


Crossing my arms, I thought about what had happened in just under a day. Well, maybe a few days if you counted me being passed out.

I flew to America, found all of my werewolf mates, walked straight into the middle of their pack, pissed off and successfully beat their alpha female in a fight, lost a mate- That one made me wince, and shaking my head I turned a corner -started making plans to kill the alpha female, found a sexier side of Andrej, found out my wolf will speak to me when- My thoughts came to a standstill and I flushed a bright red. Well, that'll happen. Eventually. My face grew even hotter. Maybe.


All of a sudden, hands gripped my shoulder and pushed me face-first against a tree on the nature strip, causing me to scream and begin to fight back. This only caused a cool and firm hand to press against my mouth tightly, and a knee to dig into my back and press me harder against the bark of the tree. My strength finally kicked in, and my eyes flashed as I placed my palms against the bark and pushed back, causing the person behind me to grunt, and their knee to dig even more painfully against my back. "Daniel, help me. This pesky human's tough."

Narrowing my eyes, I opened my mouth and bit down hard on one of the man's fingers. He hissed and pulled his hand away, causing me to glare over my shoulder at him. I could just make out the outline of shaggy hair, and I bared my teeth. "Let me go, before you regret it."

He laughed cruelly. "Not if you regret it first, girly."

His face became less cocky when a low growl rumbled from my throat and my eyes began to glow. "Uh, nice doggie- Daniel! Get your ass over here please, before I die!"


I knew the man could feel it when my body began to radiate heat, preparing for the change. He made an odd strangled noise, causing me to chuckle darkly. "Scared?" My voice was rough and dangerous.

"Jesus Christ, James. Of all people, you manage to pick a damned puppy." A third person entered the scene, scowling. My eyes moved to them and yet another growl left my throat, I louder one this time. They could hear it as the first few bones in my body began to crack and move. The third person snarled at me, baring white fangs. "Fuck! Knock her out, you dumbass! Biting her should work!"

Just as I was about to scream, sharp teeth ripped through the skin of my neck, stopping the sound completely. There was excruciating pain, and then my vision disappeared.

I heard one voice through the mind link as I faded from consciousness, again.





o mai

Is it just me or does she manage to get herself into deeper and deeper trouble?

Keep readin' bubs xx


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