One Day

Okay I am really not good at descriptions but I will try. Okay so Sara decided to throw a party in honor of Liam Payne for his birthday. Her and her sister Hailee are huge directioners and they don's know what they would do if they ever met One Direction. What happens when they meet One Direction how will they react what will the boys think?


3. drei (Really short)

He laid her down and I said, " Anybody have any ideas on how to wake her up?" "Do you have anything with a really strong scent?"Liam asks."Have you smelled her lately I don't think a scent will work with how much perfume she wears.""Oooh, I have an idea." Louis says. He kisses her lightly on the forehead. She doesn't wake up. He looks upset and then says," I really thought that would work.""Try kissing her on the lips." I tell him.

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