Leaders Of The Pack

(Yes, this is Faolan on the cover) Olathe has just come through the gory and spectacular death of her Psycho ex vampire boyfriend Taylor. And yet, she's confronted with more problems! Crazy people come over and torture her mate and her, then tell her she's some sort of rarity and that she has five - yes, five - mates, and one of them is a werewolf's natural born enemy- What the hell? Could her life get any more interesting?!


3. Fighting Again

Both my hackles and tail rise as my glowing ice blue eyes stare down the pup that dare underestimate me. I'm growling loudly, the sound resonating deep within my throat.

This wolf is obviously high up in Faolan's ranks, probably second in charge, as he has this cocky, confident air around him that doesn't seem to want to leave. He is a rather large wolf, bulky, and full of muscle; a great fighter, though he wouldn't be very fast.


I snarl my reply. "Bring it on, asshole! You'll be cat chow after this!" The man, or as I've learned as he was being cheered on, Mason. The bastards were placing bets on who would win! I ignored that though, my eyes locked onto Mason. I cocked my head at him. "Come and get me, you filthy pup." This seems to strike a nerve in Mason, and he charges towards me.

Bad move.


I stand still as Mason thunders towards me. He reaches me, and seeing as I haven't done anything, he hesitates in confusion. Perfect.

I quickly dart to the left, and use my legs to spring onto his back. I bite down tightly on his scruff, as being as cocky and stupid as he is, Mason tries to shake me off, which only injures him further.

I bite down harder, my jaw clenching tightly around the back of his neck, my sharp canines breaking Mason's thick skin. With a yelp, he stops fighting all together, laying himself flat on the ground. I removed my jaw from his neck, and growl into his ear. "It'd be best not to defy me, nor challenge my dominance. I thought you were supposed to be smart."

Mason growls from under me, though he does not budge.


Eventually, I get off of him. Mason sprints off, tail between his legs. I trot successfully towards the rest of the group, tail raised in victory, eyes glinting dangerously. They stand stock still, frozen in shock. I shift as I stand before them, my black, silky fur once again molding into the fabric that is my clothing. "Now," I begin sweetly, my words filled with poison. Everyone of the men looks down guiltily, and they bare their necks to me, accepting me as more dominant. "Who's going to play nice and tell me where your alpha is?"

Silence. I growl loudly, and grab one of the men by the collar, dragging him towards me. He seems to yelp. "Tell me." I hiss through clenched teeth, my ice blue eyes glowing brightly.


Just as he's about to speak, Faolan walks steadily through the trees, clapping and laughing. My gaze quickly flicks to him, to see him completely clean, not harmed what-so-ever.

A filthy, hot rage begins to burn inside me as I toss the man I've grabbed away. "You set this up?!" I shout, storming towards Faolan. He grins at me. "They fight was fake?! So, he was going easy on me?! Ugh, and to think I was worried about you! I should've-" Faolan cuts off my rant by planting a quick kiss on my lips. My shoulers sag as I lose my resolve.

"Yes, I set this up, no, Mason was not going easy on you. You just out-smarted him." Faolan informs me. I no longer feel angered, but I keep my cross expression, crossing my arms over my chest. Faolan's face softens as he understands how I now feel. "... Alright, I'm sorry." He kisses me gently on the forehead. My face softens, and I let my arms fall by my side. "It's alright, Fay-fay, I just need to embarress you infront of your pack~" I sing-song, rather loudly. Faolan winces as a few pack members snigger at the nickname I've given him.


"Don't call me that."

"Why? Would you rather I called you Fifi?"

More snickers. I skip in a full circle around Faolan's pack, and Faolan storms after me. "Come on, Fido, catch up already." Now it's full on laughter. I can see Fay's angry, but there is amusement in his eyes as well. I stop suddenly, making Faolan stumble. "Sit, Booboo, sit." I pout like a three year old, pointing to the ground. The pack is hysterical.

Faolan comes up and bites me on the hand. I jolt back. "Ouch! What was-"

I freeze, suddenly recalling what Dante had previously told me.


"When a higher ranking member of our pack has been insulted, or is being glared at by a lower member of the pack, and calls them out on it, they may bite them wherever they choose."


I wince. "Come on. That's not fair. I thought we were just as dominant as each other." I pout again, shaking my bitten hand. "... And you're in your human form!" Faolan shakes his head. "Doesn't matter. And no, we're not. You're not an alphess." He sticks his tongue out at me. I take a step closer, pressing my chest against his. "... Yet. I will be, my love." I murmur quietly, seductively, pronouncing each and every word slowly, letting my tongue roll over each and every syllable. Faolan's smug grin vanishes from his face, and he gulps, desire etched in his features. I grin, and walk off, strutting as I do so.


I am so going to regret doing that.

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