Leaders Of The Pack

(Yes, this is Faolan on the cover) Olathe has just come through the gory and spectacular death of her Psycho ex vampire boyfriend Taylor. And yet, she's confronted with more problems! Crazy people come over and torture her mate and her, then tell her she's some sort of rarity and that she has five - yes, five - mates, and one of them is a werewolf's natural born enemy- What the hell? Could her life get any more interesting?!


6. Halflings

My house was quiet when we opened the door. Mainly because all eyes were on Faolan and I. No really, all eyes. My parents must've collected the pack. It couldn't have been a private meeting, as there were strangers in the house as well. A dangerous aura seemed to pulse out and caress my soul. I shiver- Faolan immediately puts a protective arm around my shoulders, and I lean into it. Fay lets out a small growl, baring a set of elongated canines towards the two strangers that seemed to be staring at me. And they certainly didn't want to play it nice.

I look around at the faces of my pack. Everyone, an exception for Desdemona, was looking worried, upset, and on edge. Des just looked smug. I swear she's a sadist.


"Hello, beautiful." Said one. Of course, it was the more masculine one of the two strangers. Faolan snarls, completely unhappy with the man's word choice. The woman he sat next to gave him a slap over the back of the head. "Goddamnit, woman..." he muttered quietly, though she paid no attention.

"Never thought I'd see a black wolf again. I thought they were extinct." She murmured, looking me up and down appraisingly. I couldn't help it- this time I let out a small growl of annoyance. She only laughed.

"Ah, a fiesty one. Good. The more she fights, the more it'll hurt."

This makes me tense up. Hurt?

Faolan growled again. "You won't lay one finger on her." He snarled, his face revealing everying- hatred and horror and disgust, completely unmasked.

"Sit, dog." The woman hissed. Faolan instantly cried out in pain as he collapsed to the floor.

"Faolan!" I screamed, suddenly desperate as I ducked down to help him.


"Don't touch him- you'll start being in pain too." The woman sing-songed, smiling maliciously. I instantly decided I hated her.

"Fuck you." Was my only reply, and I put my hand against Faolan's chest. Only to experience extreme pain. I guess you could say it felt as if someone were stabbing each of my vital organs repeatedly, and pulling every single hair on my body at the same time. I clenched my teeth. It was far more painful to watch Faolan suffer than to experience the pain myself.

I focused all my energy into my palm, pushing out the same healing sensations Faolan had done in the meadow. The power pulsed white beneath my hand, not making contact with Faolan's skin. I forced it harder, though my power only brightened, a white light that was blinding if you were up this close. "Amazing." I heard the woman whisper, sickeningly in awe. I ignored it; I only kept trying to help Faolan get through the pain.


Eventually, Faolan had stopped screaming, only letting out little grunts of pain as my power flowed into and around him, acting like penicillin, or a numbing drug of some sort. I knew that if I kept this up, I was going to die. But I had to. I had to stop Faolan from hurting.

That determination alone was enough to keep me on my knees, putting my heart and soul into my healing. I had to stop him from hurting. I had to.


Eventually, I felt the pressing sensation against my healing disappear. Faolan stopped groaning as the last of the power that pulsed white at my palms was absorbed by his body. He immediately sat up.

I swayed as he stood up, offering a hand out to me. I felt weak, and an immense headache had started up. Dizziness rocked me back and forth. Faolan immediately dropped to the ground when I went limp, catching me in his arms. "Fay... Fay..." I whispered, my voice hoarse and tired. I couldn't say anything else. My mind didn't seem to process anything else. My eyes couldn't concentrate on anything but his beautiful face. "Fay... Fay..."

"I'm here," Faolan murmured, gripping me tightly against him. "I'm here, and I'm okay, and I love you more than you know." He repeated, his voice on the edge of hysteric. But it was perfectly natural; no strain. I did what I had to do.

I smiled faintly, my eyelids closing as I was engulfed by his warm, healthy chest. "Lo-ove..." I managed to whisper, before everything went black.


Faolan's point of view:

My heart dropped to my stomach when Olathe lost conciousness. I let out a whine of desperation. "No!" I cried, lying her flat against the floor and holding my hand under her head. "No! No! NO!" I put my free hand over her stomach. She felt cold. By now, I was muttering incoherent things. My voice was high pitched. I could not lose her now- not when I've just found her!

"Enough already!" I cried in anger, growling. I did the same thing she had done- I began to heal her, trying with all my heart. That woman would not leave me behind. If she died, so would I. "Olathe!"

I could feel it, feel myself begin to tire. But I wouldn't stop until she was awake. I pushed myself harder, the blue-green light pulsing from my fingertips and into Olathe's body. She would recover. She would be with me again. There was no doubt in my mind.


"Such brave souls." Murmered the woman in the room appraisingly. Then, she sighed. "Arakiel, you've had your fun. Stop hurting the poor child."

And with that, Olathe's eyes snapped open. Those beautiful, worried ice blue eyes held me captive. I felt tears fill my own eyes as I crushed her against me, her body molding perfectly to mine. Eventually, her arms curled around my back as well, and she buried her face in the crook of my neck. She was sobbing hysterically. I hid my face in her hair until my own eyes dried. Only then did I look up at the two strangers. "What the hell are you?" I asked quietly, Olathe still crying quietly into my shoulder.


The woman only grinned, before answering, "We are halflings."

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