Leaders Of The Pack

(Yes, this is Faolan on the cover) Olathe has just come through the gory and spectacular death of her Psycho ex vampire boyfriend Taylor. And yet, she's confronted with more problems! Crazy people come over and torture her mate and her, then tell her she's some sort of rarity and that she has five - yes, five - mates, and one of them is a werewolf's natural born enemy- What the hell? Could her life get any more interesting?!


9. Dominance Clash

Woah! Holy hell, I haven't uploaded in like- a year? Just. I'm sorry, something was going on in my life, but I'm okay now and I promise to upload more often.

Enjoy this chapter, okay?





"Erm, alright..." Sam murmured, eyeing Faolan and I as Andrej and Anubis shifted back to their wolf forms. "You two will have to change back to your wolf forms though. They'll be able to sense you, just as we can."

I merely rolled my eyes, and went to speak, though Faolan stole the words from my mouth. "Yeah, we know- we're werewolves too." He scoffed, shifting into the large, muscley brown wolf I'd grown attached to. Sam merely sniffed, before shifting.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, shifting slightly slowly to make sure I didn't rip the jumper as well. Thankfully my -- No, Anubis' -- jumper disappeared as it should have, and we started walking.


While Anubis walked in front of Faolan and I (Leading the way, of course), Sam and Andrej stood on either side of us. So basically, I was trapped in a triangle of my mates. Just lovely. I flattened my ears, feeling the sparks of testosterone already begin to fly between them. Andrej and Faolan were shooting spiteful glances at eachother over my head while Anubis remained happily oblivious. I tried to look down and ignore it.


After walking for a few minutes through the airport -- and dodging the glares that flew above my head -- we made it to the edges of what looked to be a reserve. As soon as my paw touched the tambark and dirt at the forest floor, I knew I was being watched, could feel it. Faolan tensed beside his, his muscles coiling as he prepared from an attack. From years of being an alpha, he raised both his head and tail in a show of dominance. I did the same. Although my height wasn't threatening, my eyes normally scared those who met them.


Eventually we made it to a clearing. A few patched of green grass grew around the place, but mostly it was dirt and tambark, like the rest of the forest floor. Anubis stopped, looked back at us once, and got out of view. Sam hurried after him, though Andrej only stood at the edge of the clearing, remaining in sight. He growled quietly, though it was short and clipped. With a small, indignified huff, Sam moved forward to stand beside him. A few moments later Anubis returned into view, walking beside a very muscular feminine brown wolf. Her eyes were a startling yellow colour, yet they did not glow, like mine, Faolan's, or my father's did. Even Anubis' glowed.

The corners of my mouth quirked up in a smile, though I quickly smothered it when Faolan's tail lightly brushed my hip bone- a warning to be respectful. From the corner of my eye I could tell he was hiding a smile, too.


I watched with great irritation as this 'alphess' looked Faolan over apraisingly. But when her eyes met mine, she scowled.  That was where I drew the line. A low growl slipped from the back of my throat, and the brown wolf startled, as if suddenly realising I was there. My hackles raised, and I tensed for the pounce until Faolan gently nudged my shoulder. I met his eyes, my fur immediately flattening and my body relaxing slightly. Fay snorted.

'Please, stay calm. I'll handle it- after all, I wouldn't want you to get hurt.'

I let out a snort of laughter. Faolan merely rolled his eyes.

'Okay, maybe that was a bit of a lie. I want to be on good terms with this pack, and you murdering their alpha wouldn't be a good start, would it?'

I nodded once, before turning my gaze back to the brown fae in front of me.


"Hello. I'm Terra, alpha of this pack. What is your buisiness here?" The brown wolf, Terra, asked. I noticed how she referred to herself as a masculine figure, instead of a feminine one. Also the fact that her concentration was fixated firmly on Faolan. He didn't answer, because he knew that I wanted to. He flicked his head in my direction.

"Ask her."

Terra, somewhat annoyed at being rejected, glanced at me and simply asked, "What do you want?"

I smiled. "Well, Terra, I am here to find my mate. He is supposedly a white wolf."

"Anubis is told me that he is your mate."

"But there's one thing you've failed to notice; I am a black, feminine wolf."

Terra gazed at me quizically. She obviously thought I was crazy. "What does that have to do with anything?"

I grinned devilishly, tilting my head in a slightly teasing manner. "A female black wolf have five mates; one werewolf of each colour, and a vampire. I have already found three of my mates- Anubis, who is by your side, Andrej, who is standing quite stiffly all the way back there, and Faolan, who is currently standing beside me." I gestured to each wolf I spoke of, meeting their eyes briefly before I turned back towards Terra, who was seething quietly. She snarled at me.

"You lying little slut!" She growled, springing at me with her teeth bared. I didn't have any time to react and was pinned to the ground before I knew it.


And then, in a flash of white, the weight on my shoulders was lifted.

I white wolf with brown eyes winked at me. "Hey, 'sup girl?"

Briefly, my heart seemed to stutter. The word mate once again echoed around the walls of my head before I was drawn back to my senses. The white wolf had bounded away by then, and a furious Terra had gotten back on her feet and was stalking towards me.

I bared my teeth, my eyes beginning to glow brightly in anger. My fur bristelled and a low, loud, threatening growl errupted from my throat of it's own accord. I charged towards her, my snarl ripping through the air.

Terra, slightly startled that I was this gutsy, reacted a little to late. As she took a step back, I lunged, my talons locking into her side and my teeth ripping through the skin of her scruff. She yelped, though was growling and fighting back straight afterwards. She was aiming, I noticed, for my ears, and it was quite easy to build a tactic around that. Every time she lunged for my left ear, I would mirror her actions, and for the right the same story. While she pulled her face away from mine, I lunged once again, ripping at any space of fur I could latch on to; Belly, back, legs... So on and so forth. I could even hear bets going on in the background. But I felt like I was winning, and apparently it looked like it, too, because most of the bets were on me. And it wasn't just the people I had met prior- new wolves had apparently started to appear and were betting; mostly on their alpha, though I got the occaisional vote.


As the fight carried on, all Terra was doing was backing away from me. My confidence and ferocity rose with each backward step she took. Although I was smaller than she was, I was seriously kicking her ass.

I was shocked when the little rat transformed into her human form, though. I paused for a moment, and she kicked me in the ribs. I growled loudly, my eyes blazing and my vision becoming red. I shifted, the jumper I wore somehow remaining in tact, and screamed in anger.

I looked Terra over. All of the injuries I'd given her were bleeding pretty badly, and she was actually one of the ugliest werewolves I'd ever seen. I could sense her fear, yet she still had a victorious smirk on her face, as if she'd one. "You cowardly bitch! Think shifting is gonna stop me?!" I hissed, and almost instantly her expression changed to one of pure fear. I ran towards her, eyes blazing blue with fury and hatred.


I was winded when someone stopped me, picking me up and swinging me over their shoulder, and was a little startled to find it wasn't Faolan. He was with Anubis and Andrej, who were following behind whoever was carrying me with a complex expression on each of their faces. I growled loudly, watching Terra wince as a few wolves I didn't recognise timidly approached her. "No!" I growled, struggling in the arms of whoever held me, but it only made him grip my tighter. "Let me finish that cow! No!"

I gritted my teeth when Fay, Andrej and Anubis stood in a line to block my view of the badly wounded brown wolf. Squeezing my eyes shut, I looked away, my body beginning to shake. The aftermath of the fight had begun; I could feel my anger and resolve beginning to drain, and my guilt beginning to build.

"... Okay, I'm calm. Can you put me down now?" I sniffed after a few minutes of silence. My body had begun to tingle in excitement somewhere around when I'd lost all my anger.


"Maybe." Came a low, husky voice that would have made any human girl's ovaries explode. I lost my breath, and he chuckled lightly.

'That's right. It's me.'

"That's not a lot to go by." I muttered sarcastically in his ear, and another chuckle left him, to my surprise.

"Call me Zander. Speaking of names, I need to know yours. I can't go around calling you 'girl', can I?"

I laughed, and an almost purr-like noise rumbled in his chest, which warmed my heart. "I might consider it if you put me down."

Zander snorted. "Stubborn, aren't you?"


As he pulled me off of his shoulder and set me down, I found that I stumbled backwards. Two hands were immediately at the small of my back, each belonging to a different person. To my right was Faolan, jaw clenched and eyes flashing. To my left was Andrej, who was having the same reaction. Glancing up, Anubis seemed to watch with disdain, and Zander with intrigue.

Finally, I allowed myself to look over Zander in his human form. He was actually quite attractive. He was a bloody supermodel compared to his alpha, with long-ish floppy blonde hair and a side fringe he pushed to the left. His eyes were a pale brown colour and seemed to twinkle. Thick, black lashes lined his eyes, which I was somewhat jealous of. He was shorter than Andrej and Faolan - who're both somewhere around six foot, so it doesn't surprise me - though is about the same height as Anubis.

I found myself thinking about my own height. What was I- about 5'4? I was almost tall, I guess.


Coming back to my senses, I cleared my throat. Almost immediately, Faolan and Andrej's gazes both fell to me as I glanced between them. I moved my hands around my back and gently grabbed their wrists, pulling them away from my body. I ignored my breathlessness as I spoke. "Thank you, but I can actually stand very well on my own."

The two of them seemed mildly amused, though they both shot a glare at each other as I walked forward, towards Zander once more.

He stared at my face for a few moments, before looking over my shoulder at Andrej and Faolan, and looked down at me again to raise an eyebrow. "They're having pissing contests while you're not looking."

Anubis began laughing, though coughed to hide his laughter when both Andrej and Faolan had glared at him. And though he was coughing, he couldn't hide his smile.

Zander cleared his throat, and my attention was drawn back to him. "Well, are you going to tell me your name or not?"

I smiled warmly, and for a moment he seemed dumbfounded, but quickly he hid it. "Olathe. My name is Olathe."

He beamed at me. "Beautiful name for a beautiful girl."


"Sorry to interrupt the moment you two were having." Came a light and airy voice from behind us. As each werewolf jumped, a dark chuckle followed it, along with a thwacking noise. "Idiot."


As I turned, I found myself once again trying to remember the names of the two, which I quickly found, due to the fact that they had told me only half an hour before. Well, not me, but... Close enough.


"Abraxia? Arakiel?" I asked wearily as I examined the darkness of the trees. Another dark chuckle, and the two of them appeared from the tree line and entered the small clearing where my mates and I were standing. Only Zander's eyes held a note of confusion, whilst everyone else's flashed in recognition. They walked calmly towards Zander, not making any noise even when the ground was littered with fallen leaves, which irked me to no end.

"It is Zander, yes?" Asked Abraxia, her voice light and airy. Zander nodded, somewhat untrusting, though he hid it well. I only knew this because I could sense his emotions- it's handy to know what your other half is feeling.

'What's going on?' Asked Zander telepathically. His voice rang clear in my mind.

'Shut up and listen.' Was my reply. Arakiel flashed the two of us a grin, which probably meant he could read our thoughts and, annoyingly, had heard our conversation. Abraxia lifted a hand and hit him upside the head once more, which proved what the thwacking noise I had heard before was as it sounded again.

Arakiel lurched, before regaining his balance and snarling at her. "Stop that!"

"Make me." Was Abraxia's calm, cool reply. I had to hold back my laughter as Arakiel merely turned away, sulking.


"Zander," Abraxia began once more, "you have been deemed worthy enough to be the mate of a black wolf." She glanced in my direction, and Zander's expression softened somewhat as he followed her gaze. "This also means that you will have to compete with four others for her heart."

Zander's attention snapped back to Abraxia. "What?" He asked incredulously.

"You heard me right, Zander." Said Abraxia. "A black wolf has five mates. Before you ask where the fifth one is, he's not here. This is because he is a vampire, Zander."

Zander scrunched his face up in disgust. I found it adorable, but it hurt at the same time. "How can a werewolf love a vampire, let alone vice versa? It's unnatural. Impossible. It's... Disgusting."

About a fifth of my heart crumbled to pieces, and my knees and bottom lip trembled in unison. Guilt nudged at my mind for the other four of my mates, but I couldn't help my reaction to Zander's words. He was disgusted with me.

Maybe I wouldn't have to choose between five after all.

Andrej stepped up beside me and placed an arm over my shoulders, and I turned towards him and hugged him tightly. Faolan didn't seemed too pleased with this, and Andrej's smug expression didn't help. But right now, the two of them were more mad at Zander than each other. Faolan stepped forward and stood at my other side, and only glancing at Andrej once, he began glaring at Zander. A low, powerful and dominant growl began in his chest, before it ever-so-dangerously left his throat. He snarled, caught between wanting to steal me from Andrej to comfort me, or ripping Zander's head off for hurting the one person he valued most. He did neither.

Andrej wrapped his arms tightly around me and rested his chin on top of my head. Although he acted lovingly to me, he had his teeth bared at zander, though would not growl. He did not want to make me feel uncomfortable.

'It's alright, beautiful.' Andrej cooed in my mind, his voice filled with a surprising amount of warmth. 'The rest of us don't think you're disgusting. We found out before Zander did, and we still stayed.'

Unconsciously, he built up a hatred for Zander in my heart.


Abraxia looked between Zander and I. Eventually her gaze settled on Zander. "Is that how you feel?"

Glancing towards me, he nodded his head. "Yes."

"Then reject her. Put her out of her misery." Instructed Abraxia, a slight growl to her voice. She obviously didn't like Zander very much, for commenting on the love of her parents as disgusting.


I buried my face into Andrej's chest. I didn't want to see his expression as he did what Abraxia instructed.

"No." Came Zander's soft reply.

I heard Anubis growl, which was really the first thing he's done since we'd come to the clearing. "You're planning to lead her on? Are you insane?! Do you really think I'd-"  He glanced around the clearing. "-we'd let you hurt her like that?" He fumed. Faolan and Andrej growled their agreement, seeming to be able to come together for the moment.

I heard Abraxia and Arakiel hiss darkly after a while as they seemed to read Zander's mind. "Then go." Murmured Arakiel, though the amount of power that oozed from those two words had every creature within a kilometre radius fleeing for their lives. With widened eyes, Zander fled the scene, and I felt my heart shatter all over again.



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